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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I got a new car!!!

I, finally, after almost 15 years of driving, have bought a new car. I got a 2005 Honda Accord. The funny thing was the events that lead me to buying a new car.

Three days ago, I went and picked up my mail. Aside from getting the usual junk mail, I had a large number of dvd rentals and the latest issue of Maxim (which had Kelly Monaco as the cover). Now that really diverted my attention. I started to walk away from the mailbox, quickly flipping the pages to see some ass, when I realized that I forgot to lock my mailbox and grab my keys.

I hurriedly ran to the mailbox to recover my keys. Keeping in mind that it takes 2 minutes to get from mailbox to my flat, I ran as fast as I could. From a distance, I saw that my mailbox was closed, and there was a resident who took his mail going my direction. I quickly asked him if he saw any keys hanging by my box. He said no. It was just a minute ago. This guy was a fricking liar. Man was talking to himself as he sat at a nearby bench, watching me go over the trash to see if I accidentally threw my keys along with the junk mail.

That mailbox key was attached to my car keys, my brothers key (and alarm) and house key. This guy, if we didn't act fast, could easily disarm my brothers car, go on a bank robbing spree and ditch the car. Good thing my brother was heading to the airport in the early morning to fly to Florida (which was strange, because people were getting away from the Florida panhandle because of Hurricane Katrina).

Which leaves me my problem.... this guy could easily enter my car, which had no alarm, and use the hell out of it.

So I just pushed forward my plan from way back, buy a car. After hours of research, I ended up going for a Honda Accord.

It took me just 2 hours at the dealership to get my new car. I just love that new car scent. I bought all that warranty stuff. the car they had for me, had only 4 miles on it. It literally just came off the truck, according to my man Charles (I later believed him because I actually saw the truck and trailer in the middle of the road unloading cars).

I am so fricking happy I did this. Now, the next problem are the payments. Well, I shouldn't consider them as a problem because I'm enjoying the heck out of my car. I just need to sell my old car, which still runs excellent (its a 91 Infiniti G20, 142K ). It just needs a few fixes (new upholstery, steam wash the rug, fix the power window and plug the cd changer). Whoever buys it will get a very reliable car with absolutely no problems.

I'll head on back to my car... still can't get over that new car scent....

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stupid computer

As I was writing my entry yesterday, my laptop kept on restarting. Every single time.

So, after fixing it, I said, screw it. Not gonna put an entry.

Now, relaxed, I think I can write something.

Today, I picked up some ribeye. Felt it was a ribeye kinda night, even though I was gonna wake early tomorrow. I kept on going to Safeway for my ribeyes. Tried Albertson's today. Damn, those cuts were almost 3 inches thick. Had to try it. Took extra long to cook it. My jaws were aching early.

Short night today. I'd like to sleep a little early today. But I doubt it.

As a short sidenote, I won my first tournament at poker online. Should've heard me yelling at around midnight. Shouting wasn't cool, but winning was so cool.

I'm still down a lot of money. Who cares, I'll throw more in next week. I'm due sometime