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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm still sick but recovering... very slowly.... Its day 4 and I'm still feeling light-headed. I feel like riding on an airplane and experiencing motion sickness. Thats how close I could describe what I've been feeling the last 4 days. Although, I haven't been puking nor is my stomache upset. When I told my doctor that, she was kinda dumbfounded about it. Drink lots of water. And that is what I've doing.

I've been doing some research and was surprised to learn that my last gig as a Radio Announcer, 99.5 DWRT, signed off permanently last December. It emerged during the first week of the new year still carrying the frequency but changed the call letters. No longer is it called DWRT, which is the banner and standard of radio excellence (it was when I was there). It is now called Hit FM. WTF? Well, I guess the owners (they own 4 or 5 stations) are trying to remove that big shadow of DWRT. By re-formatting and, I'm assuming, changing management. If I owned it, that's what I would do.

I remember the old days when we were cutting edge, music wise. The announcers were at the top of the totem pole. Although not practiced and considered illegal, there were other radio stations that would "pirate" an announcer from us and get offered big moolah to transfer. Now, thats really old school, right? Then, the owner, RT, sold the station along with everything to the principal new owners now... I forget his name. He can't beat us, so he bought us. Nice. I still wonder about all those LPs that are sitting with the radio transmitter right now. I don't think its still there. Its probably all warped now. Those LPs are worth a lot of money and some are hard to find. Don't get me started with the 45s that were there. What a great music library RT had then. Too bad its gathering dust now.

I'll be honest with you. I still have plans of going back home and going back to radio. All the stuff I now know. I could contribute a lot. But... not anymore. I haven't been listening to terrestrial radio anymore. I have satellite radio and am loving every minute of it. That is my dream job! Getting into satellite radio.

I wonder if my friends still have a job after this re-format. I hope they're ok.

I should stop typing. I'm getting dizzy again... and hungry...

Monday, January 22, 2007

This is the 2nd day that I'm sick. I couldn't breathe. My whole body was aching. My head was throbbing. What a day. But it sure wasn't like Sunday.

What a game that was between Arsenal and Manchester United. Man U was ahead 1-0 with 10 minutes remaining. Then a goal by von Persie. I was happy with a tie because it'll just be a point ahead of Chelsea. Then the unthinkable happened. With 3 minutes into injury time, Thierry Henry hit a great header and scored Arsenal's 2nd goal of the day. Manchester United was shell-shocked. SAF called the loss a kick in the teeth. What a match.

Then there was the AFC championship. I really thought that Peyton would choke again because its the big game. Especially when they were down at halftime. I almost gave up on the game. But, since I was sick, I had nothing else to do but watch the game. The final drive of the Colts which resulted in the lead and the final score was great. I almost thought that Tom Brady would call on the ghost of Joe Montana and do another last minute come from behind magic. That ended with an interception. That ended the streak of the Pats with a loss.

A lot of great sport matches last Sunday. I couldn't take it anymore. I OD'd on Ibuprofen. Now my ears are all clogged up and my head feels like its floating right now. I should drink more water. That should diffuse this feeling that I have.

I need to get some rest...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chelsea lost another game, this time to Liverpool. I like Liverpool too because of Gerard but I still bleed Chelsea Blue. I would not be surprised if Mourinho would be fired by the end of the season. I don't think he should be though. You can't expect to win every year, but with the payroll that they have they should though. They should start selling some other players that they don't use. Thats just me...

I didn't watch the GG. But I heard that my favorite Hugh Laurie won Best Actor. How about that? I guess he beat Kiefer. I was watching his interview with one of those E girls. I sure wasn't impressed with the interviewer. She should have done a lot more research.

Anyway, back to the store. We just got a visit from my DM last Friday. Surprising because Friday is supposed to be office day, closer to home. That was a curve right there. It was a better visit. Much better than the last visit. Like I told her, we're taking baby steps to get the store on the right path. Even she agreed that the store is looking better, needs work, but getting better. That's always good, we're improving for the better.

I have this bad cough that I can't get rid off. Must be the new brand of cigs I'm trying. I knew I shouldn't have tried the new one. I should've stuck with the old ones. I guess I'll be drinking some meds again. I hate drinking meds.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Becks wearing an L.A. Galaxy jersey. I couldn't believe the news I saw today. MLS announcing the signing of David Beckham, one of the most popular players in the world, to a $250 million deal. He will be playing for the Galaxy come August. His contract with Madrid ends June. This is huge news. Too bad there aren't any SJ Earthquakes right now. Houston bought the team. Some would say that it was a bad move for Beckham to move to MLS. I would tend to agree because aside from the MLS cup, there are no other major club championships here. One would say the CONCACAF but its not the UEFA champions league. I'm really not sold out on the idea that he's washed up though. He could still play. I can't wait to watch MLS now.

