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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Blog for the year....

Has it really been that long since my last update? Damn! Well, anyway....

After 10 years of sporting long hair, I decided to bet my hair against my crew killing the truck load at record time. Actually, not record time, but still early by my standards. We got this semi-big truck load. I was pushing them to kill it so we could all leave early. They were moving but I felt we were still lagging. Without hesitation, I told them that I would shave my hair if they finish it by 5pm. Of course, upon saying this, all of them were staring at me in bewilderment. Mouths agape. They couldn't believe I would say such a thing. It was sacrilege. Some of them asked me questions, but a few moved extra fast. This is where you separate the men from the boys. Well, with surgeon-like precision, they finished everything by 4:30. I went straight to the barbershop and had it shaved. I wanted to go for a Brad Pitt kinda look. To be honest with you, I don't know who I resemble. All I know is that, my head is feeling colder now than ever.

I received a lot of GCs this Christmas. I am trying to spend them wisely.

Got a new phone from Cingular. My quest for a new phone is done. I found it. I'm too shallow when it comes to phones. Just as long as I can put my kind of ringtones, I'm happy. And it took the 2125 to fulfill my search.

I finished the prequel book to the Davinci Code a few days ago. That was a fast read. Its one of those can't-put-down kinda books. The last time I read that fast was a book from John Grisham. I believe it was Runaway Jury.

I'm reading the Davinci Code right now. At least with all the trailers out of the movie, it is a little easier to picture who's playing this character and what not.

Well, this blog is just purely updates.... Not really gonna knock someone or something today....

Happy New Year bloggers.....

Friday, December 16, 2005

One of the better character actors passed away today. John Spencer, who I thought carried the West Wing, died of a heart attack. He was 58.

He was my favorite character on the West Wing. He was also a favorite of mine when he was at L.A. Law. When I was writing some drafts for one of my future features, I had him in mind as one of the characters. I don't know about you, but I will miss his work. I do have the West Wing box sets, so I won't miss him that much... but still...

Today was my Mom's birthday. I did not ask how old she was (I think its disrespectful) I brought food and entertainment. I am their (Mom and sister) source for that. I like small get-togethers like that. Just family, you know? We were doing a marathon of House. I think my mom got sick and tired of all the medical jargon after the 8th episode we saw, so we ended up watching Mr and Mrs. Smith, which again made me fall asleep.

Am I the only one that thinks that Angelina Jolie, in a previous life perhaps, used to be a guy?

The food was great, the marathon was good, ate some more of that food for dinner and then we saw this show called Ghost Whisperer. I think I called it Horse Whisperer to my sister but she didn't notice it. I thought the show has promise, even though there already is a show called Medium which is pretty much the same. I haven't seen an episode of Medium recently but I think the difference between the two is that the lady in Medium can't communicate with the dead. She just sees the events. At any case, I think they're still the same to me.

My TV of 2 years finally died on me. I was watching CSI season 4 when all of a sudden, the full screen became a wide screen. I did everything to revive the piece of crap. Nothing happened. So my plan of buying an LCD TV got pushed early. I now have a 26" LCD Sharp Aquos TV. I am not regretting any minute of it. Although, it said in the specs on the website that it was 26 pounds, in reality it was close to 50 pounds. Still lighter compared to the tube TV I had. It sure is bright at any angle. I am completely satisfied with this TV. It is indeed sharp.

My mom, in all her wisdom, told me to get a haircut. I was supposed to today but didn't have the time. I'm lying. I had the time, I just didn't want to. I'd probably just ask someone to shave the sides. If I were to cut my hair, I would have it cut either like how Brad Pitt has it, close cropped or the way Mulder had it in the X-files. Either way, its gonna be short.

I gotta agree with mom though. If I do decide to cut my hair, I'd be saving a lot of money on shampoo.... which is strange because I don't use shampoo that much....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another day at work. Nothing better than running to and from both registers changing prices because of a screw-up on the IT level. It sure wasn't my fault because I've been updating ads ever since, and why it chose now to screw up is just sad.

Yesterday, we got an ok to hire the 3 hard-working-looking people we came across. We were given the ok without doing the preliminary background check first. That's what you get when you start getting noticed by the RM. We strive for perfection but unfortunately we are short-handed. So, they green light the new-hires. Unfortunately, after probably an hour, we got a call from Personnel. They flashed the red light on the three. Something "wrong" with their social security numbers. Ok, we get the hint. That's too bad. I think they showed some potential. That only means that we would be staying for long amount of hours on load day because of this. Probably not for the next couple of weeks because of Christmas break. Apparently, students at high school and some junior college give their students 2 weeks worth of break. That's great. We need the extra muscle if we plan on not staying for 15 hours.

Nowadays is a bad time to be short-handed of people. Its the frickin holidays. Its odd though that we seldom get apps considering the holidays.

Maybe people don't need jobs now. Either that or they know how hard we're gonna drive them if they do decide to work here.

I always tell the newbies, if you survive Mondays and sidewalk sales, you'll survive the job. Not only will you survive, but you'll gain my respect which is kind of hard to achieve. I'll be honest, I have high standards and even higher expectations. I drive the guys to get the results I need. Sure, some slacker would squeeze in the cracks but the majority knows how I work and what I expect.

They rarely cross the line. If they do, they know what happens....

I think they know what'll happen....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I just saw Cinderella Man today. I couldn't believe I got the chills towards the end of the movie. I saw this movie when it came out, and saw it again on DVD. I like the shots on the movie. Kudos to the DP. It was some Italian guy, I forgot his name. For now. I'll remember him once my screenplay gets green lit. That's the kind of movie I wanna write, except for the cheesy dialogue, which is so Hollywood. But what do I expect? If I want my movie to be shown mainstream, might as well swallow my pride and write what the studios want, instead of writing something that would satisfy me. I could probably do both but in the end, I would just have to take a backseat to "me" and follow what the studio want

Today was nothing special at work. We were trying to get ready for the huge load we were getting tomorrow. It is Monday, load day. Possible long day for me. The streak is still going on. I still haven't left work on Load day early. That streak won't end tomorrow.

I finished a full season playing College Football. I exported that college draft class and am playing Madden right now. I was surprised to draft Reggie Bush and a few other good players. I was later able to get Matt Leinart via a trade. I traded Kyle Orton and 2 draft picks to get him. I thought that was a steal. Before starting the season, I chose, instead of the regular team, to do a fantasy draft. I got good players, mixed in with some young players. I am completely satisfied with my team. I got Vick too. He is good.

I have to sleep early today. Early wake-up time for me.... It is load day....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's been almost a week since I last blogged. I guess I was too tired from work and chose rest/sleep rather than tell you guys what I've been up to, which is pretty much the same old routine I've been following. Except for poker. Haven't played consistently like before.

Anyway, I saw Goblet of Fire today. I read the book first so I know what already happens. You really can't put 700+ pages in a 3 hour movie can you? The movie was great, the book is a much better read. But the movie did get the gist of the whole book. I'd rather the book than the movie though. I stopped reading Order of Phoenix. I guess I'm gonna continue to read the series now.

The thing I hate on my days-off are eating a large amount of food. I got nothing else to do but catch up on my videos and eat. Same goes today. Ate a huge breakfast, watched a movie (no popcorn, a first!), eventually bought the damn popcorn, and now am having tacos for dinner.

I need to clean my room. Its housekeeping's worse nightmare. I think I should live in a hotel. They'd clean it everyday. Fold my clothes, which are just thrown about the bedroom. I like that last hotel I stayed at. I believe it was the Marriott. If I had the money, I'd stay there for out-of-town events too.

