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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Blog for the year....

Has it really been that long since my last update? Damn! Well, anyway....

After 10 years of sporting long hair, I decided to bet my hair against my crew killing the truck load at record time. Actually, not record time, but still early by my standards. We got this semi-big truck load. I was pushing them to kill it so we could all leave early. They were moving but I felt we were still lagging. Without hesitation, I told them that I would shave my hair if they finish it by 5pm. Of course, upon saying this, all of them were staring at me in bewilderment. Mouths agape. They couldn't believe I would say such a thing. It was sacrilege. Some of them asked me questions, but a few moved extra fast. This is where you separate the men from the boys. Well, with surgeon-like precision, they finished everything by 4:30. I went straight to the barbershop and had it shaved. I wanted to go for a Brad Pitt kinda look. To be honest with you, I don't know who I resemble. All I know is that, my head is feeling colder now than ever.

I received a lot of GCs this Christmas. I am trying to spend them wisely.

Got a new phone from Cingular. My quest for a new phone is done. I found it. I'm too shallow when it comes to phones. Just as long as I can put my kind of ringtones, I'm happy. And it took the 2125 to fulfill my search.

I finished the prequel book to the Davinci Code a few days ago. That was a fast read. Its one of those can't-put-down kinda books. The last time I read that fast was a book from John Grisham. I believe it was Runaway Jury.

I'm reading the Davinci Code right now. At least with all the trailers out of the movie, it is a little easier to picture who's playing this character and what not.

Well, this blog is just purely updates.... Not really gonna knock someone or something today....

Happy New Year bloggers.....

Friday, December 16, 2005

One of the better character actors passed away today. John Spencer, who I thought carried the West Wing, died of a heart attack. He was 58.

He was my favorite character on the West Wing. He was also a favorite of mine when he was at L.A. Law. When I was writing some drafts for one of my future features, I had him in mind as one of the characters. I don't know about you, but I will miss his work. I do have the West Wing box sets, so I won't miss him that much... but still...

Today was my Mom's birthday. I did not ask how old she was (I think its disrespectful) I brought food and entertainment. I am their (Mom and sister) source for that. I like small get-togethers like that. Just family, you know? We were doing a marathon of House. I think my mom got sick and tired of all the medical jargon after the 8th episode we saw, so we ended up watching Mr and Mrs. Smith, which again made me fall asleep.

Am I the only one that thinks that Angelina Jolie, in a previous life perhaps, used to be a guy?

The food was great, the marathon was good, ate some more of that food for dinner and then we saw this show called Ghost Whisperer. I think I called it Horse Whisperer to my sister but she didn't notice it. I thought the show has promise, even though there already is a show called Medium which is pretty much the same. I haven't seen an episode of Medium recently but I think the difference between the two is that the lady in Medium can't communicate with the dead. She just sees the events. At any case, I think they're still the same to me.

My TV of 2 years finally died on me. I was watching CSI season 4 when all of a sudden, the full screen became a wide screen. I did everything to revive the piece of crap. Nothing happened. So my plan of buying an LCD TV got pushed early. I now have a 26" LCD Sharp Aquos TV. I am not regretting any minute of it. Although, it said in the specs on the website that it was 26 pounds, in reality it was close to 50 pounds. Still lighter compared to the tube TV I had. It sure is bright at any angle. I am completely satisfied with this TV. It is indeed sharp.

My mom, in all her wisdom, told me to get a haircut. I was supposed to today but didn't have the time. I'm lying. I had the time, I just didn't want to. I'd probably just ask someone to shave the sides. If I were to cut my hair, I would have it cut either like how Brad Pitt has it, close cropped or the way Mulder had it in the X-files. Either way, its gonna be short.

I gotta agree with mom though. If I do decide to cut my hair, I'd be saving a lot of money on shampoo.... which is strange because I don't use shampoo that much....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another day at work. Nothing better than running to and from both registers changing prices because of a screw-up on the IT level. It sure wasn't my fault because I've been updating ads ever since, and why it chose now to screw up is just sad.

Yesterday, we got an ok to hire the 3 hard-working-looking people we came across. We were given the ok without doing the preliminary background check first. That's what you get when you start getting noticed by the RM. We strive for perfection but unfortunately we are short-handed. So, they green light the new-hires. Unfortunately, after probably an hour, we got a call from Personnel. They flashed the red light on the three. Something "wrong" with their social security numbers. Ok, we get the hint. That's too bad. I think they showed some potential. That only means that we would be staying for long amount of hours on load day because of this. Probably not for the next couple of weeks because of Christmas break. Apparently, students at high school and some junior college give their students 2 weeks worth of break. That's great. We need the extra muscle if we plan on not staying for 15 hours.

Nowadays is a bad time to be short-handed of people. Its the frickin holidays. Its odd though that we seldom get apps considering the holidays.

