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Sunday, March 18, 2007

At the rate I'm going, this shouldn't be a daily blog. Rather a bi-weekly blog. I'm so disappointed.

Since the last time I posted, a lot of stuff has happened. The SWS was a success. Of course, there could be some improvements but thats for the next one. I was the only one that made the projections and the store that made the biggest increase for the week. That was just fantastic.

Fast forward to today. I just took the PSD test today. When I took the test 5 years ago, I thought it wasn't that hard. I passed it, of course. But failed the background. Haven't stayed in the country that long. I sort of remember the test again when I took it today. It was still the same but the PHQ, unlike last time, had a few twists. Especially after going through this current situation that I'm in, the questions had more meaning. Before, I never asked the help of the proctor to understand the question. Now, I believe, I asked the proctor, who was from the backgrounds unit, a lot of questions. If I were dishonest about my answers, I would've been disqualified. Now, I don't like that to happen again. Especially since I know that I could do the job. I still can, mind you. The timeline for the position is insane. I get the results in 3 weeks. If I pass, I schedule for a practical test. But before that, there is an orientation day. Now when I pass the practical, which would be sometime April, comes the background phase. This takes approximately 3 months. The final results would be released by September. A formal job offer in October for the academy.

Did I mention that it was almost 300 of us that took the test today? I believe they're only looking for 10 to join them. That's less than 5% of the bunch. This would all be worthwhile if I passed the doggone test.

I just finished watching "The Holiday". I thought it was a good romantic comedy. Nancy Myers sure can write a great script. If only I could do that to the ideas that I have...

Here's to another long 12-hour-day week...