I found an easier way to develop the stories I had for screenplay. I have this program called Dramatica. It develops the story you have using a series of questions. Questions that would guide you into finishing your story. I've had this program for the longest time but haven't used it, until I found this website that showed me how to utilize it. I was surprised. I might continue writing because of it. Although, I'd rather prefer using index cards when writing scenes or dialogue.

I should just settle on one train of thought when writing blogs. This just sounds like a lot of ideas thrown into this one blog of a day.

If this blog is a window to my head, as you can see/read, I am a mess.....

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Surprise!!!! Surprise!!! We get a visit from the auditor today. It would've been worse if the RM showed up too. I think its safe to say that we were kinda ill-prepared. We were recuperating, albeit slowly, from Black Friday. The load was halfway done, at best. But the salesfloor looks better than before. The back-office is, well, not completely, in shambles. I haven't checked the paperwork for a while, although I've done some of them. I haven't been diligent in auditing, and now, the ball is coming down and I might feel the brunt of it. I was supposed to be off tomorrow. Tomorrow is the 2nd day of the auditor's visit. That means, he hands out the grade of the store. Our last one was a 90. I can say that we've maintained that score. I want to be there when the grade is handed out.

This frickin cramp in my thigh muscle is killing me. Its making me not walk properly and, above all else, function like a man. I have plans of hobbying tomorrow. But that might go south because of this blasted injury. It's not the knee though which is great, but dang it, its stopping me from throwing away money. Its either that or watch the Goblet of Fire, which I haven't seen yet. Of course, if I go, that means I eat a lot of popcorn, which is bad for me. Movie popcorn got a lot of salt and butter which would make my thigh cramp bad. Oh well, you got to pay the price for something though.

So, its either throw away a couple of bills or a jackson. I don't know... thats a tough choice.... I could do both though... which would definitely screw everything up....

You might see me in tomorrow's obit then....

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I survived Black Friday!!! Its kinda late for this since its already Saturday, but I'm just saying.... I survived it.

Our store, being one of the smallest stores in the company, made a whole lot of business boggles the mind, even the very minds of our superiors. We made close to 60K. We beat last years figues by 5k. I was kinda surprised too. Long days and hours seems to pay off. So I had to bail early and check out the other stores.

Almost bought a TV. Common sense stopped me from the burden of paying for it. Sure, I'll enjoy the luxury of watching on a flat screen TV but my pocket will be aching afterwards. So I said "screw it". I didn't buy anything else, I just bought something to eat and went home.

After-thanksgiving sales are surely the busiest season in a retail store. There was this DJ who referred to a study done, whether it was the busiest, according to the study, the busiest day was Dec. 23 and some other date. I could understand that. Last minute shopping and all that. But whoever made that survey/study does not work at a retail store, trying to get stuff ready and dealing with customers on that day. I'll bet you that person who did the study was just analyzing numbers which sure translates to the figueres they came up with. If you put that person right in front of a Walmart on Black Friday, they'll change their mind.

Still haven't seen Goblet of fire yet. I plan on seeing it on Thursday. I'm off that day. Hopefully, its not that packed. I'll be watching Novo tonight. Its a cross between Memento and 50 first dates. I wouldn't consider it a broad comedy, more of a dark comedy.

I'm still thinking of that TV I passed over. I might get that rather than a digital camera. I might have no use for that digital camera. But I want to study the process of photography.

I guess thats what the holidays are for... having other people buy the crap you can't get....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yet another long day. What was it? 15 hours? Sounds right. Would've stayed till the gang of 3 left, but I couldn't feel my ankles anymore. Had to bail on them. But of course, I left them with enough instruction. One more day till Black Friday. Thats when almost all the stores have these humongous sales. This is that one chance where crazy people attack stores to get their holiday shopping done. For a store such as mine, its kinda unreal to see people stockpile on tools, but I'm not worrying. I just take their money and send them their merry way out my door and unto to the next store they squander on.

Still haven't seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My brother did see it. He never misses the first showing. Dam bastehd.

I saw that movie 9 songs. It was the unrated version. Boy, was I shocked. It was very graphic and borderline pornographic. But not in a distasteful way. Pornographic because there were 2 scenes with obvious penetrations scenes. For an independent British film, this movie just came from left field. Way out there. You can say that I'm used to Indy films and sometimes B-movies, but this one had a different texture to it. I like the essence of the movie, but the sex just stands out. This movie was the first for the actress, the actor was a seasoned vet, who apparently was in Band of Brothers. I need to check that out again. There were a lot of ballyhoo about this movie. I sorta bought into that concept, but I never realized it was this forward though. You can always be surprised by these kinda movies. When I probably go to Film school, I'll probably go to England for it instead of NY. Their level of film is different than the States. Its not as mainstream and anyone can get it. Kinda hard to explain.

I just got another Indy film, Novo. I'm gonna watch that on Sunday. I gotta rest my "dogs" as my ex-co-worker lovingly refers to his feet. There sure are/were barking.

I should wake up early to head on to Mum's place for Thanksgiving. I like this having to travel somewhere for the holidays idea. Makes me feel part of this work-a-day world. Makes me belong.

I'm just wierd that way.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Its Tuesday. I'm still feeling the intense day that was Monday, Load day. We had, ever since I've been there at least, the biggest load we've gotten. Truck load that is. Everybody was all tense, tired and borderline crazy-like.

A couple of army guys started last week. They were surprisingly strong and fast. They were working as a team. We just hired them because we were desparate, plus they were from the military, so you know that discipline is instilled in them. The tall guy was the muscle, the short guy was, I'd like to call, the brains. Their first day was a whirling-dervish. They were fast and on their toes. Their second day, well, I was sorta disappointed. They were supposed to stay the full 8 hours but since the short one had to go to the dentist and had the only means of transportation, the tall guy went with him. I told my SM that that's gonna be a problem. Then I later found out that they were not coming in the next day, Sunday. Apparently, they are God-fearing folks. Ok, I said, that can probably fly. Upon hiring, the tall guy mentioned to me that he won't be in this whole week because he had to go to Jersey, a relative died. That's fine.

And then Load day begins. All of the muscle comes in at 5am. Short guys was supposed to come in at 6am. Its almost 8am and finally he shows up. Never gave a reason why he was a couple of hours late. I'll let that slide. We were busting out the first truck (the other truck was 4 hours late) like nobody's business. We had 3 extra bodies that helped us. I was taking advantage of it. It was probably early afternoon when my SM talked to me and said that short guy couldn't take the work anymore and this was his last day. He'll finish the day though. This proves a point I've always said, Monday or Load day, always makes or breaks a person. If you've survived it, you'll survive the store. Short guy didn't survive, he failed bad. Which speaks volumes of the guys I currently have. They sure can work the load like no one else. Which makes me wonder about Tall guy. He's not here the whole week. Short guy never actually said that they were a tag team, if one leaves the other one does too. So we'll see next week. I'll be very surprised to see him on Monday.

I'm just relaxing today. Not quite veging out but close to it. I get to open almost all week. That means I get to leave early and do stuff. I might just watch that Harry Potter movie tomorrow. Depends which one is my priority, watching a movie or doing the laundry. We'll see. I missed my chance on an XBOX 360 though. They're going on ebay for almost $900. That's way too much. I'm not that stupidly desparate.

Dumb.... but not stupid.

Friday, November 11, 2005

It's so not me to fake a day-off. But I might have to on Sunday. Did I just say that I wanna go home? My mind is so not prepared for doing the tour of stores.