Maybe people don't need jobs now. Either that or they know how hard we're gonna drive them if they do decide to work here.

I always tell the newbies, if you survive Mondays and sidewalk sales, you'll survive the job. Not only will you survive, but you'll gain my respect which is kind of hard to achieve. I'll be honest, I have high standards and even higher expectations. I drive the guys to get the results I need. Sure, some slacker would squeeze in the cracks but the majority knows how I work and what I expect.

They rarely cross the line. If they do, they know what happens....

I think they know what'll happen....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I just saw Cinderella Man today. I couldn't believe I got the chills towards the end of the movie. I saw this movie when it came out, and saw it again on DVD. I like the shots on the movie. Kudos to the DP. It was some Italian guy, I forgot his name. For now. I'll remember him once my screenplay gets green lit. That's the kind of movie I wanna write, except for the cheesy dialogue, which is so Hollywood. But what do I expect? If I want my movie to be shown mainstream, might as well swallow my pride and write what the studios want, instead of writing something that would satisfy me. I could probably do both but in the end, I would just have to take a backseat to "me" and follow what the studio want

Today was nothing special at work. We were trying to get ready for the huge load we were getting tomorrow. It is Monday, load day. Possible long day for me. The streak is still going on. I still haven't left work on Load day early. That streak won't end tomorrow.

I finished a full season playing College Football. I exported that college draft class and am playing Madden right now. I was surprised to draft Reggie Bush and a few other good players. I was later able to get Matt Leinart via a trade. I traded Kyle Orton and 2 draft picks to get him. I thought that was a steal. Before starting the season, I chose, instead of the regular team, to do a fantasy draft. I got good players, mixed in with some young players. I am completely satisfied with my team. I got Vick too. He is good.

I have to sleep early today. Early wake-up time for me.... It is load day....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's been almost a week since I last blogged. I guess I was too tired from work and chose rest/sleep rather than tell you guys what I've been up to, which is pretty much the same old routine I've been following. Except for poker. Haven't played consistently like before.

Anyway, I saw Goblet of Fire today. I read the book first so I know what already happens. You really can't put 700+ pages in a 3 hour movie can you? The movie was great, the book is a much better read. But the movie did get the gist of the whole book. I'd rather the book than the movie though. I stopped reading Order of Phoenix. I guess I'm gonna continue to read the series now.

The thing I hate on my days-off are eating a large amount of food. I got nothing else to do but catch up on my videos and eat. Same goes today. Ate a huge breakfast, watched a movie (no popcorn, a first!), eventually bought the damn popcorn, and now am having tacos for dinner.

I need to clean my room. Its housekeeping's worse nightmare. I think I should live in a hotel. They'd clean it everyday. Fold my clothes, which are just thrown about the bedroom. I like that last hotel I stayed at. I believe it was the Marriott. If I had the money, I'd stay there for out-of-town events too.

I found an easier way to develop the stories I had for screenplay. I have this program called Dramatica. It develops the story you have using a series of questions. Questions that would guide you into finishing your story. I've had this program for the longest time but haven't used it, until I found this website that showed me how to utilize it. I was surprised. I might continue writing because of it. Although, I'd rather prefer using index cards when writing scenes or dialogue.

I should just settle on one train of thought when writing blogs. This just sounds like a lot of ideas thrown into this one blog of a day.

If this blog is a window to my head, as you can see/read, I am a mess.....

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Surprise!!!! Surprise!!! We get a visit from the auditor today. It would've been worse if the RM showed up too. I think its safe to say that we were kinda ill-prepared. We were recuperating, albeit slowly, from Black Friday. The load was halfway done, at best. But the salesfloor looks better than before. The back-office is, well, not completely, in shambles. I haven't checked the paperwork for a while, although I've done some of them. I haven't been diligent in auditing, and now, the ball is coming down and I might feel the brunt of it. I was supposed to be off tomorrow. Tomorrow is the 2nd day of the auditor's visit. That means, he hands out the grade of the store. Our last one was a 90. I can say that we've maintained that score. I want to be there when the grade is handed out.

This frickin cramp in my thigh muscle is killing me. Its making me not walk properly and, above all else, function like a man. I have plans of hobbying tomorrow. But that might go south because of this blasted injury. It's not the knee though which is great, but dang it, its stopping me from throwing away money. Its either that or watch the Goblet of Fire, which I haven't seen yet. Of course, if I go, that means I eat a lot of popcorn, which is bad for me. Movie popcorn got a lot of salt and butter which would make my thigh cramp bad. Oh well, you got to pay the price for something though.

So, its either throw away a couple of bills or a jackson. I don't know... thats a tough choice.... I could do both though... which would definitely screw everything up....

You might see me in tomorrow's obit then....