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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Western Conference Finals is over! First thing's first.... the San Antonio Spurs are a class act. They make no excuses. They man up to the results. They rarely complain. They truly are an organization that everybody should follow. The Lakers beat the Spurs in Game 5 to clinch the West. Masterful performance by Kobe. The rest of the guys' performance were sub-par, but Mamba was able to elevate the team to the win. Now they rest till the Finals start on June 5. Much needed rest for the team.

Yesterday, Team USA went up against the 3 Lions at Wembly stadium. England showed the US how the beautiful game is supposed to be played. Boy were the US players played. JT scored the first goal with a header off a pass from Beckham. I tell ya, Becks still got game. I don't know what Real Madrid was thinking not signing that guy for more years. Well, Real Madrid's loss is MLS' gain I guess. England won the game against the US, 2-0. It was just beautiful. I'll probably give the US a few more years before they reach the caliber of England. Sure, they'll qualify for the World Cup, but they might not last the qualifying round. US got beat by a team that didn't even reach Euro 2008! I'm sure England is kicking themselves for that, but that's a different story.

Anyway, its been a steady pace at work. Calls are coming in but they're not for service though. We need more calls. I'm getting really bored. You can only do so much surfing the internet. I brought a book, but for some strange reason, I just surf the web and trying to find articles related to the quest of Chelsea to find a manager.

Like I said, you could only do so much surfing the web....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I wasn't able to go to my brother's little get-together last Saturday. I don't know... I just didn't feel like going. I missed all the Indy goodness. They were doing an Indiana Jones marathon then saw the 4th installment in the theaters. I told him I wouldn't miss the next one, which is when the Dark Knight comes out on July. I wonder what kind of marathon they'll do?

Anyway, I saw UFC 84 over the weekend. BJ Penn's my boy!! He sure knocked the heck out of the Muscle Shark. It was an ok card. The Axe Murderer is back in business. Tito disappointed a lot, considering this was his final bout in the company. All in all, it was ok, it wasn't great.

Over the weekend, I did my own marathon. I was supposed to do the Oceans 11-13 marathon, but decided against it. Instead, I did the National Treasure one, which was good since I haven't seen the 2nd part of that franchise. It was entertaining. I like that fast pace. Movies should all be like that.

Work has been slow. There were some days when the calls were non-stop, but for the most part, it's been slow. Trying to stay awake has been part of the battle plan. As usual, nothing to write home about.

I'll try to update the songs on my little widget here on my blog. So far, there aren't that many good songs out there that really capture my spirit.

I'm watching Game 4 of the Western Finals. Lakers are leading so far, but its been a close game. Lakers lead the series, 2-1. Both teams can't afford to lose, but unfortunately, someone has to.

Tomorrow is a good football game. Its a friendly match between the US and England. They're gonna be playing at Wembly stadium. Too bad there's no HD version of this match. It may be a friendly but I'm expecting the 3 Lions to win by a bunch. The US aren't that good compared to England so I'm not expecting a close game. Too bad, I'm not watching it live.

I'll be calling it a night.... I should be sleeping early... I am soooo losing sleep for no reason....

I miss my old job....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lakers won Game 2! It wasn't even a fight. The supporting cast did their job. Now the Lakers lead the Spurs, 2-0, and they're heading to San Antonio for the next 2 games. It should be fun.

I have an advanced copy of Alanis Morissette's new album. I'll give you my review by next week, or by the next time I blog.

As expected, the new Indy movie should be #1 when they finish calculating the receipts this week. It made $22 million on Thursday, and you have the rest of the weekend left... Its a no-brainer.

This is gonna be a short blog. I'm feeling sleepy and tired these last couple of days. I think thats strange because I'm just sitting around doing nothing at work.