Anyway, just had a close brush with yet another sexual harassment case. One of the female cashiers went to the Head cashier and said that one of the temps we had was making a pass at her. The head cashier quickly told me what was going on. Even if it wasn't my call, I had to pull rank and advise the HD on what to do. We called the SM and told him about the situation. I was ready to send the guy packing. I don't want this specter again. We kind of settled on talking to the guy, letting him know that we know what happened, and that if it happened again, we'll send him home. The guy denied the whole thing and never relented. We talked to the girl about it too. I asked her if she's comfortable with him hanging around (if she wasn't, he's not back tomorrow). She said it was cool and that she'll let us know if anything inappropriate happens again.

I'm telling you, I hate for stuff like this to happen, but it does happen, whether we knowingly are aware of it or not. Just a little phrase would trigger a defense mechanism of a another person and that would be deemed inappropriate. IMHO, sexual harassment, as serious as it is, has become a joke. Just a minor comment and an investigation could happen.

Anyway, we're done apinting the wall and tables right now. I just got a call from my SM and told me that there are a lot of stuff to do in my store. Apparently, there's a list. The RM would be back in 2 weeks. Oy vey! I hope its nothing serious. We've been kicking ass in sales and I know for sure that that is not going unnoticed. My home store is short-handed and they send me somewhere else. I kind of feel for the guys I left because this store I'm in right now has a good crew. Lots of young people, but it looks like it could handle the pressure. They do need to push the VACs though. The cashiers were just taking it for granted. I guess they didn't know how much money they would get.

Anyway, I wasn't worried about that because I was in charge of getting things done that the other assistants have no time to do. Just as long as they take of the floor, I'm cool.

I do like the amenities of the Marriott. I know I'm gonna miss this but hey, I still miss home. My sister's been calling almost 3 times a day. I couldn't pick up the phone because, stupid me, I forgot my charger and can't afford the dropped call.

I guess that's my excuse....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My first day at Salinas was a fast one. I was working with a couple of temps. No wonder they were temps. During the better part of the day, they were fast and efficient. When it was close to quitting time, they were just lagging. It bugged the hell out of me because I'm not like that. I'm a constant moving kind of guy. Especially when I'm in a different store. The stakes are higher and my rep is on the line. Tomorrow's another day I guess. At any rate, the stuff on the RM's list is basically done except for the painting of the majority of the store. We couldn't do that during store hours for obvious reasons. So, the store manager and I agreed that we do it right after the store closes. Gives us a couple of hours to do it. I have nothing against painting the store. My beef is, aside from the painting, most of the "wishlist" is done. I could be going home and get the weekend off. That's me. If there's a list, I stick to it. I have tunnel vision. For the next day, there should be a list, or I am lost. I don't mind staying on for a few days and get stuff done. But, please, make them worth my while. I don't want to stay on just for the sake of staying. I don't mind staying in a nice hotel and eating good stuff, but c'mon! Let's get stuff done.

On something totally different.... the housekeeper took all of my soap!!! I was gonna take a shower right after work but there was no soap to use! Had to call the front desk to ask for some. When I asked them for some soap, they addressed as my RM's name to my surprise! I forgot that the room was already paid for under his name and I'm just squatting for him. It must be nice to be an ELITE MEMBER. When I go to hotels, they address me as "dude". I don't care.

I learned that my brother lost his IPOD. Stupid. He called me to ask what kind to get. I told him to get the one that can play videos. You can upload your porn and watch them on it. I'm not sure if thats possible, but what the hey, he believed me. I believe he'll get the 60GB kind. But knowing him, I'm sure he'll change his mind and go cheap again.

My cell's screwed up. After I dropped it, it erased all the data, the speaker's not working and the antenna might be damaged. I might get a new one. I'm not sure whether to get it with my current provider or go to a new one. And here I was thinking of getting a Digital Camera. I was supposed to get that Canon Rebel XT. I might still get it, but I don't know.... I'll probably ask someone to get it for me instead.... its the season anyway....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The "Everywhere Man" is back! And this time he's in Salinas....

It was a spur of the moment kinda thing. We were fixing our store as usual. Looks kinda crappy but with the new registers, its beginning to look kinda sharp. Anyway, we know we're getting a visit from our RM. We get a call from him, my boss looks kinda distressed, puts him on speaker, he needs someone to head on up to Salinas TONIGHT! My boss, was like, we're kinda short-handed right now, not to mention the numerous projects we're neck deep in. But our RM was persistent. He called with a mission. He's getting someone. My boss volunteered me, I kinda got suckered in. I will do these favors for him so in the future, he could do favors for me. I do appreciate favors. I collect them and turn them in at a later date. You know, like poker chips.

Anyway, a long day turns into an anticipated longer week. No days-off in sight. Plus the spectre of working at a store that is foreign, albeit they need help desperately so anything I do would be considered a godsend to them. I'll be honest, they really are short-handed, for a long time now. I know what I'm going into. Sure my store will miss me, but like my boss jokingly says, "we don't need him anyway". That surely is a statement, for the coming days, that will bite them on the ass.

I am quartered in the posh Marriott Courtyard. I must say, I am impressed. Not with the Marriott but my RM for taking care of me. He gave me a few words before I left. Monitor your mileage and no extravagant meals. I kinda understood that. My friend who got transfered to WA, went to Reno to help a store there. He went for the jugular on his last day, spending $50 on dinner (at the expense of the Reno store). My RM said, no lobster/steak dinners please. We got a little laugh out of that, I know who he was referring to.

My promise to myself of not travelling anymore for the year is now squashed. Although home is just an hour away, I just wished that for once I just relax at the confines of home and start thinking about travelling next year. That didn't pan out. So much for little miracles I guess.

With only a few hours to pack and eat dinner, I forgot a lot of stuff. I brought my IPOD but no headphones. I forgot my toiletries. But I brought my DVD player! That's cool. I thought I forgot my wallet but I just left it in the car. It sucks though that room is a no-smoking room. I should've known since this room was where the RM stayed the night before. But that's cool. I could live with that. Apparently I can connect my dvd player to the TV... that is extra cool.

It's supposed to rain on Thursday. I believe the store gets there truck on Friday. I hope so... Don't want to get rained on twice in the same week doing freight... outside!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Touched bases with a friend of mine from Colorado. She's a very nice lady. Too bad my attention wasn't on her 100%. I had to concentrate on my poker playin. I was already in the money (I got third place, kinda broke another pathetic streak I had).

She's gonna get published back home. An Art picture book. Her works look good. I could only dream of doing something like that. I can't even write nice, much more given a brush. Well, I painted our store floor. We used those rollers with that telescopic handle. So far, the paint is not peeling yet. Except for that epoxy fiasco last Easter... Oy Vey. Funny thing about paint with epoxy.... you gotta mix the paint and epoxy. You just can't use the whole paint by itself. We found that out the hard way. Our floor turned into a very sticky situation the next day. That lasted a whole week.

Anyway, I finished "The Perfect Man" last night. Sure enough, dancing ensued. Why is it that all these films with "bubblegum pop" stars have to have some frickin excuse to DANCE? Sure, I don't mind seeing Heather Locklear dance, but geez! Is it a pre-requisite for screenwriters to throw-in something like that to capture a particular demographic?

Stuff like that stops me from finishing a few screenplays I've been doing. Whether or not to sell my soul to Hollywood panache and write something like that into the storyline or do I just suffer making a story and get stuck in indy purgatory? If I make it to Sundance or Tribeca, chances are it won't get picked up by mainstream Hollywood. Now that Project Greenlight is dead, my life as a screenwriter might just be a pipedream.

