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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My friend just got back from Wondercon...what can I say, I have friends that are geeks. He mentioned about a press conference that featured my two favorite characters...ever.... on TV did because of a movie they're still filming.... Mulder and Scully!!! There is going to be an X-files 2 movie that, surprisingly, will not talk about aliens. I saw some website that showed a werewolf-like creature being the main villain, but I may be wrong. I digress... My friend said that Billy Connolly (Fido) is in it sporting long silver hair. That's cool!! Scully looked good, according to my friend. Looking forward to that movie. They showed a short trailer on it. My friend called me after watching it, started screaming. He said the teaser trailer looks good. According to the teaser, the movie will coming out on July 25, 2008.

These days-off that I just had seemed too short. I'm not sleeping right, which I know is extremely bad.

My training has seen better days. The training is there, don't get me wrong. Its just hard to make my trainers happy. They are never satisfied, which I agree with. You should always strive for the best and perfection. Sure, you're gonna miss something or screw up something... but that escalates to a grand thing with them. Getting compliments from them is a real big deal to me, which is why I think concentrating on it lowers my performance to threatening levels.

I know I can do this... no more excuses....I'll catch up with some reading tomorrow....

As for tonight... its Oscar's night... Thank God, its live! I hate getting my news over the internet when I can watch it live.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It looks like we have a winner in the High-Def format, although its not official yet. We know that Warner is turning its back on HD-DVD come May. Then Netflix said that it would only carry Blu-ray. Then Walmart stepped in saying it would only carry Blu-ray. Now, the media is saying (not confirmed yet), that Toshiba is going to give up with HD-DVD. You may wonder, "Why is it a big deal if Toshiba left?" Toshiba carries the sole rights to the chip that HD-DVD thrives on. These other companies that makes HD-DVD players, pay Toshiba a small fee to use the technology. Well, if its true and Toshiba does give up the format, that is the end for HD-DVD. I'll be honest with you.... I was one of the first that bought the Toshiba HD-DVD player, when there were only 3 HD-DVDs out there (yes, I have all of them). I also have the Toshiba laptop that featured the HD-DVD drive. But I also have a Blu-ray player and a PS3. I'm covered, whichever format won. I will still use my HD-DVD player, its a good one. But as far as movies go, I might get a few a few more HD-DVDs and get newer movies on Blu-ray.

Thats too bad, both formats had great potential, but, as the Highlander said, "There can only be one!"

When I was watching TV, and there was a crime that the news would cover, I would re-create the event and try to figure it out if I were the CT. Sometimes, I would forget a few questions but I would cover all the bases and just nitpick with the questions. Ask this question first, then after a seond go-around with the re-created event, I'd tell myself, NO, you should've asked this first.

I have to apologize for all the ramblings. Its my only release for all the stress I'm getting. I should follow the advice of my friend. I should be going out and finding my ever elusive significant other.

I should stop my ramblings.... I might say something that I would regret in the end....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It has been a very, VERY rocky first week of 3rd rotation for me. I felt like I was just coming off of the academy. Yeah, that's right. It felt like first rotation. I was making mistakes left and right. I wasn't taking control of the call. I was just overall, LOST. My CTOs had to do a pre-intervention kinda thing. My CTOs are 2 of the very best in the business. They left the program because they just wanted to come to work and do the job. But now that they were pulled back in, they got me. They didn't choose anybody to train. They ended up with me.

I'll be honest with you... I don't know if its because I was overwhelmed with the both of them, the expectations that they may have of me or just performance anxiety, but I was dropping the ball left and right. I was throwing interceptions. It was just plain ugly. Then they posed THE question to me.... "Do you like working here?" Of course, I said. I need to show that. I need to prove that I belong in the same league and not just the D-league.

I promised them that they would notice a big change. I told them that I felt overwhelmed not by the calls or the shift. But because I had the top CTOs as my trainers. I, of course, am different from the rest of my classmates. I have 2 trainers. Trainers that have molded the top CTs right now. Some of them moved on to the channel side. Bottom line is, I told them it wouldn't happen again.

After the talk (which lasted a good 40 minutes), things changed. Sabra noticed a huge change. She started to brag to Jim about me. I kept getting hot calls that I wanted to get. And I delivered! When she handed me my DOR, she gave me a compliment that gave me chills. She said that because the 1st half of my day was bad and the 2nd half was great, it drove my scores down. But I maintained the same tenacity as that 2nd half, the grades and comments she would have given me were worthy of being SOLO. Can you believe that? Taking charge of the call, asking the right questions, asking for the location to start with.... all those changes that I did were worthy of getting signed off....

I felt so happy, I almost cried... Those were the kind of comments I want to hear... I just want to be accepted... And who would be better to sign me off than the 2 OG of the CTO program?

I'll be prepared when I come to work and I'll come out swinging. Believe me, its gonna be a different story. I have this confidence in me that I haven't felt since the academy.

I know I can do this job. I know its for me. Its gonna be a bumpy ride, sure, but when the dust settles, I'll be standing with the rest of my colleagues at the end of the day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another sad week.... another active shooter claimed 6 lives and his own at the campus of Northern Illinois University. When will all this type of barbaric and idiotic crimes end? There is no reason for this. Such senseless violence. I don't have that much details on the carnage. There is really no excuse for this.

Once again our nation mourns the loss of great people to another senseless act of violence....RIP brothers and sisters....

Summary of my 1st week of 3rd rotation update later on...