I'll catch my sleep by Saturday evening. I still need to do my regular Saturday stuff. it should be fun...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Manchester United is this year's Champions League Champions! They beat Chelsea 6-5 in penalty kicks. They were tied in regulation and extra time. The main story lines was Drogba received a red card. Apparently, he slapped Vidic. So Drogba was sent off. But Chelsea should've won if John Terry didn't slip for his penalty kick. If he would've made it, it was over. He missed then Giggs made it for Man U and Anelka's PK was stopped by Van der Sar. I'm now worried about JT. Can he recover from this? You just don't reach the finals of the Champions League every year. Its just impossible. That miss will haunt him until he redeems himself again at the same stage.

I'm still Chelsea all the way. JT will still be my favorite player. I hope he bounces back after this.

If you've seen the game, you probably have seen the last of a few of the Chelsea players. Drogba might be heading to Italy. Lampard might be going to Inter. Carvalho might leave too.

Man U might lose some players too. The best player in the game right, Cristiano Ronaldo, might consider moving to Real Madrid. That would be a coup if Madrid gets him. They're gonna be paying a lot of Euros for him.

Today is Game 1 of the Lakers/Spurs series. I guess I can find consolation with that game. I know the Lakers will win that series.

I should have dinner and feed this migraine I have.... I almost lost it when JT missed the PK....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My sister and I got our letter from the USCIS. They told us to show up for fingerprinting for the FBI. It is step 1 to our getting Naturalized. Of course, there are only 2 steps to this. The next being the interview/testing which leads to our being US Citizens, if we pass of course. I know that I'll be passing the fingerprinting process. My fingerprints should already be in the citizen, as far as I know, I also have a PFN. That's what you get or have to go through when getting into the PD. This should be a piece of cake. I am looking forward to joining in the democratic process of voting.

In lighter news, today is Game 1 of the Eastern finals. The Pistons are visiting the Celtics. Right before halftime, the Celtics look in control as they were leading the Pistons, as of this writing. Its well into the 2nd half right now. I'm catching up on House right now. That series doesn't matter to me. Its the series tomorrow that matters, the Western Finals. But that's tomorrow.

Its Memorial day next Monday. Its a holiday but I'll be showing up for work. Its not a paid holiday at my company so I asked if its okay to work that day, and the boss said it was okay. The office will be closed but I'll be there taking the calls and doing my usual stuff. I might bring a dvd or something to pass the time, since I wouldn't be mingling with customers.

Big day tomorrow!! Its the Champions League Final tomorrow at Russia. Chelsea plays Manchester United for the crown. 2 of the best teams in Europe right now are going head to head tomorrow in what experts are saying is going to be a defensive slow game. They're not expecting fireworks. I beg to differ. I think its not gonna be a close game, it won't go into extra time nor penalty kicks. It'll be decided in regulation time. I see Chelsea winning 2-1....

But thats me...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The NBA's Eastern Finals is set, its going to be Pistons at Celtics. Celtics won today against the Cavs. I was watching the last minute of the game, and boy, the Cavs sure look tired. Lebron forced that shot going to the hoop. Celtics look determined though. They deserve the win. Its going to be a tough series with the Pistons. As for the West Finals, Game 7 of the Spurs and Hornets won't happen till tomorrow. That's a lot of rest for the #2 Hornets. Either way, the Lakers will cream whoever wins that series. Its looking like a blast of the past Finals. Lakers and Celtics.

I thought it would be nice to be watching a comedy during this sorta-kinda hot day, so I decided to watch First Sunday. The movie had its moments of comedy, but in retrospect, what a waste of time. I must've dozed off a couple of times. As far as the comedy, Katt Williams carried the comedy. His one-liners and comedic timing was awesome. He should do more comedies and not just concentrate on what Ice Cube gives him. I mean, not that he takes career advice from Cube anyway.

Nothing on good on TV today, so I'm watching Till the Devil knows your dead. So far, the only thing that interested me is Marisa Tomei showing off her boobs. I'm still watching it though.... We'll see how it goes...