Oh well, I guess I should play "Showgirls" again. If this guy can write something like this and get a green light for it, my movie might work! If I could only get Elizabeth Berkeley to play the lead..... or that Katie Holmes.... it might just work....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Just noticed that I sounded redundant awhile back. Posting with two same points in a row. That's bad. Makes me look like I don't pay attention.

I finished TUF season 1. I liked it. Just the episodes though. No special features. Not even bloopers, then again, how can you get a blooper reel from all that fighting. Its too bad that during the final episode they didn't put on the whole card. They just featured both final matches and the main event. It kinda sucked though.

We just had pizza awhile ago. Dominos. Its ok. Their sauce is too "saucy", I guess. I'd rather Pizza Hut, but thats me. Their chicken is tasty though.

I'm running out of movies to critique. I'm taking in "the Perfect Man". Heather Locklear looks so sincere and cute in that movie. I pretty much don't care about Hillary Duff. Its a coming of age story. What's new. So far, I'm 20 minutes into the movie. I'd be very surprised for it to not have a dance number/music/singing segment. Is it just me or is Chris Noth slowly becoming the savior of single mid-30's woman from a life of desolate loneliness.

I want to be like Chris Noth.
Its Friday. Found out yesterday that my friend is finally going to Washington, getting promoted and all that. Good for him. The trials he had to go through to get this though... makes me think. Do you really have to go through all this pain, suffering and heartache for a position? Is it really worth it?

Anyway, I'm talking to AMSF, chatting really. She's nice and all that. But you got to check reality out of the door first. Because you know nothing really happens out of this type of relationship.

I love blogs. You can say stuff that's in your noggin. All this stuff inside your head that there is no absolute way to get it out, and put it right here in this small section of the internet.

I'm watching the Ultimate Fighter season 1 right now. I'm enjoying it greatly. I knew who went through already. And seeing their mindset before the championship, is great.

Still can't get over AMSF though. Just thinking about the stuff I want to do is unreal.... but that's me...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The result is in. My friend will get his store in Washington. My boss got the call from the DM and said its on. All we have to do is wait for the exact day that he's leaving (I'm assuming it'll be as early as next week). I'm just happy for the guy. I can say that justice is truly served.

I'm being distracted right now by Palpatine kicking the crap out of Windu.

Anyway, the day went on smoothly. I heard from my boss what I was suspecting... I am inheriting the store. I knew that all along (even if my friend were there, I still believe that I was getting the store). But that's me

Not really concentrating on this blog right now. I'm being mesmerized by the Emperor, with thos yellow eyes of his. I'm watching Revenge of the Sith.... Anakin is about to kill the Jedi Council....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our guess was confirmed today. Our first "suspect" was indeed the one. Occam's Razor.

Start of the day was full of tension. Not all of us knew what was coming down. Only 5 people knew but, of course, no one knew what to expect. The usual questions occured at around midday. I left early but the person was just waiting for one other guy to talk to. With the line of questions I was asked, it looked to me that they were going for the working environment the store has. And of course, intention.

This whole investigation would mean the promotion of my friend. Its too bad that it had to have come to this. Spite. I couldn't believe it when I first heard about this. But who knew?

Worse comes to worse, someone would not get promoted, someone might quit, I'm sure nobody will get fired over this, and the whole store in a state of heightened tension because of this. Tension because almost everybody knows now who the alleged whistle blower is, so saying something in front or in the presence of that person in a derogatory manner (even if it was in a joking manner), might be reported to corporate.

IMHO, this is taking sexual harassment to a whole new level. This person, is just taking advantage of, what I think are, loopholes to the term. In hearing such, reports straight to corporate. If I were to do the same to such person, I would've done something. Believe me, that person is no saint. Just doesn't want change. Which is wierd, considering said person transfered here and before knowing the people, shows contempt at them by rocking the boat. Causing a lot of animosity between some of the guys, who really didn't care about the person to begin with, to said person.

So if the worse thing does happen, I will be listening extra hard for even the small nuances (especially if it came from this person).

No, I am not out here to retaliate. I will do what that person just did. Take something completely out of context and treat it as gospel. I will try to unlearn the values that I have and sink down the very depths I thought I wouldn't do.

Who am I kidding? I wouldn't do that.... that's too low... even for me

Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday. Load day. 83,000. What a day.

We finished it around 9pm. But it wasn't really finished because we had to take some/most of the darn stuff to our warehouse. I couldn't feel my legs, throbbing headache and darn hungry. All under a surprisingly early sunshine (and heat) that never let up since 8am.

Shorthanded and a load of freight. Yep, sure sounds like a Monday.

Just found out that I'm getting the movies I'm supposed to get on Netflix. That's a relief. Something to look forward to during the week.

Oh yeah, that lady from corporate is coming over tomorrow to ask management a bunch of questions about the stuff that happened before that made someone really "uncomfortable". This should be interesting because tomorrow, one of those fluke kinda days, all managers are present.

Need to sleep now. Gotta wake up at 4:30 to do some stuff.

When I'm gonna watch Star Wars 3 tomorrow, that means the mad ordeal I had to deal with during the day is finally over and probably put a little closure on a couple of things that have been hovering over my head.

Gotta sleep... still can't feel my legs.... they're all cold and tingly... numb's the word...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

What a game!!! Well, its my first LIVE game, I thought it was awesome. Unfortunately, the 49ers didn't score a touchdown. A battle of defense and punts and field goals. I was satisfied. I wasn't able to buy that thing for the license plate.

The traffic afterwards was baaaad. I told my sister that if it were a blowout, we'd be leaving early. The game turned out to be good. We left after the sack with 20 seconds remaining.

I'd say this, the lady cops there are really tough. They pulled a couple of guys who, apparently, were throwing something to the field. They asked for the guys' licenses and told them to stay put. One of the friends of the drunk tried to give his 2 cents, the lady cop told him to mind his own business strongly. There was another guy who was getting too close to the other lady cop. This other lady cop got really pissed and shoved this guy aside. I'm impressed with these cops. They sure know how to hold their own. It kind of turned me on.

Anyway, watching the game was addictive and exhilirating. I'd watch again and again.

They honored this old lady with the Fan of the Game. She is a season ticket holder since 1941. Unbelievable. Even before the 49ers had Hugh McElhanny and Tittle. If you need a some 49er history, you gotta ask her about it.

I'd really love to watch another game but I know thats really doubtful.

Let's count it down. I've watched an NFL game and NBA game. I'll probably not watch a baseball game because of the speed of the game. Probably watch the Sharks play, they're getting better. But I doubt it though. Chances are, I'd be watching a Warriors game before I watch a Sharks game.

I love sports....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's a typical Thursday... we're short-handed. I had this one guy, who called-in sick for 3 straight days ("vomitting" apparently), was told to bring a doctor's note explaining why he was gone for so long. Apparently this guy, who had "odd jobs, nothing permanent" in his application, had no idea that we were serious about the note. After 3 days of calling-in, he had 2 days-off, and still he showed up today without a note. I guess he doesn't want to work here anymore.... but that's just me.

When I came into the store, store looked kind of dark. Probably the lighting or lack thereof, or we had a lot more merchandise out on the floor that physically blocked the lights. I don't know. It just looked dark but not gloomy.

I saw my regular customer who's always there everyday. He invited the whole store before to a party in his place but, unfortunately, got cancelled because he had to take the red eye to NY. Was looking forward to that... belly dancers or was it strippers, I'm not sure but surely it involved some dancer doing provocative moves.

