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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Straight from the horse's mouth

Well, I just got off the phone with B. Its a sure thing. He's not coming back.

I understand his reasons though, really. If you were the only one in a foreign place with no relatives close by, you'd feel homesick too. At least in Maryland, he's got cousins and uncles close by. Or at least a drive away. I'd probably do the same thing too. My sanity would be tested.

Apparently, almost everybody from work gave him a ring and told him to come back and stay. They don't understand the situation. Let's see if they were put in that kind of situation. They'll all do the same thing.

The guy's coming back to get all his belongings though, but coming back to work.... that's just an afterthought. If I were B, I wouldn't even tell them when I was flying back. I hate goodbyes.

Anyway, I need to buy a printer. I hate to jot down the directions from Mapquest on a sheet of paper. Yes, I am driving to Santa Rosa. Top of the morning. Just what I love doing.


We'll see how their inventory turns up tomorrow. Ours is coming in a couple of weeks. Have I ever told you I hate inventory?

Friday, July 29, 2005

All's Well

But not quite.

Got word from a colleague about the status on a couple of friends who were in a car accident recently. One of them was awake and about but still needed the required surgery. The other, was still unconscious but stable condition. That's good to know, although I still feel for them. I can't begin to imagine having to go through something as arduous as that at such a young age. If it were me, I'd probably lose my will to live.

But that's me....

Anyway, more news about B. I can't believe this guy! Letting him go to "help his uncle" might be a cover-up/excuse for him to leave the bay area. He might have his reasons but geez! Don't leave your co-workers high and dry. Now he's asking for a transfer to Laurel, MD. In my whole stay with the store, there have 3 attempts like this and both were supposed to be transfers to our store. It got shot down. I like him as a worker but this just kills it for me. Like I said, he may have his reasons, sick as they are.

Finally, the Everywhere man is going off to yet again a familiar place. After almost swearing off travel for the year, I got wind of my talents being needed at Santa Rosa. Oi....

Ok, I'll be helpful. Sure, I'll go and come back. But I swear this is the last bit of travelling I'll do. Of course, this doesn't count personal travel, which I'll probably use sometime this year, albeit flying.

Really though. Honestly. This is the last time. No more business travel for me.

Tragedy strikes anytime....

Today (ok, yesterday) is probably one of the darkest days in HFT38 history.

We received a call from an employee's mom. Her son was in an accident. He had 2 passengers with him, a current and ex employee of our store. I won't go into detail but hearing such news makes you want to cringe.

And cringe I did.

It was hard not to think about the state they're in right now. And as of this writing, I still do not have any idea on their well being. It drives me mad, of course, as I have a fondness for the 3 of them.

News such as this, makes you stop what you're doing, reflect on your situation, and this need to call family and loved ones.

I had the urge early today to call their families. I, instead acting like a moron, called their cellphones. Of course, they didn't answer. Their attention was toward the incident that has befallen their precious.

It never dawned on me that the last person family would like to talk to is their boss. What an idiot I've been.

They are in my prayers.

Godspeed, my friends.

I'm an everywhere man....

Ok, its been a while since I've last posted.... I have no excuses....

Anyway, I love my job. Aside from getting to boss around a lot of people, I get to travel to different areas to boss them around... hehehe

Apparently there's a shortage of good guys like me out there, and lo and behold, they send me to do the dirty work. And dirty work it is, mind you.

But I like the extra responsibility though. No big whoop.

It's like second nature to me already. I was able to cultivate it thru this job, which has taught me well.

Let's see, I've been to Santa Rosa, South Sac and Carmichael in 3 months. Love the weather in Santa Rosa. Picked the worst possible time to go to Sacramento. My God!!! Felt I was in an oven. Not to mention the cheapskate hotel I stayed in. Not only did they have one speed for an ac, but their service of free wireless internet is dependent on your location on the hotel. There are a lot of deadspots. But if you're like me and decide to get a smoking room, please ask the concierge if the room you're getting is NOT in a dead range of the wireless network they have. GEEEEZZZ

Wonder where I'm going next.

I know most of my colleagues are going somewhere in the next week or so. Summer holidays if you will. I have no plans to go anywhere anymore. My flight or driving itinerary stops now. I'd love to help other stores, but.... not at the moment.

I wanna be selfish for the moment.


Until next time