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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, its come down to this....

I am now, officially, in another store's payroll. My Payroll! It becomes official on July 6th. I start my apartment hunting tomorrow. I'd leave the confirmation here but that would be just stupid. All it took was my boss' boss to show up at our store...

I got the call at 10:30 a.m. from my SM (now my colleague) saying that our DM just walked into our store. After a night of playing Head Coach on my Xbox, I slept really late. But that call was like what Atell said which wakes you up. Its like someone licked your ass, there's no snooze there pal! You're up, in your karate stance, whole body shakin. The day has begun!

So I strut my butt to the store and say my usual hellos to the masses, then I did my entrance. I was taken care off in an instant. Its like, everything was put aside and I was taken care off.

I gotta admit, that the reason my DM gave me was believable because the process of turning over the reins or even a move by an assistant to their new store has changed from the last time he worked. I envy the next guy that gets a store because now, there should be no problems, no heartaches, no late-night anxiety attacks, nothing. It should go smooth.

After a couple of phonecalls, I have a hotel room to stay in for a week to look for a place, I get paid to look for an apartment. How can you beat that! Bottom line is, its all coming out of my bottom line. But I don't care, I want to feel that rush that every SM feels. I wanna tell that story sometime of what I experienced before being taken care of. Whatever doesn't kill you, right?

So now, instead of me coming back from the movie theater (I was supposed to watch Superman Returns), I came back from the store with new stuff to deal with, like what to pack, where to rent the u-haul, when to rent the u-haul (definitely before July 4th). You know, moving stuff.

Well, thats all good....

Now, there's only one thing left to do... what Hoynes told Josh to do....


Monday, June 26, 2006

Where's the love? That's what this former employee used to tell me because I was always getting on his case. That's the same question I'm asking to my DM who needs to show me some love because I'm gonna be transfering to his store. Well... planning on transfering. No, I really plan on moving to that new store. But all these wrong signals I'm getting is just clouding my head from making the right decision.

Anyway, I just found out that J.K. Rowling is planning on killing 2 of the main characters on that final book she's writing. I think its gonna be Hermoine and Ron but come to think of it, if Harry were to end Voldemort's life, he would also have to die, because they are interconnected, in some wierd way. But that's just me...

I'm still counting on the days till my DM actually talks to me....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well, just got back from a weekend with my mom and sister. Also got back from a trip to Salinas. It was their monthly meeting and the Jason was nice enough to invite me and meet the group. It wasn't really a typical meet and greet. It was more of me observing them, trying to stifle them. But it didn't work. I guess I have to make my mark sometime. Their crew is half the size of my current crew! And they accomplish a lot too. Then again, they aren't that busy compared to us. Heck, we make as much business as Modesto, which is twice our size, so go figure.

I think I know where I'm gonna be living in Salinas. I just need to call them and figure out a nice time to visit and finish the whole moving situation. I'd like to get that accomplished before I start over there. But it looks like thats not a possibility.

Anyway, I just watched The Kid with Bruce Willis in it. If I were to choose any actresses to be in MY movie, a couple come to mind: Emily Mortimer (the look she had in the Kid was so refreshing) and Kate Beckinsale (when she was in Serendipity). I know. I have this thing for British ladies. Its not the accent, I think.

I take it back. Its all about the accent.

Talking about British accents, England just won their quarterfinal match with Ecuador, on the heroics of Beckham. Apparently he bent that kick to hit that corner of the goalpost. Finally, he showed up! Its about bloody time that he did. Ecuador was a tough opponent but I guess now, they would need the same heroics from someone else to get through Portugal.

Anyway, enough WC talk. I'm supposed to talk to my DM tomorrow about my apparent move and his "absence". It'll just add another spin to the ever growing stories I can tell about this zany DM of mine. I bet his stories are gonna be something else. But that would just be a distraction from the day that is Load Day.

I just can't wait....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Weekend at Mom's... home cooking at its best... I will be missing this as I get ready to move to the Central Valley. What I'm not gonna miss is the hot weather here. I did a comparison, weather-wise, between Salinas and Fremont. It is almost 10 degrees cooler there than here. Unbelievable!

Anyway, I got an invite to go to Salinas and attend the monthly meeting they have. Its a meet and greet with the new crew and their new boss. That was a classy thing Jason did. I really appreciate this. Some other clown, who didn't care, wouldn't have done the same thing and would probably just let me figure stuff out by myself. Not this guy. He cared. I like that.