It's just a few more days till I watch my first 49er football game live. My boss is giving me tickets to the game. Not sure if he's screwing with my head though. He mentioned today that he lost the tickets!! Mind games. What can I say, I am at his mercy. We'll see tomorrow if he found them or he's just jerking my chain.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I love Ice cream. I also hate Ice cream.

When will I acknowledge the fact that I am lactose intolerant. It just screws me up. My body adjusted to Mocha Frappuccinos so why can't it adjust to ice cream? I called in because of this crap.

Anyway, I finished House season 1. I really like the DVD series. I just thought that producers of the DVD should've put a little more thought into adding more features into it.

I believe they just added 20 minutes of "extras" in the 1st season. No blooper reel, no alternate endings, no in-depth look. They just took this for granted and instead, put the series at the forefront. Which I think was the right decision but after watching the series, you would like to immerse yourself more into the series. But that's just me.

I missed 2 games of the World Series because of this. I know, I should've TIVOd it. Well, for one thing, I don't have TIVO (went to Cable because the trees are blocking the line of sight of my dish), and I just found out the DVR of my cable box got busted because my genius of a brother was watching one of his recorded shows and left it on pause for the longest time. I was able to fix it by doing a hard reboot of the system. (just unplug it and wait 5 seconds). I missed my wrestling too because of it.

Anyway, I should be able to watch game 4 later. Should be a good one considering Houston is hanging by a thread and Chicago wants to end it today. I really don't care who wins, I just like to see all the festivities of the winner and how the losers cry and all that.

Again, thats just me...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Just your typical Monday. Load day. One of the most hated, dreadful days of the week, as far as working at my store is. We get to unload a truck full of merchandise and work them to the floor. This should be easy but we don't have what you would call a generous warehouse. Sure, we got one but its a mile away. Its helpful, but on days like load day, driving there is a chore.

We finished ahead of schedule. I was the "captain" today. Getting me ready to run the show once the other assistant transfers to his new store. I thought I handled it pretty well. We were going fast (lunch kind of slowed us down, tremendously). I only have two guys who work the load with me (aside from doing customer service), so its a testament to these two, that the load gets done, not me.

Well, aside from the load, we were waiting for THE CALL. It never happened.

Our previous assumption might be changing direction. We kind of talked about the possibility that our first choice was the wrong choice. Instead, we developed a new angle that is kind of pointing towards the right direction.

Makes me wary though. I still think the former is the one. But my other guys think its the latter. "You never know" is my line to the both of them.

Because, its true.... you never know.

I really like those tacos though. Just a couple made me full.

More luncheons on Monday is all I can say

Saturday, October 22, 2005


The RM called yesterday and mentioned that the team will be investigated because of "not following company policy and hinted at sexual harassment".


This is gonna be the fist time ever in my working experience that I will be part of an investigation of sexual harassment.

When I first heard this, it just ruined my day. This kind of talk, especially sexual harassment, ruins a very cohesive team. Not to mention, destroying the trust that took a while to get.

But I question the person who accuses management of such a despicable act. I am assuming that the person who did this, is in fact the person who did this. In the years that I've been with the company, no one accused anyone of sexual harassment. I take it back, there was one instance but it was taken care of internally and never reached corporate. There was also an instance where this group of employees ganged up on this manager and accused him of harassment, even though nothing happened. They were able to get him fired, without proof undeniable. I digress. Going back to the person, I believe this person is trying to get back at management because said person did not get what they wanted (cost of living increase and the like). If this is the route that person is going, it is the wrong way to go. Not only will that person be proven wrong, but the scars that such an investigation will carry, will haunt the very essence of the store. The store will not be the same again.

Next week is D-week. Some corporate person will do their investigation. I believe I would be part of the questioning.

I just hope that the whistle-blower I assumed, was indeed the right one.

If its not, then its a curveball I really don't want to face.

And the week was going on smooth to boot....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I've been waiting for the longest time for House M.D. to be available for rental in Netflix (it was but I had a queue that was just funny). So instead, I did the next best thing, I bought the damn DVD.

I know the show was good, but I didn't know it was THAT good.

After every episode I viewed, it leaves me with a feeling that I can't really describe. I guess you can say, satisfied.

Its the same feeling I get after watching the West Wing. You're not being left hanging and (although there is a lot of hollywood in the series) it just ends the episode (like the X-files)

Anyway, back to gambling. I should say I'm on a good streak of placing in sit-n-go's. I sure know how to hold 'em and fold 'em. I've won the 1st place twice, which I can't complain about. I just got lucky the last one.

I guess you could say, I learned how to play tournaments. No more table games for me (unless I hit Vegas or Reno; chances are I won't be able to go to Atlantic City in the near future).

Just catching up on the WSOP main event on ESPN. My brother is watching it so might as well...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Days off

Haven't been posting the past few days on account of my taking advantage of days off. I get the weekend off, which is kind of ironic because the 49ers aren't playing.

Well, i've been playing and placing, so that's a good thing.

Saw a few videos recently. I saw Crash, Kicking and Screaming, Unleashed and Practical Magic. I was supposed to do a Lost marathon but that didn't work out (I balked at the idea of buying the DVDs and just decided to wait for it in the mail).

Crash was an interestingly good movie. The interlacing of events and shots were not complicated but reminiscent of that Soderburgh movie with Michael Douglas. The views and reactions from the actors/actresses were heartfelt and sincere. It almost touched home.

Kicking and Screaming is your traditional coming of age story. I would be pleasantly surprised if a good comedy would do away with any dance numbers. I was not that satisfied with the movie although Will Farrel was entertaining in itself.

Unleashed is just Jet Li showing his martial arts artistry. Apparently he brought in his choreagrapher/teacher since he was a kid. The movie was also a coming of age story which is untraditional in the very sense of the word. I liked the Morgan Freeman character but thought that it was doting of a father figure.

Practical Magic is a delight. I thought Nicole Kidman was really cute in the movie. Of course, that was the only reason I rented the movie, then I remembered about Sandy Bullock, who I thought was also charming in the movie. Nicole is cuter as a blonde than a redhead. Yet another coming of age story.

I guess that was my theme for the last couple of days. Coming of age. Should I, too, come of age and live this world or do I just churn out words here in my blog and just follow the events that happen to other people while listening to my ipod? Do I dare not live my life to the very fullest and just veg-out to oblivion?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The streak is over...

After a lot of time spent, bad beats and heart-breaking moments, the streak is finally over... I finally won. Well, not really at first. I placed. I was in the money. That was cool though. It was a step in the right direction. Of course, stupid me, with this rejuvenation that I'm experiencing, I played again. This time with more players but with same buy-in.


I couldn't believe it. This time, I was number 1. I didn't just place, I won the tournament. I tell ya, it was breath-taking, as well as heart-stomping action.

At any rate, I decided not to tempt fate and quit while I was ahead, so to speak. I had to eat dinner anyway.

I think you can say that I felt it. The last two days were a blur. I was on top of my game. Work was easy and time was flying. You can say that I was in the zone. Not Britney Spears in the zone, more of Michael Jordan in the zone. Its like I'm puking my guts out but I'm still making 3s and you can't stop me kind of zone.

It was sweet.

I'll play my usual game again tomorrow. Hopefully fate will still be smiling at me and grant me another time in the zone.

If not, I always have the weekend to look forward to.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Commander in chief

It's been a rough couple of days. Monday was load day. We were able to finish with a few minor setbacks. Today, the RM was in the store. It's been a while since I've gone on a store tour with someone higher, but this time it was the RM. I was used to DMs but in the end it was pretty much the same.