Anyway, back in the homefront. Today was truck day. We were short handed but we delivered much to my surprise. My HC called in but it felt like he wasn't needed because we finished that truck way early. I was very impressed. Kudos to the gang.

A little drama towards the end of my gig today but nothing worth reporting.

I'm just happy that the load was processed early...

According to the weatherdude, there's gonna be snow flurries here in my area. The next couple of days would be the coldest here in my area. Apparently there's a cold storm coming. I can't wait for the snow though.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I can't believe it! 2 weeks of vacation... done with. Just like that. I didn't even feel it go by.

Anyway, back to the real world. Its my second day at work and my DM just visited. She's cool, by-the-book type. I like it when the bosses drop by for visits. Keeps me, as well as the troops, on our toes. It was going well till the last thing on her checklist. I can't believe that there were no signs! I was really pissed off. I could've fired somebody.

But I must admit that the store looks better than it was when I left. Kudos to the gang. Of course, there's a but. It looks good but we shouldn't let our guard down as far as doing the essentials (putting ad signs up, which drives our sales). That was a letdown right there.

Anyway, my DM said that she'd be back next week to check up on our status as a whole. We need to clean the warehouse, I need to clean my office and the floor needs some attention. Its true what she said. I'm pretty backed up. My vacation, although needed for my me-time, pushed status back. The store looked good but not great. It could be better. And once we hit that, we should do good.

I need to hire more people. I'll probably hire 2 part-time people. I'll probably hire guys to deal with the floor. I got one app in already. One more and I should be fine.

Over the weekend, I saw Lady in the Water on BD. The video was great! A lot of people shot down that movie but I totally loved it. It was written well. And I was surprised that the presentation of the movie, when it played, was anamorphic on my TV screen. That was kinda rare for a high definition movie. Normally, they'd be letterboxed but not this. I was impressed with the BD version. The HD-dvd version, I wasn't happy. Whenever HD-DVD puts out a combination dvd out, it just screws up with my player. My player doesn't recognize the HD side. But it plays the SD side. Go figure. I'll probably stick with BD for now.

I better rest now and save my energy for tomorrow. I might fire somebody...

Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm spending the first of the year here at my mum's place. As usual, we were watching movies all day. At first we were watching Bones the tv series. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the whole DVD series. I just brought a disc and we were left asking for more episodes. That was my bad.

So instead we watched Children of Men, Blood diamond and a few minutes of Borat. The copy of Children of Men was exceptional. I shouldn't elaborate here but the movie was unreal. I must say the vision of the future by Cuaron was unreal. You could actually feel the movie. The last time I felt that was with Braveheart and Gladiator. My mother was not impressed with the movie. I was. Next was Blood diamond. My mother's kind of movie. I must say, I was impressed with Leo's acting there. He, historically, hasn't delivered with foreign-accent centered movies. He delivered the Afrikaan accent quite well. Not to mention his acting. He might get a nod there come Oscar time. Before we viewed the 2 films, I showed Borat to my mom and sister. My sister liked it but my Mom, although laughing at some parts, was disgusted by it. Claiming that Borat had too much saliva on his lips. "Why the hell is he talking like that?" she asked. I'm not to argue with Mum but I just found it amusing.

The movies were good, the food was exceptional too. It was stuffed chicken and fish. Nothing better than home-cooked meals. Our version of soul-food. We had a late lunch though. I'm still stuffed right now, we're probably gonna eat late today.

Its gonna be an early day for me tomorrow. There's a noon Chelsea match that I intend on watching tomorrow. Hopefully, they don't choke again. Their defense better be good. They need the 3 points.

My mum's doing my sister's hair now. For dinner we'll either watch Black Dahlia or Rest Stop. I don't know if I could hold my meal with all that blood in Rest stop. So I'm hoping we're watching Black Dahlia.

I heard that Pride's Shockwave 2006 is one of the better cards they've had in a while. Thats cool! Fedor is fighting and I know most of the fighters in the card. I can't wait to see it. I'll probably watch it tomorrow.

My store is suffering right now. Low sales, hours up there. I'm expecting a call from there tomorrow. I'm just disappointed that they can't hack without me. I'm being too lenient with those guys. I want to see the look on their faces when I tell them that I'm leaving...

Of course I dread the day that comes. I need to talk to a lot of people, you know, to thank them for the opportunity and for letting them down. I hate to make that call but what are you gonna do?