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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I survived Black Friday!!! Its kinda late for this since its already Saturday, but I'm just saying.... I survived it.

Our store, being one of the smallest stores in the company, made a whole lot of business boggles the mind, even the very minds of our superiors. We made close to 60K. We beat last years figues by 5k. I was kinda surprised too. Long days and hours seems to pay off. So I had to bail early and check out the other stores.

Almost bought a TV. Common sense stopped me from the burden of paying for it. Sure, I'll enjoy the luxury of watching on a flat screen TV but my pocket will be aching afterwards. So I said "screw it". I didn't buy anything else, I just bought something to eat and went home.

After-thanksgiving sales are surely the busiest season in a retail store. There was this DJ who referred to a study done, whether it was the busiest, according to the study, the busiest day was Dec. 23 and some other date. I could understand that. Last minute shopping and all that. But whoever made that survey/study does not work at a retail store, trying to get stuff ready and dealing with customers on that day. I'll bet you that person who did the study was just analyzing numbers which sure translates to the figueres they came up with. If you put that person right in front of a Walmart on Black Friday, they'll change their mind.

Still haven't seen Goblet of fire yet. I plan on seeing it on Thursday. I'm off that day. Hopefully, its not that packed. I'll be watching Novo tonight. Its a cross between Memento and 50 first dates. I wouldn't consider it a broad comedy, more of a dark comedy.

I'm still thinking of that TV I passed over. I might get that rather than a digital camera. I might have no use for that digital camera. But I want to study the process of photography.

I guess thats what the holidays are for... having other people buy the crap you can't get....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yet another long day. What was it? 15 hours? Sounds right. Would've stayed till the gang of 3 left, but I couldn't feel my ankles anymore. Had to bail on them. But of course, I left them with enough instruction. One more day till Black Friday. Thats when almost all the stores have these humongous sales. This is that one chance where crazy people attack stores to get their holiday shopping done. For a store such as mine, its kinda unreal to see people stockpile on tools, but I'm not worrying. I just take their money and send them their merry way out my door and unto to the next store they squander on.

Still haven't seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My brother did see it. He never misses the first showing. Dam bastehd.

I saw that movie 9 songs. It was the unrated version. Boy, was I shocked. It was very graphic and borderline pornographic. But not in a distasteful way. Pornographic because there were 2 scenes with obvious penetrations scenes. For an independent British film, this movie just came from left field. Way out there. You can say that I'm used to Indy films and sometimes B-movies, but this one had a different texture to it. I like the essence of the movie, but the sex just stands out. This movie was the first for the actress, the actor was a seasoned vet, who apparently was in Band of Brothers. I need to check that out again. There were a lot of ballyhoo about this movie. I sorta bought into that concept, but I never realized it was this forward though. You can always be surprised by these kinda movies. When I probably go to Film school, I'll probably go to England for it instead of NY. Their level of film is different than the States. Its not as mainstream and anyone can get it. Kinda hard to explain.

I just got another Indy film, Novo. I'm gonna watch that on Sunday. I gotta rest my "dogs" as my ex-co-worker lovingly refers to his feet. There sure are/were barking.

I should wake up early to head on to Mum's place for Thanksgiving. I like this having to travel somewhere for the holidays idea. Makes me feel part of this work-a-day world. Makes me belong.

I'm just wierd that way.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Its Tuesday. I'm still feeling the intense day that was Monday, Load day. We had, ever since I've been there at least, the biggest load we've gotten. Truck load that is. Everybody was all tense, tired and borderline crazy-like.

A couple of army guys started last week. They were surprisingly strong and fast. They were working as a team. We just hired them because we were desparate, plus they were from the military, so you know that discipline is instilled in them. The tall guy was the muscle, the short guy was, I'd like to call, the brains. Their first day was a whirling-dervish. They were fast and on their toes. Their second day, well, I was sorta disappointed. They were supposed to stay the full 8 hours but since the short one had to go to the dentist and had the only means of transportation, the tall guy went with him. I told my SM that that's gonna be a problem. Then I later found out that they were not coming in the next day, Sunday. Apparently, they are God-fearing folks. Ok, I said, that can probably fly. Upon hiring, the tall guy mentioned to me that he won't be in this whole week because he had to go to Jersey, a relative died. That's fine.

