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Sunday, June 27, 2004

I gotta see this...

Ok, today is Day 4 of my quest. I didn't intentionally miss yesterday's blog input, I was just too tired. Work is slowly getting to me, but what they hey right?

Anyway, I just found out that Fahrenheit 9/11 is #1 in the box-office this week. I find that unbelievable considering its a documentary. The hype probably got to the people to watch it. I might watch it too, not because everyone else is watching it, because I liked that "Bowling for Columbine" shtick he did before. Very informative. But that's not what I gotta see.

Someone told me there's another Paris Hilton sex tape out there. Now THAT's what I gotta see. Although I saw portions of the first one, there's no telling what's on the second one. Probably more of "sex using night-vision" footage. D'oh!

Oh to be so rich and stupid...

I'll just follow in Affleck's footsteps and enter a poker tournament... might win hundreds of thousands of dollars...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Can you hear me now????

Why is it when people talk on their mobile phones they have to yell or shout thinking that the other person on the line can't hear them?

I work in a small hardware store where employees know the customers and vice versa. There was this guy who was in the check-out line patiently waiting to be called by the "saviors" that is the cashier. In our store, its like gold. Anyway, that's another blog. Finally a cashier was free and called our hero, but alas, was interrupted by a guy who was asking for a price check. But as fate decides, his mobile rings and he starts shouting at his mobile. The guy, thinking he was the reason why this mobile-dude was shouting, started to yell back at mobile-dude. That's when I started to step-in and start to mediate between the two. A simple misunderstanding which could have led to a big incident, but was simmered down by myself and my trusty Office manager. Nice.

I was commended by a guy before when we were in line in a bank. He said he appreciated the fact that I kept my tone of voice low when I answered my mobile. "You wouldn't believe how many obnoxious people out there seem to think that they're the only persons present when they pick up their cellphone".

Anyway, today is Day 2 of my quest. Not really much of a quest today as I wasn't really looking. Maybe that's when I should pay the most attention to... when I'm not really looking.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

And finally its done...

You ever danced with the devil on a pale moonlight? So I was watching Batman while doing this, you got me. Always been a fan of bloggin'. Never thought I'd be a part of it, but what the hey right. Might as well have a small part in eating a little space on the internet.

Today also happens to be, as fate may decide, the birthday of my ex-fiance. I have no idea how she's doing, nor do I want to know (hope she's doing well with her choice).

My quest to find someone starts today too. Aside from daily musings, today is day 1 of finding someone to replace her in my heart. Replace is such a strong word but fitting as I continually think about it. Then again no one truly can replace your first love, can they?

Anyway, this blog is a start, a new beginning, and the start of my quest...

Let the beatings begin