Anyway, I've been following that new show Commander in chief. I gotta tell you, I'm impressed. Of course, you're gonna get the occasional comparison to the West Wing. Let's do that.

I haven't seen any recent episode of the West Wing, but, with the show moving to a Sunday, shows that the audience has already lost some interest in it. Here comes this new show, Commander in chief. A lady running the White House. I have nothing against that road.

If I were to compare the two series, I'd say that the West Wing was far superior to Commander in chief, especially on its first season. If they were going head-to-head, Commander in chief would've been cancelled. Which is why, I liked the move of ABC to push this series. Strike while the iron is hot. Or in this case, lukewarm.

West Wing has seen its better days, so in comes this new series which talks about the presidency and the typical coming of age theme. I've always enjoyed politically themed shows.

I believe that the thing that separates the two, is the way the show makes you feel after an episode. In Commander in chief, although the writing is good, it feels so Hollywood. I don't feel that. The West Wing, in its glory days, makes you want to join politics and get involved. It moves you. I don't get that with Commander in chief... I probably won't get it, but it won't stop me watching it.

On a totally different subject, I'm on a downward spiral in my poker game. I'm on a losing streak just like my boy Daniel N. Hope he wins. Thats my cue to winning too.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sirius baby!!!

I bought a Sirius Visor!!! Looks great. Well, the reason I bought this because the FM modulator of the dang thing reaches till 107 on the frequency. The others just have the first 10 frequencies starting at 87, so I said, screw it, get this. Plus its so small too.

My mistake was I should've gotten the other kind which requires a boombox. But then again, it would boil down to, can I play it in my car with just too little frequencies.

So I chose this one. I hooked it up to my surround system. It sounds great!! I might just buy a cheap second hand surround system to set-up in my bedroom so I could hook it up there. Chances are, thats gonna happen.

I tried to do the setup in my car. I don't know where I would put the frickin' antenna. That's my dilemma. I know where I'm leaving the system, but the antenna has been the biggest problem. Another problem I'm looking at is that there are too many loose wires hanging about.

Anyway, that'll take care of itself.

I wasn't able to watch Bagger Vance last night. I totally lost track of time. I was playing poker and watching a movie and having what I thought was a not so late dinner. After eating and playing, I checked the time and it was 10:30pm!! So I said, SCREW IT, I'm sleeping!! I had to wake up early to go to work.

Like what the 49ers said last year, there's always tomorrow (or next year... but I'm not waiting that long)....

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Interpreter - my review

Saw the movie today. I didn't know Sydney Pollack directed it.

Anyway, there was this one scene that bugged the hell out of me. It was the first time that Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman met and he was interviewing her for the first time. The thing that bugged the hell out of me was the cutscenes. The continuity sucked big time all because of Nicole's hair. It kinda gives her away. On one shot, her hair was blocking a quarter of her face, then on another shot, her hair was clear from her face. You gotta tell that hairdresser, "Listen, just tie the damn hair up or to the back, just let's take a clear shot of her face with dialogue and move on. They probably had lots of takes during that whole scene. I wouldn't be surprised if it took all day.

At any rate, the movie was ok. Not the best, but kept me on my chair without dozing off, which is good. I took a peek at the bonus features and I saw that there was an alternate ending. I never saw the alternate ending but if I were the writer, I would've actually had Nicole's character shoot the president. But that's me. Then again the original draft of the story probably had that kind of ending rather than your old cliche kind of ending, but of course, you had to satisfy the movie company as well as your feedback from your test screening. Plus, you really can't picture Nicole Kidman shooting someone.

Sean Penn was doing his usual acting. Above par, as ever. Nicole Kidman just has to stand there and let her beauty radiate. She looks great!!! Makes you wonder what Tom Cruise didn't see in her.

On another note, my boss recommended seeing "The Legend of Bagger Vance", because he saw "The Greatest game ever played" and mentioned that Bagger Vance was far better. I said "really"? So, I rented it and will probably watch it tonight. I'll give my review for it.

Anyway, the Yankees are playing and the Red Sox lost. Gotta watch the game and look at snippets of pained expressions on Boston's fans.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

First Road Trip

I had to go to Sacramento for a meeting. It's either go their using my other assistant's car, which is an old Mercedez that uses diesel, or my car. I chose the latter. I don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the heat, waiting for his car to heat up to get the pistons going.

A few things I noticed about my Accord: I got good gas mileage out of it. On a full tank of gas, in city driving, I was able to drive it for 2 weeks at almost 250 miles on a full tank. I drove to Sacramento, drove back, reached elk grove, went back to Sacramento (to pick up a cellphone that my Asst. Head Cashier forgot at the restaurant), then back to the store. It took 265 miles on just under the halfway mark of the gas indicator. I was happy!!!

Finally, I noticed that driving there was a breeze. I mean, even on a 4 cylinder, it packed some punch. It sped up real good and driving through the valley, had no problems.

Anyway, the meeting was informative. I liked the lunch buffet, but it made me sleepy.

When I got home, tried to play a couple of tournaments, busted out with a lot of time remaining. Chances are, I'll just sleep and call this a day. But knowing my stupid nature, I'd probably tempt fate again and lose more money.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Losing Streak

It's been a while since I've won something relevant in poker. I've just been in the money a few times in long tournaments (which I plan on doing, foregoing sit and go's).

Anyway, a little follow-up on my FM transmitter endeavor. The ITrip is tremendously better than the Monster cable. The volume alone, leaves the other in the dark. Sure, static is still present but that I consider to be normal. Like I said before, its better than spending $200 on something that might not work.

On another note, I might be going to Reno next week. Not for leisure, but for business. I always wanted to go to Reno (its been 10 years since I've been there). My District Manager called and asked if I could rent a truck and bring a few stuff to Sacramento and head on straight to Reno afterwards. I was, like, surprised, because I believe I mentioned that I'm not gonna be travelling again.

That's the price you pay, I guess, if you're that good. I'm sorry, I was just flattering myself.

I don't mind the road trip. As long as I'm not taking my new car and abusing it via road trip. Thank God for rentals.

Friday, September 23, 2005

FM Transmitters

My new car, like most cars, have cd players. But on my old car, I used to have a tape deck that I could use my ipod on. So instead of tinkering with the panels, I chose the easy way out... FM transmitter.

I started with that Monster cable but it created a lot of static. There were just 8 frickin stations/channels to choose from. And all of them were staticky.

I read on one of the Honda forums that this dude was using the ITrip. Had no problems and such. So here I am, going to the local CC, buying the dang thing.

What can I say, the guy was right, sort of. It does sound a little better. On the Monster cable, I had to raise the volume on my stereo to appreciate the music. On the ITrip, it was just like listening to a CD, volume-wise. Now, finding the right station was the key.

I had to go look for a station that had no signal to the left and right of it. What do you know, I found one. It had less static than the others. But of course, the test would be tomorrow, when I drive to work and try it out.

I'm telling you, I'm not gonna spend $200 on a contraption that would sync with my ipod.

If I waited next year to buy my car, then I would've had that Ipod Integrator but who knows, right?

I'm satisfied now.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bad Beat

It's everybody's worse nightmare. If you're a musician, you don't want to have a sessionist to hit that wrong note.

If you're playing poker, its the worst feeling you'd ever have. It makes you want to puke all that you've eaten, and then some.

