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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Losing Streak

It's been a while since I've won something relevant in poker. I've just been in the money a few times in long tournaments (which I plan on doing, foregoing sit and go's).

Anyway, a little follow-up on my FM transmitter endeavor. The ITrip is tremendously better than the Monster cable. The volume alone, leaves the other in the dark. Sure, static is still present but that I consider to be normal. Like I said before, its better than spending $200 on something that might not work.

On another note, I might be going to Reno next week. Not for leisure, but for business. I always wanted to go to Reno (its been 10 years since I've been there). My District Manager called and asked if I could rent a truck and bring a few stuff to Sacramento and head on straight to Reno afterwards. I was, like, surprised, because I believe I mentioned that I'm not gonna be travelling again.

That's the price you pay, I guess, if you're that good. I'm sorry, I was just flattering myself.

I don't mind the road trip. As long as I'm not taking my new car and abusing it via road trip. Thank God for rentals.

Friday, September 23, 2005

FM Transmitters

My new car, like most cars, have cd players. But on my old car, I used to have a tape deck that I could use my ipod on. So instead of tinkering with the panels, I chose the easy way out... FM transmitter.

I started with that Monster cable but it created a lot of static. There were just 8 frickin stations/channels to choose from. And all of them were staticky.

I read on one of the Honda forums that this dude was using the ITrip. Had no problems and such. So here I am, going to the local CC, buying the dang thing.

What can I say, the guy was right, sort of. It does sound a little better. On the Monster cable, I had to raise the volume on my stereo to appreciate the music. On the ITrip, it was just like listening to a CD, volume-wise. Now, finding the right station was the key.

I had to go look for a station that had no signal to the left and right of it. What do you know, I found one. It had less static than the others. But of course, the test would be tomorrow, when I drive to work and try it out.

I'm telling you, I'm not gonna spend $200 on a contraption that would sync with my ipod.

If I waited next year to buy my car, then I would've had that Ipod Integrator but who knows, right?

I'm satisfied now.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bad Beat

It's everybody's worse nightmare. If you're a musician, you don't want to have a sessionist to hit that wrong note.

If you're playing poker, its the worst feeling you'd ever have. It makes you want to puke all that you've eaten, and then some.

I was playing a tournament. We're down to the last 400 players. I'm just looking to place. What can I say. At this point of my "poker career", I'd be happy to just place and get some money out of it. I got 3000 chips on me and I got the motherload of cards, pair aces. Any poker pro would tell you to go crazy. This guy went all in, so I had to go all in. Turns out he had a pair of 6s. The flop comes 2, 3, 4. The turn was a K. Out of all cards in the deck, the only cards that would kill me would be a 5 or a 6. As all bad beats go, the river was a 5. At first, it didn't hit me. I thought I got a straight! But this clown had a pair 6s. Next thing I know, I'm out.

I hate bad beats.

On a more positive turn, I just saw the Longest Yard. I haven't seen the original and they said that the original was so much better. I thought this Adam Sandler flick was very entertaining. Then again, I said the same thing about Die Hard 2. I thought before that Die Hard 2 was better than the first one. Saying that was kinda stupid because I haven't seen the first one yet. When I saw the first one, I thought to myself, Damn, nothing beats the original.

I got rent the original Longest Yard.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What a day....

When I woke up today, I thought it would be one of those kinda days where it just goes unbelievably easy. Boy, was I wrong!

It started out with this cautionary email: CPGateway is down. Damn, I should've known better. That's the link from the cc to the banks. Its down! And I had to go on my hands and knees just to tinker with the damn connections at the bottom, looking for the right damn modem to play with and trying to connect it with the damn registers upfront.

I was ready to despair but, alas, they fixed it, just as I was about ready to raise the proverbial white flag.

That was just the morning. I won't bother you with details. Let's just say it snowballed after that. I needed a smoke bad.

Anyway, today's over. Ever the optimist, tomorrow is another day! Hopefully not as bad as today was. I'm ready for it.

On a slightly different topic, I know now the key to winning poker!!! If you sit in one of the table games, if you win, you gotta learn how to LEAVE the damn table. If you get sucked into playing more with the money you won, chances are, you're gonna lose it and end up throwing more of your OWN money in.

You always learn the hard way.

I tell ya, what a day...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Its been a while

Its been almost a month since I last blogged. Lot of stuff happened since.

I almost made it into the main event of the WCOOP. But of course, I didn't have the money to get in outright, got to go through the satellites, which weren't friendly to me. So instead, I rooted for my brother who made it. He busted out in 444th place. That's cool though. 1500 players and its really tough to make it.

My car is still running smoothly. Although I dread the fact that come October I need to go to Sac-town for a meeting. Oh well. I guess you'd eventually have to make that road trip.

it's getting a little dicey at work. A few new faces, which look like they're gonna turn up good. Of course, you get one bad apple in the bunch. It looks like the person can turn for the better if he wanted to.

I am now down to my last few dollars in Poker. I keep telling myself that until that money runs out, I'll keep on playing. But as soon as its out, I'll just play with play money. I hope that part remains true though. Everytime there's this new tour, I can't stop but think about the chance to play there.

But in the grand scheme of things, win or lose, it always comes out the better for me. I learn a few things.

I better watch the rice, this blog is getting too long

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Can't sleep...

For the last few days, I could not, for the life of me, sleep. A friend of mine said that I was probably thinking about something. Nah. I didn't think that was the case.

Anyway, I've been playing low stakes hold 'em, and the crazy thing was, I was winning. Ok, so its like a dollar or 50 cents, but its better than losing em all.

Its another holiday weekend coming up and I'm really thinking of going to Reno. The only thing stopping me is the economics of it all. The only way I'm leaving Reno is empty handed. I mean, let's face it, nobody really leaves a casino a wealthy man. Unless you play a tournament or something. But then again, the travel comes in to play and of course, you have to eat.

Jeez! I'm just thinking of the negative, aren't I? I should look at it as having fun in 3 days (one of those rare times I get a weekend off followed by a holiday).

Anyway, we'll see. I don't want to put that much mileage to my new car anyway.

Plus, I could play my tournament here at the comforts of home, drinking a beer while watching porn.

I love the net....