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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today was truck day. It felt different waking up. Like something was gonna happen. We weren't able to finish our truck, as far as checking it in. But we were a few more steps to organizing our wall of case packs. Yes, the dreaded wall where no one wants to go because you'll just get lost in all the numbers. With the help of 2 assistants from the N. Fresno store, we're getting it all organized.

I received a very helpful email from a colleague in Visalia. He showed me a different way of looking at ESPs and how to present it to the crew. I read it, used it and am surprised it worked. Not only did it work, but you could actually see it in the eyes of my guys. They were into it. This day was one of the more productive days since I've been here!

A few days in hell is worth all this trouble. I swear that if anyone screws up that nice thing that they're doing in the warehouse, I'm gonna fire their ass! I'll be honest with you, its been a while since I fired someone. I'll get the hang of it again. I believe that everybody is on the same page. They better be. I will hold everybody accountable.

My sister just took her Med exams today. Step one, I believe. She said that the first step is always the hardest. After that, its all gravy. There are 3 steps before one becomes accredited or is allowed to become a resident in a hospital. I sure she passes. She's due. I still consider her to be the doctor in the family. My brother is the computer whiz in the family. I'm just entertainment. I handle all the film/music in the family.

I guess we all have our calling in the family.

Talking about my brother, he moved to his new pad together with his girlfriend. I ought to pay him a visit. I like to see that new TV he got.

One more day of hell....

What the hey... its all worth it...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We're back to normal today. Not much happening and not as busy as yesterday. We barely survived in ESPs. I still need to keep an eye on these guys, as far as ESPs go. Need to stay on top of them. That's okay, thats why they brought me over. I believe we'll make the week again. Won't make the quarter though. I'll end up 10k short. Thats not good though. The week that I was out on vacation was the week that we were down almost 20k for the week. Unacceptable but what are you gonna do if there are no customers shopping?

We're gonna be getting a truck thats not that big this Thursday. All of us are anxious about it. I think we're gonna be able to work the backroom much better since we don't have that much merch to deal with. Plus, next week, we'll be getting help from another store. That should take care of the back for me.

Its been a slow day, but for some strange reason, the crew feels that it went by so fast. It did go by rather quick. I'm not complaining though...

It should be something, at least, I should notice first is all....

I hate slow days...

Monday, October 16, 2006

When I woke up this morning, I had a feeling that today would be like no other day. Boy, was I right. Everybody in the store was on their game. We made the day and our ESPs were up there. I already saw the figures for two other stores and I noticed a trend. All three of us were up in sales, although the ESPs was the difference, it looks like we're gonna be swamped for the week.

That's okay though. I like to make the sales. If we make the sales, they wouldn't worry about the hours we're burning. Hours. That's what we need to change, we need, as a group, to curb that OT and everything we'd end up doing is gonna be golden.

Man, I need to change my spending habits. I'm spending more than I'm earning. No more extravagant stuff. Just the bare essentials for me. Food, gas and thats it.

I'm watching the MNF game between Da Bears and Cardinals. Its officially over. I can't believe it. When I got home, the Cardinals were up 23-10. When its all said and done, Da Bears won 24-23 on a missed FG attempt by Rackers from the Cardinals. Unbelievable. That punt return by Hester was unreal. You had this feeling that the Bears would win, thats why I wasn't changing the channel. True enough, they did. Matt Leinart sure showed he belongs in the NFL by doing what he's supposed to do. He didn't lose that game. Great defense by the monsters of the Midway. Just unreal that game. Wow!

I heard about the brawl in Miami but never really looked into it until now. I couldn't believe the stupidity that went through that field as the melee was going. ESPN also aired the comments made by a hometown announcer that was truly incredulous. This guy was saying that "if you do that in our house, you deserve that beating". The guy was later fired. And now, indefinite suspensions were made to players from both college teams. I thought I saw a bad brawl with the Pistons/Pacers, but this one just takes the cake. If I were the Dean of both schools, I would not only suspend these fools, I would kick them out of the school. These guys are supposed to be, not only representing the school, but also serve as ambassadors of the sport at the collegiate level. And here they are, stomping on players on the ground and players removing their helmets and using them as weapons. Pure insanity. I'll be honest with you, I don't know whether the referees stopped the game or not, but they should've. What a disgrace.

I think I'll have that cold one now, Gracie...

Here's to another great day...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I was just watching the Detroit Tigers' Mags Ordonez hit a walk-off homerun at the bottom of the 9th to win the ALCS and send the Tigers to the World Series. Thats Oakland for you, choking again.