Tomorrow is also a chance for me to size up the area and possible places for me to stay. I don't know... My resources will definitely dry up as this process goes further but it sure is worth it, I guess...

With me going to Salinas tomorrow, means I'm gonna miss the England WC match. That's ok I guess. I'll surely watch the next match...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another longtime post... It'll probably be awhile till I do a back-to-back...

Anyway, finally talked to my DM about my apparent transfer to another store. He wants me there on the 5th of July. My independence day. It's still kinda hard talking to my SM about me moving. Bringing up the subject, it feels like he brushes off the topic.

Anyway, thats less that 2 weeks from now. I gotta find a place over there now.

I'll bring my sister with me and we're gonna be hunting for a spot for me. I might bring my mom too, since its her weekend off this week. I might go on Saturday. Road trip!!!!

My mom would probably like it because she does not drive on the freeway. She just hates it. This way, she gets to go somewhere else, plus, she's gonna help me decide on a place to live in.

As far as I'm concerned, its a win-win situation.

Since my brother isn't moving, its also a good situation for me. I can slack off on changing my address or at least not worry about not getting my mail because my brother is still living here.

Did I ever mention that I hate moving? All the hassle and agony of moving/packing, and then the unpacking and the waiting for the cable guy situation. I just hate it.

But at least I get to watch shows on my big tv sitting on my cozy la-z-boy.

Worse come to worse, I'll probably end up staying in a hotel till I get to move. Everything considered, I must definitely start there on July 5. That means that my last day at my old store is July 3, granting, I don't get the week off for moving.

It gets real complicated. But hey, cramming gets me going.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yet again, its been a long time since I posted... I'm getting lazy man...

Then again, I've been busy. The SW sale is over and now its full-on recovery, as far as the salesfloor is concerned.

Couple of days ago, a funny thing happened that really got me laughing loud. Our PC quit his job. He couldn't hack it. We're asking for all this stuff, and he couldn't deliver. I believe last Saturday, when he grabbed his check, he asked my boss when he was coming in next. When my boss mentioned this to me, it was hysterical laughing afterwards. Imagine the balls on this guy! Quitting his job and having the audacity when his next schedule is. What is this nursery? He wasn't that good to begin with, if he was good, we could've doubled-back, me and my boss. We're glad he's gone, plus we don't have to deal with EDD. I sound so cold.... I warned him before. Not only him but the rest of the crew, that it wasn't easy to get a job. He took it for granted. He thought he was "untouchable". Think again, douche.

Just a couple of more weeks till I officially move to my new store. I'm stoked but my DM is leaving me hanging. I know, for sure, that its July 1 but do I start there on the 1st or after the holiday? Is it really definite so I can make plans to move? I already contracted a couple of guys to help me move. I just need to get a u-haul truck to load my measly stuff. The only hard shit is my 2 TVs, a sofa, my la-z-boy and a bed. Aside from that, I can probably borrow my sister's SUV to transfer most of stuff.

To add to all this drama, my boss' GF is about to deliver their baby. They're due any second now.... So he's gonna be gone for a week for sure. I'm not holding that against him. I'll tell my DM that the earliest I can get there is after Independence day. How ironic. My independence from one store to the next.


A lot of stuff is gnawing at me now.... My bank account is not dry, but drying up. And I still have to do that move... This should be an easy move... but then again, I'm no expert...

I hate moving....

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I know its been almost a week past since I came back from my first ever vacation. It was a blast. Although I blew away $300 on my first 2 days there, it was still great. I got to see a lot of places, went to Downtown Vegas and all.

My first days back from vacation, I get the call from my DM saying that he needs me at Salinas. I say, ok, as long as I get that little pay hike. He calls back after a couple of hours to tell me that its all mine. I said cool. So I'm heading over there by the first of July.

That was quick. Its sort of crazy ironic because my brother and I were talking about me moving to his line of work. How they were looking for a few entry-level people. The thing was though, it wasn't right now, its down the line this year. I told him I'd take that offer granting I'm not given a store in-between. Too bad, the offer of the store came first.

Like what Hoynes told Josh in the West Wing, TIME TO LEAD. It is my time to lead. Not that I don't lead people here in my current location. This time, its all me. No one to back me and all that.

We'll see if I sink or swim... which is bitterly ironic because I can't swim...