And then Load day begins. All of the muscle comes in at 5am. Short guys was supposed to come in at 6am. Its almost 8am and finally he shows up. Never gave a reason why he was a couple of hours late. I'll let that slide. We were busting out the first truck (the other truck was 4 hours late) like nobody's business. We had 3 extra bodies that helped us. I was taking advantage of it. It was probably early afternoon when my SM talked to me and said that short guy couldn't take the work anymore and this was his last day. He'll finish the day though. This proves a point I've always said, Monday or Load day, always makes or breaks a person. If you've survived it, you'll survive the store. Short guy didn't survive, he failed bad. Which speaks volumes of the guys I currently have. They sure can work the load like no one else. Which makes me wonder about Tall guy. He's not here the whole week. Short guy never actually said that they were a tag team, if one leaves the other one does too. So we'll see next week. I'll be very surprised to see him on Monday.

I'm just relaxing today. Not quite veging out but close to it. I get to open almost all week. That means I get to leave early and do stuff. I might just watch that Harry Potter movie tomorrow. Depends which one is my priority, watching a movie or doing the laundry. We'll see. I missed my chance on an XBOX 360 though. They're going on ebay for almost $900. That's way too much. I'm not that stupidly desparate.

Dumb.... but not stupid.

Friday, November 11, 2005

It's so not me to fake a day-off. But I might have to on Sunday. Did I just say that I wanna go home? My mind is so not prepared for doing the tour of stores.

Anyway, just had a close brush with yet another sexual harassment case. One of the female cashiers went to the Head cashier and said that one of the temps we had was making a pass at her. The head cashier quickly told me what was going on. Even if it wasn't my call, I had to pull rank and advise the HD on what to do. We called the SM and told him about the situation. I was ready to send the guy packing. I don't want this specter again. We kind of settled on talking to the guy, letting him know that we know what happened, and that if it happened again, we'll send him home. The guy denied the whole thing and never relented. We talked to the girl about it too. I asked her if she's comfortable with him hanging around (if she wasn't, he's not back tomorrow). She said it was cool and that she'll let us know if anything inappropriate happens again.

I'm telling you, I hate for stuff like this to happen, but it does happen, whether we knowingly are aware of it or not. Just a little phrase would trigger a defense mechanism of a another person and that would be deemed inappropriate. IMHO, sexual harassment, as serious as it is, has become a joke. Just a minor comment and an investigation could happen.

Anyway, we're done apinting the wall and tables right now. I just got a call from my SM and told me that there are a lot of stuff to do in my store. Apparently, there's a list. The RM would be back in 2 weeks. Oy vey! I hope its nothing serious. We've been kicking ass in sales and I know for sure that that is not going unnoticed. My home store is short-handed and they send me somewhere else. I kind of feel for the guys I left because this store I'm in right now has a good crew. Lots of young people, but it looks like it could handle the pressure. They do need to push the VACs though. The cashiers were just taking it for granted. I guess they didn't know how much money they would get.

Anyway, I wasn't worried about that because I was in charge of getting things done that the other assistants have no time to do. Just as long as they take of the floor, I'm cool.

I do like the amenities of the Marriott. I know I'm gonna miss this but hey, I still miss home. My sister's been calling almost 3 times a day. I couldn't pick up the phone because, stupid me, I forgot my charger and can't afford the dropped call.

I guess that's my excuse....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My first day at Salinas was a fast one. I was working with a couple of temps. No wonder they were temps. During the better part of the day, they were fast and efficient. When it was close to quitting time, they were just lagging. It bugged the hell out of me because I'm not like that. I'm a constant moving kind of guy. Especially when I'm in a different store. The stakes are higher and my rep is on the line. Tomorrow's another day I guess. At any rate, the stuff on the RM's list is basically done except for the painting of the majority of the store. We couldn't do that during store hours for obvious reasons. So, the store manager and I agreed that we do it right after the store closes. Gives us a couple of hours to do it. I have nothing against painting the store. My beef is, aside from the painting, most of the "wishlist" is done. I could be going home and get the weekend off. That's me. If there's a list, I stick to it. I have tunnel vision. For the next day, there should be a list, or I am lost. I don't mind staying on for a few days and get stuff done. But, please, make them worth my while. I don't want to stay on just for the sake of staying. I don't mind staying in a nice hotel and eating good stuff, but c'mon! Let's get stuff done.

On something totally different.... the housekeeper took all of my soap!!! I was gonna take a shower right after work but there was no soap to use! Had to call the front desk to ask for some. When I asked them for some soap, they addressed as my RM's name to my surprise! I forgot that the room was already paid for under his name and I'm just squatting for him. It must be nice to be an ELITE MEMBER. When I go to hotels, they address me as "dude". I don't care.

