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Monday, November 26, 2007

Last week was the mother of all bad weeks. I refuse to talk about it... It was just the worst week, as far as I'm concerned.

When I woke up this morning, it felt different though. It felt like a turning point. Feels like I turned the tide or something because everything clicked today. When we were doing practicals, rapport with people. Everything clicked.

Mary in the control room mentioned to me that, guys included, it is impossible not to cry once you hit the floor. The reason being, is that you're gonna be having a bad day, a bad week and sometimes it would be too overwhelming. And when you get "the call", it would just trigger a downward spiral. Of course, we don't want that to happen. With that said, I think I've experienced my first bad week. Albeit, its during academy, it was still a bad week for me.

Tomorrow is the POST test. A test that, I think, defines all of us in the academy. Its the Peace officer standards test, for crying out loud. I've been studying like crazy and things just don't seem to gel. Memorization is out of the question for me, I think I'm too late in the game. So, I'm just reading and hopefully everything sticks for tomorrow.

Of course, I'll follow the usual drills I do: wake up early, head off for a nice breakfast and arrive early to familiarize myself with my surroundings. Stroll on the roof and suck in some fresh air. Routine. I've been doing that since the first week of the academy. It worked for the first 6 weeks, then last week arrived. It just threw me off track.

Now its all about getting back on track....

Piece of cake...

I'll update tomorrow on the results...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a bad start to the week...

I was almost late last Monday. Stupid alarm clock didn't work. Must have been user error as I later checked it, it was in the off position. I, eventually, woke up at 6:30 for my 7am class last Monday. Nice.

The following day was exam day. Geography, my strongest suit. Yeah, right! That turned out to be my lowest score for the whole academy, so far. It dropped my average. I should stop putting a strain on myself. I'm just putting more pressure on myself to produce more. Instead of being happy with an A, I get upset that I didn't get an A+. Right now, I'm aiming just to pass the coming tests, as they are not going to get any easy.

Today was cool. The whole class did a lot of practicals. We separated into 2 groups. One group was inside the control room and the other group was divided into 2 sub-groups of 3 and were given situations for practicals. What I couldn't get was, how easy it was for me to create an event when I wasn't on the hot seat. As soon as it was my turn, total brain freeze. NICE... I know how to deal with it, its just that, the questions aren't coming out. Like I said, a total brain freeze. We were then told that it was okay for us to be uneasy about the whole exercise. We would grow accustomed to the whole call-taking practicals in time for the Finals. I hope so, at the rate I'm going, I'm not sure I'll last.

Here's the thing, I know all this. I know that I need to get the location first, the location info, the phone #, one liner, type code and then shoot it out. I know that. Like what Scot said, its all a matter of style. All of us have a way of getting to the endpoint, as long as we are getting there, the how is just gray area.

I try to stick to the formulas. The proper way. That would come in time. Like what I said before: Repetition is the mother of all skill. The more I encounter this, the better at it we'll be. Its been a 2 week break, as far as practicals go. We've been doing academics the last 2 weeks and trying to get ready for the tests. The class, wasn't really that focused on practicals. Well, that's how I see it though. I may be wrong.... it might just be me.

I hope not...

All of us have the potential to be great. Some are just late bloomers while others (ME), bloomed too early. That's just me talking, I guess. Don't read into it too much.

I like the sense of family though. The first day of class, we were told that we may have our own cliques. On this 3rd day of the 7th week of the Academy, I must say, that that statement is true. I can honestly say that the academy has 3 main groups and 5 floaters. I'll be honest with you, I didn't think that I would be part of one, but I am. I have grown a fondness for my friends, I can't really consider them my best friends yet, but they're close enough. Let's just say that they have my back and I, theirs.

I'll try and wake up early tomorrow and get ready for class. One of those few times where we're allowed to wear CPT and not our uniforms. I just love the holidays. And everybody in class does too. I'll be going to Mom's for thanksgiving. I'm in charge of dessert. Saturday is my friend's wife's birthday. So, I'll be heading over there to socialize. I need to get ready for the POST exam though. That's coming on Tuesday. I really am not ready for that, but what the hey... I know I'm gonna pass it. Its all about the studying of almost 20 pages of material and trying to memorize them. I really am looking for it...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today was one of those unexpected days... I woke up to the sounds of my upstairs neighbors rump-shakin'... Wasn't really what I expected. I was promised quiet dammit!