I was playing a tournament. We're down to the last 400 players. I'm just looking to place. What can I say. At this point of my "poker career", I'd be happy to just place and get some money out of it. I got 3000 chips on me and I got the motherload of cards, pair aces. Any poker pro would tell you to go crazy. This guy went all in, so I had to go all in. Turns out he had a pair of 6s. The flop comes 2, 3, 4. The turn was a K. Out of all cards in the deck, the only cards that would kill me would be a 5 or a 6. As all bad beats go, the river was a 5. At first, it didn't hit me. I thought I got a straight! But this clown had a pair 6s. Next thing I know, I'm out.

I hate bad beats.

On a more positive turn, I just saw the Longest Yard. I haven't seen the original and they said that the original was so much better. I thought this Adam Sandler flick was very entertaining. Then again, I said the same thing about Die Hard 2. I thought before that Die Hard 2 was better than the first one. Saying that was kinda stupid because I haven't seen the first one yet. When I saw the first one, I thought to myself, Damn, nothing beats the original.

I got rent the original Longest Yard.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What a day....

When I woke up today, I thought it would be one of those kinda days where it just goes unbelievably easy. Boy, was I wrong!

It started out with this cautionary email: CPGateway is down. Damn, I should've known better. That's the link from the cc to the banks. Its down! And I had to go on my hands and knees just to tinker with the damn connections at the bottom, looking for the right damn modem to play with and trying to connect it with the damn registers upfront.

I was ready to despair but, alas, they fixed it, just as I was about ready to raise the proverbial white flag.

That was just the morning. I won't bother you with details. Let's just say it snowballed after that. I needed a smoke bad.

Anyway, today's over. Ever the optimist, tomorrow is another day! Hopefully not as bad as today was. I'm ready for it.

On a slightly different topic, I know now the key to winning poker!!! If you sit in one of the table games, if you win, you gotta learn how to LEAVE the damn table. If you get sucked into playing more with the money you won, chances are, you're gonna lose it and end up throwing more of your OWN money in.

You always learn the hard way.

I tell ya, what a day...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Its been a while

Its been almost a month since I last blogged. Lot of stuff happened since.

I almost made it into the main event of the WCOOP. But of course, I didn't have the money to get in outright, got to go through the satellites, which weren't friendly to me. So instead, I rooted for my brother who made it. He busted out in 444th place. That's cool though. 1500 players and its really tough to make it.

My car is still running smoothly. Although I dread the fact that come October I need to go to Sac-town for a meeting. Oh well. I guess you'd eventually have to make that road trip.

it's getting a little dicey at work. A few new faces, which look like they're gonna turn up good. Of course, you get one bad apple in the bunch. It looks like the person can turn for the better if he wanted to.

I am now down to my last few dollars in Poker. I keep telling myself that until that money runs out, I'll keep on playing. But as soon as its out, I'll just play with play money. I hope that part remains true though. Everytime there's this new tour, I can't stop but think about the chance to play there.

But in the grand scheme of things, win or lose, it always comes out the better for me. I learn a few things.

I better watch the rice, this blog is getting too long

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Can't sleep...

For the last few days, I could not, for the life of me, sleep. A friend of mine said that I was probably thinking about something. Nah. I didn't think that was the case.

Anyway, I've been playing low stakes hold 'em, and the crazy thing was, I was winning. Ok, so its like a dollar or 50 cents, but its better than losing em all.

Its another holiday weekend coming up and I'm really thinking of going to Reno. The only thing stopping me is the economics of it all. The only way I'm leaving Reno is empty handed. I mean, let's face it, nobody really leaves a casino a wealthy man. Unless you play a tournament or something. But then again, the travel comes in to play and of course, you have to eat.

Jeez! I'm just thinking of the negative, aren't I? I should look at it as having fun in 3 days (one of those rare times I get a weekend off followed by a holiday).

Anyway, we'll see. I don't want to put that much mileage to my new car anyway.

Plus, I could play my tournament here at the comforts of home, drinking a beer while watching porn.

I love the net....

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I got a new car!!!

I, finally, after almost 15 years of driving, have bought a new car. I got a 2005 Honda Accord. The funny thing was the events that lead me to buying a new car.

Three days ago, I went and picked up my mail. Aside from getting the usual junk mail, I had a large number of dvd rentals and the latest issue of Maxim (which had Kelly Monaco as the cover). Now that really diverted my attention. I started to walk away from the mailbox, quickly flipping the pages to see some ass, when I realized that I forgot to lock my mailbox and grab my keys.

I hurriedly ran to the mailbox to recover my keys. Keeping in mind that it takes 2 minutes to get from mailbox to my flat, I ran as fast as I could. From a distance, I saw that my mailbox was closed, and there was a resident who took his mail going my direction. I quickly asked him if he saw any keys hanging by my box. He said no. It was just a minute ago. This guy was a fricking liar. Man was talking to himself as he sat at a nearby bench, watching me go over the trash to see if I accidentally threw my keys along with the junk mail.

That mailbox key was attached to my car keys, my brothers key (and alarm) and house key. This guy, if we didn't act fast, could easily disarm my brothers car, go on a bank robbing spree and ditch the car. Good thing my brother was heading to the airport in the early morning to fly to Florida (which was strange, because people were getting away from the Florida panhandle because of Hurricane Katrina).

Which leaves me my problem.... this guy could easily enter my car, which had no alarm, and use the hell out of it.

So I just pushed forward my plan from way back, buy a car. After hours of research, I ended up going for a Honda Accord.

It took me just 2 hours at the dealership to get my new car. I just love that new car scent. I bought all that warranty stuff. the car they had for me, had only 4 miles on it. It literally just came off the truck, according to my man Charles (I later believed him because I actually saw the truck and trailer in the middle of the road unloading cars).

I am so fricking happy I did this. Now, the next problem are the payments. Well, I shouldn't consider them as a problem because I'm enjoying the heck out of my car. I just need to sell my old car, which still runs excellent (its a 91 Infiniti G20, 142K ). It just needs a few fixes (new upholstery, steam wash the rug, fix the power window and plug the cd changer). Whoever buys it will get a very reliable car with absolutely no problems.

I'll head on back to my car... still can't get over that new car scent....

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stupid computer

As I was writing my entry yesterday, my laptop kept on restarting. Every single time.

So, after fixing it, I said, screw it. Not gonna put an entry.

Now, relaxed, I think I can write something.

Today, I picked up some ribeye. Felt it was a ribeye kinda night, even though I was gonna wake early tomorrow. I kept on going to Safeway for my ribeyes. Tried Albertson's today. Damn, those cuts were almost 3 inches thick. Had to try it. Took extra long to cook it. My jaws were aching early.

Short night today. I'd like to sleep a little early today. But I doubt it.

As a short sidenote, I won my first tournament at poker online. Should've heard me yelling at around midnight. Shouting wasn't cool, but winning was so cool.

I'm still down a lot of money. Who cares, I'll throw more in next week. I'm due sometime

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Straight from the horse's mouth

Well, I just got off the phone with B. Its a sure thing. He's not coming back.

I understand his reasons though, really. If you were the only one in a foreign place with no relatives close by, you'd feel homesick too. At least in Maryland, he's got cousins and uncles close by. Or at least a drive away. I'd probably do the same thing too. My sanity would be tested.

Apparently, almost everybody from work gave him a ring and told him to come back and stay. They don't understand the situation. Let's see if they were put in that kind of situation. They'll all do the same thing.

The guy's coming back to get all his belongings though, but coming back to work.... that's just an afterthought. If I were B, I wouldn't even tell them when I was flying back. I hate goodbyes.

Anyway, I need to buy a printer. I hate to jot down the directions from Mapquest on a sheet of paper. Yes, I am driving to Santa Rosa. Top of the morning. Just what I love doing.