It's supposed to be a little cooler this coming week. Not as hot as this past week. It's still a little warm though, but I do feel a little cool down...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just finished watching The Mist. The ending was messed up, but if I was in that situation, I'd probably do the same thing. You found out your wife is dead, what's there to live for?

That was still messed up though....

I finally saw the Howard Stern episode where Artie lost it. Boy, Artie sure had those crazy eyes going. There was nobody that could possibly stop him getting to Teddy. He sure was pissed off at the guy. Artie sure gained a lot of weight though. While he was chasing after Teddy, the camera was making sure to get his butt crack with the shot. Not that they were zooming in on Artie's crack, its just that you could not include it in the shot, but whoever was the camera person, made it a point to include it in the shot. It took 4 guys to stop Artie from charging Teddy. He sure is strong. In Artie's words, thats retard strong...

Anyway, I need to find ways of staying cool and not concentrate on this heat...
Today is day 3 of the heat wave here in the Bay Area. Its not supposed to be as hot as day 1, but still the mercury will be up there in the low and possibly mid 90s.

It was crazy busy yesterday at the office. It became too busy that my office manager stayed with me till quitting time. Its not that I can't handle it, its just that it was too much for just one person. People were asking for property releases as well as vehicle releases, minutes before quitting time. Not to mention the guys out on the field. We're finally picking up, it wasn't like this last week. I guess the heat brings out the crazy people, so they're making these stupid mistakes that lead to their car being impounded.

Anyway, the Lakers clinched the first seat in the Western Finals as they defeated the Utah Jazz, 108-105. It wasn't supposed to be that close. The Lakers were leading all the way in double digits, till the 4th quarter when the Jazz responded with such tenacity, that i was concerned that the Lakers might just lose their marbles and let Game 6 slip away. It was till the last second when the Jazz had a chance to send it to overtime in the last 10 seconds. They made 2 3-point attempts but those fell short or went too strong. Lakers couldn't get a rebound against these guys. Thats another hurdle out of the way. 8 more wins and we got a championship under our belt.

I went to the Egg farm today. i thought it was in the middle of nowhere, but I was wrong. It was in the middle of suburbia! Anyway, I tried them this morning. You could tell it was fresh by the way it was easily cooked, the yolk has a different color... But I'll be honest with you, I didn't taste the freshness though. That's just me I guess...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today was day 1 of the heat wave here in the Bay Area. I know what you're thinking... How can consecutive days of low 90s be considered as a heat wave? Simple, Bay Area doesn't have that kind of weather. It got warm in the early part of the afternoon and there's tomorrow to look forward to, as it will be the hottest day of the heat wave. This is the reason why I miss the weather back in Salinas. That is THE only thing I miss there. Its probably a good 10 degrees cooler there.

Anyway, today is game 5 for the #1 seeds in both Conferences in the NBA playoffs. Utah and Cleveland were looking for upsets but they're going up against the odds. The home team in the 2nd round has won every game except for one. I forget who it was that won on the road. Utah might have it better because Kobe is still nursing that bad back of his. Right now, the Celtics aren't disappointing the stats. They're up against the Cavs.

Today was a steady day at work. It was constant and it wasn't all bunched in together, like back-to-back PD calls. It gave us time to think and re-assess what was supposed to do.

Oh yeah, I applied to this position in the City as some Financial investigator. They got my application and will be forwarded to the hiring manager. Hopefully, some good will turn out on that. But I'm not counting on it.

I really like Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey is THE MAN!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm trying to upload pictures to my blog. Apparently Blogger has this widget that you can make a slideshow added to this blog. I uploaded my pictures but for the life of me, I couldn't get it to work. I searched forums to see what I was doing wrong. But, lo and behold, it wasn't just me. There's an internal problem with the blog and the site that hosts my pictures.

Thank God it wasn't user error.... I know I'm smart, but this really stumped me... Now I gotta look for some other form of widget to attach to this blog to get the ball rolling on a slideshow....

Yeah, that's right... I got a lot of free time on my hands....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a quick one...