Anyway, I was able to study for my test today. Waking early to moans wasn't my idea of a conducive learning process, so I left extra early to do some studying @ PAC. I caught up with some reading and some fresh air on the roof. It helped. But as usual I forget to touch on a few items which caused my demise. I didn't ace my test, 2 mistakes. Not that bad, but to my standards, it wasn't keeping up with the Steins. I don't have to be hard on myself. My average is still up there, but in the end, 2nd place is the first loser. I need to step up for the next test, which happens to be geography, not my strongest point.

We got out polo shirts today. Whoo-hoo!! I can finally wear some shirts to work, starting Thursday. Unfortunately, tomorrow is uniform inspection. The DC will be coming up to check on our uniforms and to "quiz" us. Thanks for the heads-up, Tera! Not that the group needs it. We're experts by now, as far as typecodes go.

We need practicals, but thats me talking.

In the world of Academy 34, where the ration of men to women is 1:11, its good to align yourself with people, that in the long run, would be considered people that would have your back. That's too wordy, but I finally found friends that got my back. Its true what they said during the first week. Cliques will be formed but its extra hard for the only guy to be part of a clique. I try not to align myself with anyone but if people, out of the blue, show some concern about you, that's VERY touching. I'll try to go against my better judgment and open up to a few people.

Its hard on my end because thats not how I was brought up. I think its too late to change but then again, some of my classmates can be very persistent. I'll just give in...

Our lone class today was Intro to Law. At first glance, it had the potential to be the most boring class in the curriculum, but it wasn't. We were laughing the whole time and it was fun. I wouldn't mind another whole day of this. We're learning and having fun. I couldn't believe that Intro to Law could be this entertaining, but I guess its how you present it. Just like a good chef, its all about presentation. The instructor is very good to present the law and throw in some comments and opinions that helped the class, i believe, understand it better. See, if I were the teacher of this subject, I would go the serious route. The class would be half-asleep before the first hour ended. Sgt. Wiley asked us to introduce ourselves and give a movie line. Out of all my favorite movies and the memorable quotes there, I chose Marlon Brando's At the Waterfront scene! A movie which I haven't really seen. Thats bad in so many levels. Someone just had to quote a Jerry Maguire movie. Nice Lindsay!

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Will I wake up to the passionate sounds of the bed frame clanking against the cheap wooden floor, they pathetically call my roof?

That is the momentous question, indeed....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last night was my first here at the new apartment. It sure gets cold in the morning. I'm not sure if its the windows but the air outside sure gets in real quick. What a day not to have any linens to cover up.

Anyway, I used to work at this radio station where they considered the "icon" of all radio stations. The reason why radio is where it was back then. I just visited the website of the station now. I believe I mentioned that they changed the call signs. They totally removed the past and put in the "new". There are times when thats good, then there are times when you don't fix whats not broken.

Before, it was all about the music. Which is why its RADIO. If it were shows with attitude, I'd rather watch TV. At least there, you get to see the police chase the bad guys. I was just disappointed that they were doing shout-outs and other crap like that.

How the mighty have fallen... Our group was one of the better ones. I wasn't easily accepted when I got there. I had to prove myself. When you did, you were one of the boys. You quickly had this air of contempt against the other radio stations. Then again, we WERE the best. But it was also about the music then.

I just get frustrated. I wish I had a lot of money to open up my station there and compete against these Adam Henrys and bring back the old crew. You know, kick their ass...

I guess I care too much about the medium I used to be in.

Its real quiet here in this neighborhood. I was surprised last night. There was this guy on a microphone, probably somewhere near city hall, saying stuff. Well, its either that or there's a concert somewhere. But you could hear it from here. Not too much sirens here, but when there's an Adam Henry that drives by with the subs cranking, you could feel the windows vibrate... I thought that was weird...

How far we've come...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It is official... I live in SJ now!!! Just did the move this morning. I hired these guys to do my move and I thought that it would be a little bit over $600 for the total move (considering I was moving from Salinas to SJ, the mileage alone is killer). But I was able to get a good deal and I am now here. I think I'm getting a little sick though. I don't know why... But I was feeling a little fever about to break...

Anyway, the move was easy. Thanks to my sister who really helped a lot by packing my stuff in boxes and putting stuff in bags. Without her, the move would've been a little bit longer than expected. It was sweet.

