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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


According to Webster's, it is one's innermost character, feelings or inclination. It adds, heart is the essential or most vital part of something. It's funny that webster's dictionary would end a sentence with that. Something. Anyway, I digress...

I've been following the NBA playoffs. I just love basketball. I've noticed that the playoffs are indeed the second season of the NBA. They separate the boys from the Men. Their actions speak the very essence of competition. But, of course, that is, if they're winning. If they don't, they rely on petty semantics. Blaming it all on everybody except themselves.

Case in point. This coach, who is historically blaming others, even his own players, is once again in the playoffs. But, alas, his team just got eliminated. They showed a little bit of something, but fell short. I missed the soundbites after the game, but I sure am betting on his track record. You'd think he'd learn from his mistakes, or at least his team's mistakes. And according to some "experts", he's in the running for Coach of the Year. Sure, everybody forgets the past and celebrates the present. I guess thats appropos for now, especially for him.

Heart. The very essence, the most vital part of a person. You won't only find that in the sporting world. It is EVERYWHERE. Being demonstrated by almost every person in the world.

In my line of work, there is a grey area between Heart and hardwork. But that's just me, I guess. I should embrace the fact that every person, who at least tries, is giving me Heart. I should relish the fact that I am NOT the only one with this kind of work ethic. Other people, even though I feel that they could've done better, are giving it their all. They are epitomizing the very essence of Heart.

I truly appreciate that. But then again, not everybody's like me.