Breaking news in the home front....

The San Jose Sharks fired their head coach, Ron Wilson....

No surprise here....
Someone was really pissed off at us at work. It was either a person who's car got towed or it was one of us. We received a package today and there was cow poop in it. Can you believe that? Someone went online and ordered cow poop to be delivered to our office. We checked the website and whoever the person was, paid $20 to send cow poop to us. That is so idiotic. No one in their right mind would do something like that. It wasn't even funny. The poop was nicely packaged too, so two thumbs up for presentation.

The summer days are finally here. Today was a breezy day and tomorrow is the start of the summer days. Temperatures would reach the low 90s. You know, I may be griping but at least I don't live in the Valley. My goodness, the heat there reaches the 100s and it still isn't summer yet! I really don't like sweating.

I should complain to Comcast about the signal that they're putting out. The HD channels are getting bad with all the pixelization during the show. So even on the DVR, you wouldn't be able to watch the show. Too much pixels, it distorts the picture.

Anyway, on my way home from work, I thought I saw a man struggle to reach the bus stop and collapsed at the corner of 10th and Taylor, IFO of the gas station. I wasn't sure of it did happen, but I wasn't gonna call 911 for it. I'm sure someone already did. I'll call my friend and check if someone did call. Anyway, I didn't get a good description of the male as the car was moving.

Not a busy day in the office today. Towards the end of my shift, I received a call from CHP saying there was a delivery truck that turned over, was on its roof and needs a tow. They were asking for a medium rig. I sent for #10, and an additional truck. You never know what's up with that accident. But from the CHP log, the driver was able to get out, not sure if he was injured or not, but for something like that where the truck turned over, you'd be sending an ambulance. I believe CHP had it as an 11-81/ traffic accident w/ minor injuries.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be hearing about it tomorrow... I'll probably call it an early night today....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I was in the process of transferring my blog to a different website, but I changed mind. This place has been so much better. I love my widgets. It looks so much better here. I'm sticking to Blogger.

I saw Ironman. I got tell you, I was impressed. Never a dull moment. It is definitely a must-see movie. They're already talking about a sequel. I, like so many others, have missed the last part of the movie, you know, after the credits. That's when Samuel Jackson made a surprise appearance as head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and invites Ironman to a real mission. I'm not sure if its in Youtube already. I doubt it though.

Today was the last day of the Premier League. My team, Chelsea, played to a draw. They were leading 1-0 with just seconds left in injury time until Bolton scored a goal and tied the game. Chelsea needed a win and a Manchester United loss or tie. It didn't really matter though because Manchester United won against Wigan, 2-0. A Chelsea win, although sweet, was just a consolation because they're still down in goal difference. Back to back championship for Man U, way to go there lads. The sad thing is that the captain, John Terry, dislocated his left arm very early in the game. He's probable for the championship game of the Champions League. That is one great way to get even with Manchester United. I don't want Fergie to win that double.

I was watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I don't know, I wasn't impressed. There were some funny moments but overall, unimpressive. Its safe to say that the funny moments were the ones showed during the previews. So, basically, you've seen the funny parts already if you've seen the previews. The potential of the movie is there, but somehow it feels untapped. Great shots of Hawaii though.

I'll check to see if I could anymore widgets to my blog...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just had my car detailed today. It looks like it just came out of the dealership. Its clean and everything. I haven't had my car detailed... ever! Out of all the cars I've had, this was the only time I've had it done. I was just supposed to come in and have the car waxed and washed. After it was washed, the manager came to me and showed me in-grained dirt that was imbedded in the paint of the car. They have a procedure that would take that dirt and chemicals out. I had it sampled to the hood of the car to see the difference. My car was supposed to be smooth, but it had this courseness to it that troubled me. When he sampled it, it took out the courseness. I just had to get that service to preserve the car. If not, the paint would start to oxidize. We don't want that. Now, the car is looking great, better than ever.