Anyway, I'm back from a week in Vegas. No, I wasn't on vacation. The company had a big Thank You Conference there. They gave away a few stuff. I couldn't believe I didn't win a single thing. But that figures. Since I became a SM, I've always been an underdog. I lost at the poker tournament. I believe there were 28 of us, and I lasted only an hour.

When I was playing cards, I noticed a lot of things. These guys play with any cards they're dealt with. They just pray they get something on the flop. Another thing I noticed, you could see a lot of tells. Even I couldn't hide it. Our hands were shaking. You know they got something, probably not the best hand, but something to show. I went all in with an A 6 unsuited. I just had 400 chips, I was in the big blind and nothing left to shoot for. I saw an ace, and just prayed to flop an ace. The winner of the hand, Jason, was playing with a J 8. In the end, he got a full house. Unbelievable! So this is what Phil was complaining about. I could believe it either.

Anyway, not that much problems at the store. The guys just need to be focused on the job at hand. I'm still gonna be short-handed, as far as assistants go. Not to mention my HC is going on vacation. I guess he deserves it.

The story of my life as a SM. Lots of stuff to do, and a couple of days behind. Its a constant struggle. And after talking to a lot of SMs there, I will strive for the best, be the best, even though the crew might be a few steps late.

I guarantee a noticeable difference when I go to Vegas next year!

If I stay here, that is....

Monday, October 09, 2006

What a long week!! It culminated with our 3 day Sidewalk sale. That sure was hell on earth. It was my first time having a SW sale outdoors. It was also my first one as an SM.

The first day was hectic, not to mention my DM being there, which proved to be more hectic. She was barking orders here and there. So, that was what we did. We survived by making the day.

The second day, was kinda slow the first hour but picked up the pace. We didn't make the day but almost equalled our performance yesterday. We also got a visitor, the merchandising manager of the company, Derek G. He gave a few notes, promised to deliver pictures of what a SW sale should look like, and took pictures of my store. Now, I have no idea if those pictures would show up in the Vegas conference, but I have my hunches that they would. He also noted that we needed new fixtures as our store was turning south. What a day...

The third day was like a typical Sunday. But with a lot of drama... The crew was ready to go to mutiny against my assistant. He does not have good people skills, I'm sorry to say. His approach to everything is the total opposite of how I deal with things. I guess that's why I'm in this position and not him. By the end of the day, I was happy because we made the week. And then the phone call came... My DM calls me and asks me what the hell is happening in my store. I should back up management and nip this problem in the bud. Ok, I said. But what problem? I went outside and sure enough, the guys were ready to go to war against each other. Unbelievable. I am really pissed off with my assistant for calling my DM. He was basically ratting out what "attrocities" were going on in the store. He ratted me out. That is unacceptable. Borderline, insubordination. I should fire his ass. But I'm not, because right now, he is the flavor of the month of my DM.

Anyway, I'm excited to go to my first Vegas Conference. I don't know if I would last in this company anymore. I know everything, sure. But this bickering between my assistant and the crew is causing me my rep. They went over my head by talking to the DM instead of me, undermining my ability. I know I should just shrug this off but its just gnawing at the back of my head. I guess, thats why I got a haircut today.

I'm all packed and ready to fly to Vegas in the morning. I just hope the crew holds on and doesn't come unglued while I'm in Vegas.

I'm gonna relax and take it easy and be happy with colleagues and friends...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Its been a while since I last wrote on this blog... Its been kinda busy at work and my free time is getting caught up with chores at home. I was able to catch up with my shows too, though.

Even with all these new shows showing a lot of promise, like Heroes and Studio 60, I still love my favorite...

After 4 episodes of Season 3, they'll take a quick hiatus to make room for the baseball playoffs and World Series. I don't mind that. Like I said, there are a lot of other good shows out there.

Anyway, just a few more days till our big SW sale! It only happens 3 times a year, 9 days a year, but boy, those are really very stressful days. The planning, staging and the actual sale itself. Not to mention the cleaning afterwards. I'm not complaining. I expect a big sale. My store's been struggling this last month. This would help us get back on the right track. After this week of hell, comes a few days in heaven at Sin City. The annual manager's meeting at Vegas will take place after the SW sale. 3 days of meetings, fun, networking and culminating with a golf tournament and a poker tournament. I believe I'm in the card game. I may be wrong. Either way, I'll be having fun. I get to see my friend from Kent. We'll be reminiscing, of course.

I can't wait...