I learned that my brother lost his IPOD. Stupid. He called me to ask what kind to get. I told him to get the one that can play videos. You can upload your porn and watch them on it. I'm not sure if thats possible, but what the hey, he believed me. I believe he'll get the 60GB kind. But knowing him, I'm sure he'll change his mind and go cheap again.

My cell's screwed up. After I dropped it, it erased all the data, the speaker's not working and the antenna might be damaged. I might get a new one. I'm not sure whether to get it with my current provider or go to a new one. And here I was thinking of getting a Digital Camera. I was supposed to get that Canon Rebel XT. I might still get it, but I don't know.... I'll probably ask someone to get it for me instead.... its the season anyway....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The "Everywhere Man" is back! And this time he's in Salinas....

It was a spur of the moment kinda thing. We were fixing our store as usual. Looks kinda crappy but with the new registers, its beginning to look kinda sharp. Anyway, we know we're getting a visit from our RM. We get a call from him, my boss looks kinda distressed, puts him on speaker, he needs someone to head on up to Salinas TONIGHT! My boss, was like, we're kinda short-handed right now, not to mention the numerous projects we're neck deep in. But our RM was persistent. He called with a mission. He's getting someone. My boss volunteered me, I kinda got suckered in. I will do these favors for him so in the future, he could do favors for me. I do appreciate favors. I collect them and turn them in at a later date. You know, like poker chips.

Anyway, a long day turns into an anticipated longer week. No days-off in sight. Plus the spectre of working at a store that is foreign, albeit they need help desperately so anything I do would be considered a godsend to them. I'll be honest, they really are short-handed, for a long time now. I know what I'm going into. Sure my store will miss me, but like my boss jokingly says, "we don't need him anyway". That surely is a statement, for the coming days, that will bite them on the ass.

I am quartered in the posh Marriott Courtyard. I must say, I am impressed. Not with the Marriott but my RM for taking care of me. He gave me a few words before I left. Monitor your mileage and no extravagant meals. I kinda understood that. My friend who got transfered to WA, went to Reno to help a store there. He went for the jugular on his last day, spending $50 on dinner (at the expense of the Reno store). My RM said, no lobster/steak dinners please. We got a little laugh out of that, I know who he was referring to.

My promise to myself of not travelling anymore for the year is now squashed. Although home is just an hour away, I just wished that for once I just relax at the confines of home and start thinking about travelling next year. That didn't pan out. So much for little miracles I guess.

With only a few hours to pack and eat dinner, I forgot a lot of stuff. I brought my IPOD but no headphones. I forgot my toiletries. But I brought my DVD player! That's cool. I thought I forgot my wallet but I just left it in the car. It sucks though that room is a no-smoking room. I should've known since this room was where the RM stayed the night before. But that's cool. I could live with that. Apparently I can connect my dvd player to the TV... that is extra cool.

It's supposed to rain on Thursday. I believe the store gets there truck on Friday. I hope so... Don't want to get rained on twice in the same week doing freight... outside!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Touched bases with a friend of mine from Colorado. She's a very nice lady. Too bad my attention wasn't on her 100%. I had to concentrate on my poker playin. I was already in the money (I got third place, kinda broke another pathetic streak I had).

She's gonna get published back home. An Art picture book. Her works look good. I could only dream of doing something like that. I can't even write nice, much more given a brush. Well, I painted our store floor. We used those rollers with that telescopic handle. So far, the paint is not peeling yet. Except for that epoxy fiasco last Easter... Oy Vey. Funny thing about paint with epoxy.... you gotta mix the paint and epoxy. You just can't use the whole paint by itself. We found that out the hard way. Our floor turned into a very sticky situation the next day. That lasted a whole week.

Anyway, I finished "The Perfect Man" last night. Sure enough, dancing ensued. Why is it that all these films with "bubblegum pop" stars have to have some frickin excuse to DANCE? Sure, I don't mind seeing Heather Locklear dance, but geez! Is it a pre-requisite for screenwriters to throw-in something like that to capture a particular demographic?

Stuff like that stops me from finishing a few screenplays I've been doing. Whether or not to sell my soul to Hollywood panache and write something like that into the storyline or do I just suffer making a story and get stuck in indy purgatory? If I make it to Sundance or Tribeca, chances are it won't get picked up by mainstream Hollywood. Now that Project Greenlight is dead, my life as a screenwriter might just be a pipedream.