I've noticed that the City paid the last of my accrued vacation and sick time. Noticed it come in thru direct deposit. That was very timely because I needed a little bit of help there. I guess now I'm not expecting any other money coming in, aside from the stimulus package that our President promised us.

Well, since most of my day was spent waiting for my car getting detailed, I'm thinking of postponing my project of re-designing this blog of mine. It all depends on how the day goes, I guess. No worries though. The particular blog I was interested of making was pretty complex. I might lose this current one if I don't make an alternate one.

Note to self.... Don't forget to backup your blog....

Friday, May 09, 2008

Well, what do you know? The streak is over. My streak of blogging ended yesterday. It totally slipped my mind. I knew yesterday that I was supposed to do something, but I guess I was preoccupied with something.

Today was one of the slowest days ever. We only had 2 calls for service... for the whole day! That's slow! Well, of course, I had other calls but they were just for inquiries on how much these great law-abiding citizens owe us in fees. But aside from that, its been slooooooooow.....

Well, the Lakers look like they'll drop Game 3 to the Jazz. They were just off the whole game. Nothing was working. The cylinders were not in sync. Wait.... okay, its official now. The stadium is dropping all this confetti all over the place! Looks like the Jazz won the championship. That's a little overkill if you ask me. They won't get over the Lakers. Jazz are good, but they're not that good.

I'm waiting for Sunday. That's the last day of the English Premiership. Unfortunately, Man U V Wigan is on at the same time Chelsea plays. That means, when the game ends, you'll know who wins. For Chelsea to win, Manchester United need to tie or lose the game against one of the hottest teams right now, Wigan. Chelsea just needs to win, no other result is acceptable.

Anyway, I've got plans of changing the look of my blog. Hopefully it works, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We'll see how it works... That's my project for the weekend....

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My friend did it again. I don't know how he did it, but he was able to pull it off. My daft wanker of a friend was able to get in to an advanced screening of Speed Racer. I guess those are the perks if you live close to Hollywood right? He was nice enough not to give me any spoilers though. The way he described the movie to me was that it was like when the Matrix first came out. it was more of the getting bedazzled by the effects rather than the story kinda movie. he did mention that the movie wasn't for everybody. But it was loads of fun! Well, not for nothing, I don't think I'll be watching it then. But thats me...

One of my co-workers today asked me if I believed in ghosts. "Of course", I said. He said he had a moment in the shop that was quite bizarre. It happened early Saturday morning, around 4am. He was sleeping on the sofa, when the sofa started to rumble, like there was an earthquake. He just brushed it off. After a few minutes, his sleep was disturbed by something that resembled a man who was yelling at him while dancing AT THE FOOT OF THE SOFA!. I said thats a load of crap. He said it didn't end there. He thought it was one of the neighbors doing a prank on him. So, quickly, he dismissed it. But what got his attention was that some "thing" pulled his leg! He lost sleep after that.

I thought that was a cool thing. We have a ghost in the shop! It was probably the spirit of the fatality we had a week ago. The same driver who experienced those ghostly quirks, pulled the car of that fatality. The truck fell of a cliff after flying about 100 feet then landing on a parking lot. Surprisingly, he was the only one that died that day. He died of a heart attack. Could it be that the spirit stayed with the vehicle and for some strange reason, accompanied the truck to the shop? It is quite possible, highly unlikely, but very possible.

I'll try and notice any eerie happenings around the shop now.... I don't know if my driver was having one of his delusional moments, although he doesn't have any history of delusions... I might see this spirit one of these days... who knows...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another uneventful day at the office. Nothing worth writing in here...

I was supposed to get some Bluetooth Headphones today. Then I thought about how I'll be using it. I just have my Mac as a Bluetooth device and my Iphone. Thats a no-brainer. I obviously won't be getting that. I should just get one that can be adaptable to anything though. Its a tough choice. Well, actually, I have no choices to go through. I'll probably just head on to Fry's and look at my options there.