I still need to fix a few areas in the apartment. I forgot it was an old building, so I need to get some adapters for the plugs that I have. But overall, its been great.

I just left a few things over in the other apartment. A few boxes, my knives, my roomba and a few cleaning supplies. It was cool though. I need to call the landlord there and tell her that I've moved and would probably head on over for the last time this coming Friday and leave the keys and whatnot there. Power is still there till Saturday. That's all I need, I guess.

I will miss the weather in Salinas, and a few friends. But other than that, its nice to be back in SJ. I need to re-connect with a few friends of mine. That shouldn't be hard. I take it back, finding where they are is the battle. But its a welcome battle though.

I didn't buy any linens for my bed today. I was really feeling sick when I was at Target that I didn't want to go to the second level to get some linens. That was crazy. You can put the cart on an escalator while you go up the other way. That was crazy. If I went up, I'd probably screw it up and miss everything.

I am feeling a little better now though. I was kind of retracing my steps as to why I was feeling that way. It was either the coffee or the buffet from last night. That's why I don't like drinking coffee. It just screws up my whole body.

No more coffee.... I need to start my assignment and continue my studying for Tuesday's test. I don't feel that sick where I might lose concentration.

Postscript... It feels like 10pm but its only 8pm... crazy....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Its Wednesday, the day after our Final Code test where we should get a 100% to pass. I was going crazy because I wasn't able to study over the weekend because I was moving most of my small stuff to my new apartment. I did not touch any reading material until Sunday, our group study session. That helped a lot, I thought.

Surprisingly, the advisers tried a different route in handing our score. Before they would hand them to us at class. But yesterday, they called us one by one into their office and gave our test right then. The theory behind it was that if you missed a few items, they would give you the make-up test right there. Even if you missed 1 item, they'd give you the test right there. Now, guess who was the one they called first? ME! When I entered the room, they ushered me towards the big table and there lay my test. Like being dealt a hand in texas hold'em, the test was face down. They asked me how I thought I did, I asked how many I missed? They told me to go ahead and look... so that's what I did. Out of all the numbers there, I focused on the bottom part... 100%!!! Sweet! A sigh of relief on my part. They started congratulating me. Nice job and all that. I was happy, of course. They mentioned that once you go back to class, don't tell your score till the break period. So when I entered the room, my head was down and I didn't look at anybody. Back to the discussion.... In the end, I made it. It was my third perfect score. Not bad, I got a little stumped with a couple of abbreviations, but I got it.

This raised my average to a little over 99%... who said that seniority wasn't a factor? Maybe to the others, but not to me. I'm still in the mix, I think...

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today, I got a ticket for parking without a sticker. Stupid me! I forgot to put my parking permit on my mirror. That's what I get when I'm in a hurry! All it takes is one mistake and you're gonna learn from that. You just need to experience it and learning takes its course.

As far as the road rally pix, I'm almost done with the whole class'. I'm just waiting for a last set of pictures. I'm done with team KTP. Done with team Camos. Its just the other group that's killing me. Well, I'm done with theirs, its just that clarity of the pix is at question. They're too grainy. The pixelization blows!! Just send me the damn pictures already. I'm not going to wait forever for it. I know I'm a nice guy, but its beginning to be annoying. Priorities, of course, but you have to consider the other person's too, right?

Just a few more days till my official move. Saturday is the big day! I'm finally out of Salinas and back home in San Jose! I'm excited, of course. I can get to see my friends again. I have to make a few house calls especially with the close one I have here. It's been years since they last saw me. I can't wait till this moving this ends. I'm gonna miss Salinas because of the weather and a few friends, but other than that, I'm glad I'm leaving. A few bad memories, led to a lot of sleepless nights... thank God that's over...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Coco, Nicole, Lindsay and XDJ @ Evergreen Police Academy

@ AMC Theaters, El Paseo de Saratoga

@ Fire Station #29

We did well but, surprisingly, we ended up last. Our plan of hitting the farthest first backfired against us. The traffic killed us. Tip for the next academy: hit the closest ones first then go for the farthest; traffic isn't that bad towards midday...

All in all, a fun day. We get to tell Ken where we wanted to go... he showed us how NOT to drive in reverse... and the roads around the city sure needs a little attention.

A day filled with excitement for all 3 teams. A team started early, a team got pulled over by SCPD and one of the teams witnessed a crime in progress!! Road rally rules!!! Go KTP, the love patrol!!!