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Friday, May 25, 2007

Again, its been a while since I've written something down... I sincerely apologize...

Just a few more days till the last SWS of the fiscal year. I honestly feel that we're not that ready for this SWS. Its probably just me. My guys think its gonna be a good one. I don't know... I just feel otherwise.

On a different note, I got my transcripts from college. I was just really noticing my "accomplishments" those 4 years I was there. I sure, sucked back then. I could've done better. Of course, remorse in the end.

Another holiday coming up. I might end up going to mom's place this weekend. Just to get together. I missed spending Mother's day with her. I'm a bum. I'll probably make it up during Sunday. Watch some movies and probably eat out.

I just feel so tired this last 2 weeks. I feel exhausted...

Catch ya next time... I'll probably be much more upbeat...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Okay, so I didn't follow up on my promise... what's new?

I was so disappointed with that loss of De la Hoya, that I didn't bother to post online... he shoulda won that fight. But then again Mayweather was more effective with his punches, so there goes my PPV money. Its a good thing I wasn't at Vegas or else I would've lost some money betting there.

Anyway, I passed my oral interview with flying colors. I sure looked pimped out. My mother took pictures of me wearint that suit. I felt it was a little cheesy for her to take pictures. But now, I'm gonna have my sister send me those pix. I looked goooood!

Anyway, like I said, I passed it. One foot in the proverbial door. Now comes the background process. I have to go to a mandatory background seminar on the same day of my manager's meeting. Great. What a long day this will be. But I'm stoked. I'm back in the game again.

I'm debating now whether to go to my Mom's place to spend mother's day there or to just rest here at home. I'll probably just give her a call and wish her a great mother's day come Sunday. I feel so drained. Have you ever had that feeling when you're body is going 100 mph that you couldn't stop to check what day it is of the week? My body is running full throttle, its a good thing my mind is keeping pace with it.

Just relaxin' right now, watching a Hall and Oates concert on HD. It sure is a nice concert, though. I LOVE HD!! There was this rumor when I was in High school that those two were gay and living together. I may have to buy the dvd of this concert.

My body is telling me to sleep right now... so I guess I better follow its request... I don't want it to fail me now...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Just saw Spiderman 3. It looked okay, although I thought that MJ sang way too many songs. Once is more than enough. Okay, I get it, she's a singer. But that doesn't mean you have to justify her singing. The FX were unreal. Who did it? Was it ILM or WETA? I need to check that again.

I'm currently watching the undercard of the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight. So far, the first match is a humdinger. Both fighters falling down, both fighters undefeated. Action packed indeed. A prelude to the main event.

Oh yeah, I also saw The Ex. It made me fall asleep. Although, the humor was spot on, it became really lame towards the middle and I just dozed off. Its scrubs in a different setting. Zach Braff's character is just like his character in Scrubs. You were kinda waiting for Turk to show up and start dancing.

I was able to re-connect with old friends last night. Buddies I used to hang out with during my college days. I was able to find them on Friendster. It was either that or Myspace. I already told my mom that the only reason I'd be going home is to see my Nana. I'd probably add another reason, to go see my friends. I miss the good old days...

I'll update this later after the fight... I know, I said that before, but I swear I'll do it...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Chelsea has lost the chance to go to the Champions league finals. They lost, on penalty kicks, to Liverpool. Two of the stars they acquired during the pre-season didn't play (Schevchenko and Ballack). Carvalho didn't play. They were just injured. It sure was heart-breaking to see them go down. Close but no cigar. I'm not making excuses for them. It just sucks. They won't win the Premiership, Man U already is 5 points up on them, so mathematically, they're out. Last chance is the FA cup, which they'll face Man U at the championship. I'm just frustrated about all this.

My sister and I picked up mom from SFO yesterday. She came back from Manila. It was nice to see pictures of my relatives, as well as hearing stories from my mom on where she went and all the fun she had. That was cool. But, I still wouldn't be going back. I made that promise years ago, and I already told my nana about that.

I just watched Deja Vu on BD. It was nicely done. You could really see the detail in the movie. That's why I only buy BD movies that are action packed. Then again, I bought the Queen, which was a good buy too. The movie was not provocative but the topic was. I thought Helen Mirren deserved that Oscar for that movie. Anyway, the video on both movies were awesome. It was a good buy.

I'll be going to Monterrey tomorrow. I'll be buying a suit for my interview next Wednesday. I'll be bringing my new camera, just in case I chance upon scenic areas there.

Catch ya later