For the last few days I haven't been reading my books. I finally started today with my Patterson books. I really like his style of writing. Suspenseful in so few pages and lots of chapters.

Like I said, it hasn't been that good of a day. Oh yeah, today would've been Game 7 of the Sharks series. Instead, we're reading about the possible dismissal of the coach and a few players. A good season would turn sour by an early elimination and the possible firing of the coach and possible trade of players. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Whoever did that Gatorade campaign using pictures in B/W and a little motion, with strategical colored sections of the photo, was pure genius. That was some editing that person did. Great choice for music. That's what I would've used too.

Today is still birthday week at the office. 3 people having birthdays this week. The owners like celebrating birthdays so instead of having 3 celebrations, we're going to have 1 big one. Don't know when that'll be, but I'm thinking it'll involve some BBQ!!! Now that's what I'm talking about....

Monday, May 05, 2008

I was just reading my past blogs and I just realized one thing....

I gave up on myself.

Instead of being the guy, I was trying to be the dude the guy counts on.

After several weeks, I just realized this.

Never did give myself a fighting chance. I gave up. Just like that.

Got a call that started my downward spiral and never recovered. In the past, I would recover, just like that. But instead of fighting and persevering, I gave up. I lost faith in me.

Its hard to admit it, but its true. Now I have to redeem myself and get back in the high life.

I can't believe I gave up on myself. That is so not me. I just need to get this out of my system.

This is mea culpa. I guarantee you it WON'T happen again...
Chelsea won its game today against Newcastle, 2-0. That means it all boils down to the final match of the year. For Chelsea to win the Premiership, Manchester United needs to lose their game against Wigan. Sounds like an easy thing to do since Man U is probably the best team right now in all of Europe. Wigan is having a blast though. They haven't lost in 6 weeks. They have a chance to defeat the mighty Man U. If Man U wins, thats it, they're back-to-back champs. It doesn't matter if Chelsea wins or loses. Go Wigan!!!

It has been a slow day today except for the last 40 minutes of the day. It felt like everybody was just waiting for the last minute before calling for a tow. I think thats crazy. There's all this free time during the day and yet they wait till the last minute to call us for service. And these aren't PD calls too. Anyway, I like this though. All that stress, but its still not comparable to my last job though. I'm still waiting for something like that.

Anyway, as expected, the Sharks lost Game 6 last night. It was the longest game in franchise history. It ended in the 4th Overtime. Sharks had so many chances to finish the game but they were too tired to seal the deal. You may be wondering why I knew too much about the game yesterday. That's right, I watched the game yesterday. I promised not to, but I still did. I guess that means that I do have a dark cloud when it comes to viewing Sharks games. Its probably just coincidence though.

I'm feeling so tired right now... which I think is strange because I wasn't doing any heavy lifting or mental exercises.... Its probably the travel... I, so, wanna get back to working for the city...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Good sports day today. Milan won the derby against rival Inter, 2-1. Kaka was incredibly upbeat today. He was everwhere in the pitch. Dazzling performance.

Now news from Chelsea's camp: Roman Abramovich wants to spend 80 million pounds for Lionel Messi, who's a phenomenal player at Barcelona. 80 million pounds! That's close to $160 million!! That's just to get the player, that doesn't include the wages. $160 million to pay the team to get the player. This practice of getting players is new to me. I've just been following the Beautiful Game for a few years now, and this way of getting the players is unbelievable. Compared to the NY Yankees, who has the biggest payroll in MLB, Chelsea practices the same philosophy: Let your millionaire owner pay for the best players and get them to the team. Anyway, I'm not focusing here... I hope Chelsea does get Messi but they need to unload a few players for Messi to truly shine. And from what I've heard, they're also planning to get Kaka and Benzema. I know Abramovich has a lot of money but the team needs to get rid of a few more players. But that's me...