Monday, February 11, 2008

After a day-off, I start my 3rd rotation with the most senior CT of the SJPD. Very nice! My body still hasn't adjusted to the time change.... and I just read that this affects my body clock as far as losing weight. Oh great! There goes my plans of losing weight, down the toilet

Anyway, just released their most respected jobs for 2007. Not surprising, being a firefighter is tops. Sure, they may go inside a burning building without regard. Whenever I deal with the FD, they always "stage" and wait for PD to arrive and check the area first before going inside. I don't know. I guess there is this negative vibe when it comes to the PD, and there are a lot of people that just don't follow the rules which is why they're against us. I just don't get it....

Grammys were held last night. I didn't watch it. I was thinking that it would just be a regular awards show. Then I got news of the great performances, that made me watch a few of them. They were alright. Not really "let me setup my DVR and record them" good.

The writer's strike is almost over. That's good but its also bad for some of the actors. There were some shows that was cancelled, unfortunately, because of the deadline or time constraints. There's a website that indicated when some of the TV shows would return if the strike ended this week. Most of the newer and successful shows will come back during the Fall season. Some shows would take about a couple of months to return. Scrubs might not air the last 4 episodes and just go straight to DVD. A few shows are in limbo because they don't know if the producers want to continue it or not. Shows like Bionic Woman and Friday Night Lights might have seen their last shows aired. My new show favorite, Life, will be coming back during the Fall Season. That blows considering we're still in Winter.

Finally, Roy Scheider just passed away. The man that made me afraid to go to open water, died from complications of a staph infection. He was 75. Did you know that he was offered the lead part in the Deer Hunter? He had to turn it down because he was obligated to do the sequel to Jaws.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today officially ends second rotation, and I'm happy to say that all of my batchmates have moved on to Third rotation. It was a good start for me but for some strange reason, my level of intensity went down. Even my CTO noticed it. The first 4 hours were flawless. Perfect. But it sloped downwards in the end. Can't explain it, really. But I survived though. I'm going to be getting tougher CTO's in next rotation. I'll prove my worth yet again. I've noticed that working alone and no one beside me, I can rely on myself better and probably ask questions if unclear. That's what I'll probably do come Monday.

I feel for some of my classmates. They felt a dip in their performance because of CTO troubles. I think its more of adjustment rather than ability. I believe in my classmates' ability to do the job. It's all a matter of perception. I know I can do the job, so it manifests itself in the production I do.

It's going to be a short update today. I'm still adjusting to the whole Mac experience. I'll probably move my whole Itunes library to my Mac. I just like the way it feels.

Tomorrow is the big game between Chelsea and Liverpool. Liverpool is short handed as its missing injured players but Chelsea is also down a few of their elite players. A couple of them to injury and a few of them to ANC. My favorite, JT, is still out with an injury. Its going to be a good game tomorrow. Before the game, AC Milan is playing so I'm still wondering if I should sleep late or just wake up early to catch both games. Its still a toss up for me. I like to watch Milan and I definitely want to watch Chelsea beat the heck out of Liverpool. We'll see.

But first things first.... I will definitely move my library and probably update my calendar and contact list here in my Mac. Thats the big priority tonite and tomorrow.

I still can't wait to work with my new CTO's....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just a few more days till the start of third rotation. I'm really enjoying my stint with Larry. Lots of information. He mellowed me down from my stiff demeanor to a more caring type. I was having a little hesitation to go to my next CTO. I've been hearing things about her. I guess I've been babied too much by my CTO's...

And then I got a phone call today...

Our CTO administrator called me today. Its a good thing I picked up the call because normally I don't pick up blocked calls. Anyway, she said that there's a little change in my 3rd rotation. Instead of mids, I'll be going to Watch 5, a shift that they just opened for me. I feel so special. Anyway, she said that my 3rd rotation CTO will be going on a break from teaching and I will, instead, be sharing the minds of 2 "old-time" favorite CTO's. I'm going to the 2 most senior CT's in the biz. I said cool! I'll be learning from THE best. Of course, that's something to live up to though. I have to put up and shut up if I make mistakes. I'm stoked now! I can't wait for 3rd rotation now.

Anyway, visited my mom and sister the other day. Spent the day watching movies and eating some soul food. I might go back tomorrow because I left my shoes there. We just saw a few movies and I just called it a day.

Lots of great games on TV. England won a friendly against Switzerland today. And now, its rivalry week as Duke goes up against North Carolina. That match always reminds me of college days, its when my school went up against this other school. Memories.... And then, there's the US against Mexico in another "friendly". I like rivalry week. You get the best action ever...

Oh yeah, I bought a Macbook yesterday. I'm impressed. Its fast and I like the OS. Once its on, you're ready to go. You don't have to wait for all these other programs to open up and do their thing. Once my Macbook opens, its ready for business. Now I'm looking for other programs for my Mac to be more productive.

I'm loving it right now... Great CTO's, good movies to watch and great games to take in....

Can't ask for anything else...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just a few more days on Watch 1 and I'll be going to Watch 3....Mids....and I'm dreading the CTO I'm going to get. From what I heard, the person needs some motivation skills.

Anyway, the Giants won the Superbowl in monumental fashion. Being huge underdogs, the defense destroyed the vaunted offense of the Patriots. Fantastic game. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the new episode of House. I had to change the settings of my DVR because the post game show took too long. When I recorded the show, it followed the "scheduled" time of House and not my own recording. Snap! I'll find a way to watch that new show.

I'll be spending tomorrow with the family. It's been a long time since I last saw them. I think it was after my graduation at the academy. Dang! That was a long time. Anyway, I'll be spending the nite over there.

I'll be posting again tomorrow. I've been busy watching a lot of movies and just relaxing during my day's off. I need the break. It may look easy but its not.