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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscar's has just finished broadcasting. A few surprises but, overall, it was good. I liked the intro of the Oscars, where all the nominees were featured. That was unique and a good idea. Since not all of them are gonna be winning. Overall, the show was good and entertaining. I'd watch it again.

Anyway, it is just a few more days till SWS prep. A few more days till the first biggest sale of the year. I'm excited. And to add the tension, a probable overhaul of staff. That is just sinister. No specifics.

I'm excited for the coming week. And quite possible, my next post would be after the SWS. I'll try and give updates throughout the week, but that might prove to be hard. No sleep and all, you know.

Till then...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Has it really been that long since my last post??? A lot of stuff has happened since then...

My store has improved tremendously (although it still needs work, there's always room for improvement). We were visited by the big 2. They gave us two thumbs up. No to-do list, which I thought was great!

My ESPs for the last 3 weeks were up there, we weren't getting figures for the district. That's a big improvement. That means the majority of the guys are on the bus.

We're getting ready for the SWS. A big mess still at the back, but manageable. It can be accomplished with a few elbow grease and sweat.

Its been a busy 3 weeks. And the busiest days are yet to come.

My mom is flying off come April. She's heading to my birthplace. Thats cool. Its been almost 8 years since she last flew home. She wanted to take care of personal stuff and to see my nana. She's doing ok. I wish I could see her. I miss our conversations in the morning.

My diet is always changing. I swore off complex carbs. But I see myself drawn to it again. I'll cut down, of course. I'm more of a high proten guy.

Oh yeah, the auditor is in town. Surprise! Of course, at my weakest, he shows up. I should've known. Now, I'm in a rut. I'll be decked points. My score will probably go up a few but not back to where I'm used to. It'll reach the high 90s again by the next audit. That's a guarantee.

I ought to sleep... have to wake up early again... just in time to see my favorite show Squawk in the street. Suddenly I'm drawn to financial shows.

Call me crazy...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The crew has been, surprisingly, doing well in ESPs this week. I really hope that its not just a whim. I hope this is trending forward for us. We've been dead last for the last 2 months its not even funny.

I was surprised last night. I saw a naked guy walking along the street...

details later...

off with the family today...