Oh well, I guess I should play "Showgirls" again. If this guy can write something like this and get a green light for it, my movie might work! If I could only get Elizabeth Berkeley to play the lead..... or that Katie Holmes.... it might just work....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Just noticed that I sounded redundant awhile back. Posting with two same points in a row. That's bad. Makes me look like I don't pay attention.

I finished TUF season 1. I liked it. Just the episodes though. No special features. Not even bloopers, then again, how can you get a blooper reel from all that fighting. Its too bad that during the final episode they didn't put on the whole card. They just featured both final matches and the main event. It kinda sucked though.

We just had pizza awhile ago. Dominos. Its ok. Their sauce is too "saucy", I guess. I'd rather Pizza Hut, but thats me. Their chicken is tasty though.

I'm running out of movies to critique. I'm taking in "the Perfect Man". Heather Locklear looks so sincere and cute in that movie. I pretty much don't care about Hillary Duff. Its a coming of age story. What's new. So far, I'm 20 minutes into the movie. I'd be very surprised for it to not have a dance number/music/singing segment. Is it just me or is Chris Noth slowly becoming the savior of single mid-30's woman from a life of desolate loneliness.

I want to be like Chris Noth.
Its Friday. Found out yesterday that my friend is finally going to Washington, getting promoted and all that. Good for him. The trials he had to go through to get this though... makes me think. Do you really have to go through all this pain, suffering and heartache for a position? Is it really worth it?

Anyway, I'm talking to AMSF, chatting really. She's nice and all that. But you got to check reality out of the door first. Because you know nothing really happens out of this type of relationship.

I love blogs. You can say stuff that's in your noggin. All this stuff inside your head that there is no absolute way to get it out, and put it right here in this small section of the internet.

I'm watching the Ultimate Fighter season 1 right now. I'm enjoying it greatly. I knew who went through already. And seeing their mindset before the championship, is great.

Still can't get over AMSF though. Just thinking about the stuff I want to do is unreal.... but that's me...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The result is in. My friend will get his store in Washington. My boss got the call from the DM and said its on. All we have to do is wait for the exact day that he's leaving (I'm assuming it'll be as early as next week). I'm just happy for the guy. I can say that justice is truly served.

I'm being distracted right now by Palpatine kicking the crap out of Windu.

Anyway, the day went on smoothly. I heard from my boss what I was suspecting... I am inheriting the store. I knew that all along (even if my friend were there, I still believe that I was getting the store). But that's me

Not really concentrating on this blog right now. I'm being mesmerized by the Emperor, with thos yellow eyes of his. I'm watching Revenge of the Sith.... Anakin is about to kill the Jedi Council....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our guess was confirmed today. Our first "suspect" was indeed the one. Occam's Razor.

Start of the day was full of tension. Not all of us knew what was coming down. Only 5 people knew but, of course, no one knew what to expect. The usual questions occured at around midday. I left early but the person was just waiting for one other guy to talk to. With the line of questions I was asked, it looked to me that they were going for the working environment the store has. And of course, intention.

This whole investigation would mean the promotion of my friend. Its too bad that it had to have come to this. Spite. I couldn't believe it when I first heard about this. But who knew?

Worse comes to worse, someone would not get promoted, someone might quit, I'm sure nobody will get fired over this, and the whole store in a state of heightened tension because of this. Tension because almost everybody knows now who the alleged whistle blower is, so saying something in front or in the presence of that person in a derogatory manner (even if it was in a joking manner), might be reported to corporate.

IMHO, this is taking sexual harassment to a whole new level. This person, is just taking advantage of, what I think are, loopholes to the term. In hearing such, reports straight to corporate. If I were to do the same to such person, I would've done something. Believe me, that person is no saint. Just doesn't want change. Which is wierd, considering said person transfered here and before knowing the people, shows contempt at them by rocking the boat. Causing a lot of animosity between some of the guys, who really didn't care about the person to begin with, to said person.

So if the worse thing does happen, I will be listening extra hard for even the small nuances (especially if it came from this person).

No, I am not out here to retaliate. I will do what that person just did. Take something completely out of context and treat it as gospel. I will try to unlearn the values that I have and sink down the very depths I thought I wouldn't do.

Who am I kidding? I wouldn't do that.... that's too low... even for me