At any rate, Chelsea is going up against Newcastle tomorrow. They need to win because Manchester United just won so a Chelsea loss would mean that, mathematically, Manchester United wins the Premiership back to back. I won't hear the end of it from my friend in Maryland.

Sports day Sunday also includes Game 6 of the Sharks and Stars series. They're at Dallas today and odds are against the Sharks. Once again, their backs are against the proverbial wall. I, being the superstitious git, won't be watching the game.

Its also Game 7 of the Celtics and Hawks today. Wouldn't it be great for the Hawks to win? Not a Hawks fan, but that would be extremely crazy! Just like last year when the Warriors defeated the Mavs, the Hawks have that chance to knock off the #1 seed Celtics. This series I thought should've been a sweep from the Celtics. But the Hawks showed up to play....

Busy day for sports fans.....

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Today was travel day. Lots of going back and forth. I hate those kind of days. I hate that, I like to have a blueprint of what I'm going to be doing for the day. I like to be in control of the day, or at least of what I'm going to be doing.

I was wrong about the Sharks yesterday. They won! Can you believe that? They forced a game 6 at Dallas. I believe the game is tomorrow. The game, surprisingly, wasn't televised yesterday, not even on any local channel. I had to get my info on the internet. Had to wait for the game to be finished to find out that the Sharks won. Now I'm just hoping that the game would be televised, but that shouldn't matter to me because I won't be watching the game anyway. The 3 games they lost, I was watching the game. The 2 games they won, I wasn't. So i guess I won't be watching the remainder of the series. That's just me, I'm crazy superstitious.

I'm watching 21 right now. Its that movie based on Bringing down the house. I read the book, and halfway thru the movie, I really thought the book was so much better than the movie. I got confused with the characters, plus, the first 20 minutes of the movie was a drag, I almost fell asleep.

My back still aches. Its not so much my back, but my tailbone. I'm been drinking my meds but they're not working. I don't know what to do. I'll just keep on rubbing ointment on it and drinking my pain killers. Crossing my fingers that that'll work...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Today was a testy day. Just 3 of us working, it wasn't that busy but whenever I'm left by myself in the office, someone wants to take their car out. And of course that happened today, twice. So I had to call one of the drivers that was off today. It was nice of our neighbor to help me answer the calls while I release a car today. Anyway, I survived. Bring on the pain!

Looks like the Sharks will be eliminated today from the playoffs. They were down in the 3rd period, 2-1. A promising season indeed but I guess, we're missing a few pieces. I'll be honest with you, I can't really pinpoint what the problem is though. Goalie is solid, but the other positions... I don't know....

I was supposed to get a haircut today, but there were too many people waiting so I decided to have it tomorrow. That screwed up all my plans.

Tomorrow will be a long day for me. A lot planned so we'll see how that happens. Especially that thing I was writing about from last week. I don't think that'll happen.

Yeah... I really don't think it'll happen.... so its better not to talk about it...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The big bosses went to Texas to attend a wedding, so it was just the drivers and I manning the fort. It was an easy day then we got bombarded by PD calls the last 15 minutes before quitting time. It was unreal, but manageable. Nothing I couldn't handle.

This is what makes me miss being with the PD. I miss the stress, the craziness of it all. I know this sounds crazy in itself but I guess I wasn't ready for it then.

In one of the most incredulous news stories I've heard: there's this guy from Texas who tried to cash in a check worth $320 billion!! Can you believe that? His reason: his daughter's grandmother issued the check to him to start up a record label!! How stupid can someone be?

These are the kinds of calls I miss when I was with the PD... And I'll continue to miss them... but see, I'm torn between keeping my sanity and succeeding in the dream job that I want.

On a side note, the Sharks won Game 4 yesterday. Extending the series to San Jose. I'm not sure if it was a fluke or not, but I didn't watch the game. I feel like I have a black cloud when I watch the Sharkies. So, I'm not gonna watch the series anymore, in an attempt to rally my beloved Sharks to accomplish the impossible...

Where's that dang rebate check????