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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Its finally the weekend!!! I'm spending my days off with my sister. I'll be cooking my easy fix salmon. I'll show her how to fry a salmon with none of the smell, apparently she hates it.

Well, today is my orientation for the SJPD. Its just this hour of information that leads to the practical test next week. I am so stoked. It starts at 9am at some middle school here in San Jose. I don't know where it is, so I should start getting ready, huh?

I'll update this post later...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A month after my last blog... WOW! That's just wrong. Its not that I have nothing to write. Its just that I was too busy doing stuff. I'll try and avoid that direction.

A lot of stuff has happened, store-wise, but I won't divulge anything.

I passed my POST exam though. Cool. I'll be having my orientation this Saturday and my practical exam the week after. I really am looking forward to getting this position. After this, I could probably say that I can stop searching for a job.

A tragedy has occurred in Virginia as an ass-clown murdered 32 people and then shot himself. What was amazing was that, after killing a couple of people in the first building, this ass-clown took the time to capture his manifesto on video, go to the post office and send it to NBC, then continue on with his killing spree. Now, I haven't seen this manifesto. I know, for sure, that its floating somewhere online. I may watch it to see his stupid diatribe. The video would be very helpful to certain people because they can study what is going on inside the head of a madman. You know, before the killing.

I feel for the people that lost their loved ones, their friends, classmates, teachers and family members. This will, no doubt, be a part of this country's history, albeit, a sad part. Every media outlet is talking about this tragedy. Its fine to talk about memories of the people that were lost. But let's stop talking about the ass-clown. We already know that he's a madman. There is no way that that was an act of a rational person. I'm not gonna talk about this subject anymore. Nuff said.

Lets change the subject. My mom went back home to visit the relatives especially my nana. She seems to be doing well. Lost a lot of weight but is still thinking right. That's my nana. My nana is responsible for me being this way. I dread the thought that the "day" would come. I don't even want to mention it. She's 92. I would really like to talk to her though. I'll probably do that during the weekend. I'll be spending the weekend with my sister. A few days off to get away from the madness that is work.

I need some rest. I'm getting really tired.