We'll see how their inventory turns up tomorrow. Ours is coming in a couple of weeks. Have I ever told you I hate inventory?

Friday, July 29, 2005

All's Well

But not quite.

Got word from a colleague about the status on a couple of friends who were in a car accident recently. One of them was awake and about but still needed the required surgery. The other, was still unconscious but stable condition. That's good to know, although I still feel for them. I can't begin to imagine having to go through something as arduous as that at such a young age. If it were me, I'd probably lose my will to live.

But that's me....

Anyway, more news about B. I can't believe this guy! Letting him go to "help his uncle" might be a cover-up/excuse for him to leave the bay area. He might have his reasons but geez! Don't leave your co-workers high and dry. Now he's asking for a transfer to Laurel, MD. In my whole stay with the store, there have 3 attempts like this and both were supposed to be transfers to our store. It got shot down. I like him as a worker but this just kills it for me. Like I said, he may have his reasons, sick as they are.

Finally, the Everywhere man is going off to yet again a familiar place. After almost swearing off travel for the year, I got wind of my talents being needed at Santa Rosa. Oi....

Ok, I'll be helpful. Sure, I'll go and come back. But I swear this is the last bit of travelling I'll do. Of course, this doesn't count personal travel, which I'll probably use sometime this year, albeit flying.

Really though. Honestly. This is the last time. No more business travel for me.

Tragedy strikes anytime....

Today (ok, yesterday) is probably one of the darkest days in HFT38 history.

We received a call from an employee's mom. Her son was in an accident. He had 2 passengers with him, a current and ex employee of our store. I won't go into detail but hearing such news makes you want to cringe.

And cringe I did.

It was hard not to think about the state they're in right now. And as of this writing, I still do not have any idea on their well being. It drives me mad, of course, as I have a fondness for the 3 of them.

News such as this, makes you stop what you're doing, reflect on your situation, and this need to call family and loved ones.

I had the urge early today to call their families. I, instead acting like a moron, called their cellphones. Of course, they didn't answer. Their attention was toward the incident that has befallen their precious.

It never dawned on me that the last person family would like to talk to is their boss. What an idiot I've been.

They are in my prayers.

Godspeed, my friends.

I'm an everywhere man....

Ok, its been a while since I've last posted.... I have no excuses....

Anyway, I love my job. Aside from getting to boss around a lot of people, I get to travel to different areas to boss them around... hehehe

Apparently there's a shortage of good guys like me out there, and lo and behold, they send me to do the dirty work. And dirty work it is, mind you.

But I like the extra responsibility though. No big whoop.

It's like second nature to me already. I was able to cultivate it thru this job, which has taught me well.

Let's see, I've been to Santa Rosa, South Sac and Carmichael in 3 months. Love the weather in Santa Rosa. Picked the worst possible time to go to Sacramento. My God!!! Felt I was in an oven. Not to mention the cheapskate hotel I stayed in. Not only did they have one speed for an ac, but their service of free wireless internet is dependent on your location on the hotel. There are a lot of deadspots. But if you're like me and decide to get a smoking room, please ask the concierge if the room you're getting is NOT in a dead range of the wireless network they have. GEEEEZZZ

Wonder where I'm going next.

I know most of my colleagues are going somewhere in the next week or so. Summer holidays if you will. I have no plans to go anywhere anymore. My flight or driving itinerary stops now. I'd love to help other stores, but.... not at the moment.

I wanna be selfish for the moment.


Until next time

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


According to Webster's, it is one's innermost character, feelings or inclination. It adds, heart is the essential or most vital part of something. It's funny that webster's dictionary would end a sentence with that. Something. Anyway, I digress...

I've been following the NBA playoffs. I just love basketball. I've noticed that the playoffs are indeed the second season of the NBA. They separate the boys from the Men. Their actions speak the very essence of competition. But, of course, that is, if they're winning. If they don't, they rely on petty semantics. Blaming it all on everybody except themselves.

Case in point. This coach, who is historically blaming others, even his own players, is once again in the playoffs. But, alas, his team just got eliminated. They showed a little bit of something, but fell short. I missed the soundbites after the game, but I sure am betting on his track record. You'd think he'd learn from his mistakes, or at least his team's mistakes. And according to some "experts", he's in the running for Coach of the Year. Sure, everybody forgets the past and celebrates the present. I guess thats appropos for now, especially for him.

Heart. The very essence, the most vital part of a person. You won't only find that in the sporting world. It is EVERYWHERE. Being demonstrated by almost every person in the world.

In my line of work, there is a grey area between Heart and hardwork. But that's just me, I guess. I should embrace the fact that every person, who at least tries, is giving me Heart. I should relish the fact that I am NOT the only one with this kind of work ethic. Other people, even though I feel that they could've done better, are giving it their all. They are epitomizing the very essence of Heart.

I truly appreciate that. But then again, not everybody's like me.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Today's word of the day is Rumor. According to Webster's, it is a "statement or report without known authority for its truth".

In my 30 odd years of walking this Earth, I have never been involved in rumor. Whether being the topic of it or the one spreading it. But today, of all days, I was in the middle of it.

I personally believe that rumor or hearsay is tantamount to gossiping, which I think is a low form of getting someone's attention.

I have never been so insulted in my life!!

But get over it, I did. I wouldn't say the same for the person who was also affected though. The other person, like anybody else, is fragile. Hearing something like that, add the "fact" that it came from me, is a blow, especially to that person. I talked to the person, assured that person that I never said anything like that.

Like I said, I got over it. From what I've noticed, the person, eventually got over it too.

Mending bridges is a tough thing to do, especially when its neither's fault.

I guess, that's life. You got to play the hand you're dealt. Unfortunately, it came today.

Rumor my ass. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The word for the day is...

I am starting a "Word for the Day" motiff in my small part of the internet. These words are what I think encompass the day that was for me.

Today's word is Attention.

According to Webster, Attention is the sympathetic consideration of the needs and wants of others.

Attention. We strive for it. Hell, some people crave it.

And then there are those people who, after you've given them your whole undivided attention, flies like a bee to the next flower and gets their "attention".

Ok, I like the attention sometimes, WHEN its due. Not just because someone wants it.

I guess some people aren't just considerate of the attention that the other person is giving them.

Screw it! Time to move on.

I love BLOGs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

So this is Washington state....

Sent by the store to Washington to help out fellow workers in a different state.

It's all good, I get to see a different place.

I was expecting cold weather because of the location, since its way up north. But, surprisingly, its just like in the East bay.

A few things I've noticed about it: driving on the freeway is a breeze because the exits are numbered. I think that's sweet. But, of course, you got to have the right directions from your favorite web portal. Of course, I took mine from Yahoo maps. It failed me before and in a different state where you need it to work like gangbusters, it did the same. I knew I should've used mapquest.

Anyway, was able to reach my store, my apartment and was able to get rest.

On the way, I was able to see Safeco field. Very impressive. And that was from a distance.

I'm staying in Everett, WA, small town which loves their teriyaki bowls and their drive-thru cappucinos. Lots of Starbucks , too.

Guys at work thought I was staying there for good, but I informed them that I was just there for a couple of weeks. That was nice. For a second there, I thought I was doubting my abilities, but they were appreciative especially the store manager, who really needed a helping hand. He hasn't taken a day-off in weeks.

What else is in store for me? The quest still remains. There are a lot of cute women here especially in the store, but I wouldn't dip my pen in the company ink, as the store manager puts it. That would be an unwise move.

Catch you later