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Sunday, June 29, 2008

So its looking like this is gonna be a twice-a-week kind of blogging event for me... I'll try and change that in the future to a daily routine but for now, I'm sticking to this schedule...

Yesterday was my boy Pac-man's fight. He demolished the WBC champ, David Diaz. I thought it was going to be a tough fight but Manny proved me wrong. He just ran rings around the ex-champ. That's right, Manny's the new lightweight champ! No surprise there. The fight looked eerily similar to the Mayweather-Gatti fight. Mayweather proved everybody wrong that time when everybody said he couldn't take the power at the junior welterweight weight class. He demolished Gatti. I thing Floyd was the reason Gatti retired. Anyway, Diaz never had a chance. "I can take his punches, he's just too fast" were what Diaz said to his trainer. I'll tell you what, Manny looked slow in that fight too. During the later rounds, he was getting slow, its either he was getting tired for throwing all those punches or he's just emulating his opponent. Anyway, I gotta hand it to David Diaz though, he wasn't gonna give up. If he wasn't the champ, the fight would've been stopped earlier. If it weren't for that knockout on the 9th round, the fight probably would've gone to the 12th. Diaz fought bravely and took all punches, he offered no excuses during the post-fight interview. Diaz was throwing f-bombs during that interview with Jim Lampley though. You kiss your mother with that mouth, boy?

Euro 2008 is finally over and they crowned a new champ. Spain won over Germany in what I thought was a very good match, especially in the 2nd half. They weren't holding any punches. They were going at it. El Nino, Fernando Torres scored on a fantastic score midway in the 1st half for the Spaniards and they never looked back. Great defense and outstanding play. That championship game capped off a great and exciting tournament. Euro 2008 would be remembered as a tournament of upsets and come from behind victories. Turkey was the darling of the tournament. You never know what to expect with Turkey especially with 5 minutes left in regulation and Turkey's down a goal. They were simply fantastic. Russia also became a team to watch out for. But of course, Spain is the talk of the town. They beat the June 22 curse and finally won another European championship, the last being in 1964. Viva Espana!!

Just a few more days till I find out if I'm getting tested for the SJFD PSCS position. I hope so... I always have a positive outlook to things and this is no different. I feel that I'll be notified to be tested. I know I'll be going thru the whole process I've gone thru when I went for the PSCS position for the PD. I don't feel any negative vibes about this. No second thoughts or any aberrations to the contrary. I feel that I'll be seeing my old friends at PD once again. I can see myself walking through the 4th floor of PAB once again but this time thru a different room. That's cool, I get to visit my friends next door on my break time. I don't feel cocky... confident is a much better term

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working in the towing industry sure has its ups and downs. There would be days where there would rarely be a call for service. Then there would be days where you're scrambling for a driver to cover for a PD call. This week has been a mix so far. Its been busy but its mostly a lot of downtime for me. I hate that. I want that non-stop action, lots of calls for service and all the rest. I can't have all that of course. That would come in time.

Euro 2008 is coming to an end on Sunday. Germany has booked the first finals seat. They beat a very determined Turkey squad that once again almost beat the favored team. Almost another come from behind win. They beat the Czech Republic then Croatia and almost Germany, but that didn't happen. They were the Cinderella team in this year's Euro's. I guess you can say that the glass slipper fell from Turkey's hold. Tomorrow is the game I'm waiting for. Spain against Russia. These squads have faced off already during the knockout stage and Spain won 4-1. But of course, this is the Semis and Russia's defense sure changed for the better. They're gonna face THE best striking duo in David Villa and Fernando Torres. Of course, Spain needs to stop the playmaking ability of Arshavin so that they could have a fighting chance. That Arshavin guy is a genius at such a young age. I'll be tuning in to see if Spain goes through. If they do, its gonna be a great Finals on Sunday!

Just 3 more episodes and I'll finish "How I met your mother". I saw seasons 1 and 2 and i should say that its one of my favorite sitcoms now. I'll be able to finish that tonight.

I haven't talked to my Mom for the longest time and she surprised me today with a phone call. That's nice.

I tried convincing my sister to come over to my place and watch a few movies. She had some plans during the weekend so we settled on next Thursday. Lots of movies to watch, I told her.

I think I'll catch up some sleep during the next few days. I've been nodding off during work, its crazy. Its either my body's telling me I'm tired or I'm just really bored... I hope its the former, because I've been bored before but I never nodded off then...

We'll see...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My goodness... has it been that long since I lost blogged? I'd like to say that it wouldn't happen again, but I really, honestly, doubt it. Its not that I don't have time for it, its just that if my laptop was at close proximity, the chances of me blogging would be waaaay up there...

Anyway, last Tuesday, I decided to buy an external 1TB HD. I was planning on putting all my files there. I have 3 externals. The first and oldest one would be my primary backup HD. The 2nd external HD would carry all my music. Then the big HD would carry all the rest of my files. But something funny happened when I was starting to backup files... The 1TB HD, after transferring almost 250 GB worth of data, suddenly failed. It just wouldn't load or nothing. My laptop couldn't even recognize the HD. It just crashed taking with it, my newer files. Nice. I had to return it to Best Buy and thankfully enough, they didn't ask too many questions. They jsut did the return and gave me a credit back.

I still lost all that data though. Those videos and I believe there were some music too. I lost all of them. I'm not getting a Maxtor anymore. I won't get burned twice.

Today was day 3 of Euro 2008, the quarterfinal stage. Germany is in, beating Portugal. Turkey is in, after another come from behind win against Croatia. Some would say this is the upset of Euro 2008... until today. Russia defeated the Netherlands 3-1, today in extra time. That game was so great, Russia just neutralized the scoring power of the Dutch. I was surprised that Van Basten didn't use Robben or Van Persie during the start of the game. They weren't attacking that much and just settling for ball control. I don't like that kind of game.

More from the Euros, the Portugal federation blamed Chelsea FC for disrupting the Portuguese team by announcing Scolari as Chelsea's new manager. The Portuguese officials said that this just destroyed the concentration of the team. I beg to differ. Scolari wasn't on the pitch playing the ball. How come nobody mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo's media ploy of trying to get out of Manchester United and going to the Bernabeu. Ronaldo's play wasn't in question even though his performance wasn't vintage Ronaldo. He's better suited to play in Manchester United. All the pieces fit to his style. I like Scolari's mind games though with Ronaldo. Scolari told Ronaldo to take the opportunity with Real Madrid and leave Manchester United. I'd probably do the same thing too if I was coaching Chelsea, I'd tell the best player in the world to leave the League that I'll be coaching in, so that I'd be having an easier time coaching. But hey, that's me...

I recently saw Kung Fu Panda. I thought it was very entertaining and for an animation, had lots of action sequences.

Today is day 2 of the heat wave that the Bay Area is in. It sure is hot and at times can be really uncomfortable, but its nothing a cool bath can't fix. Figures that the first day of summer would start on the first day of the heat wave. I just hate the heat. I like the cold. You can just put layers to keep yourself warm. But what do you do when its hot?

I'm viewing The Signal right now... Its more of a B movie about a TV and phone signal that makes people kill each other. It has potential to be a good movie... we'll see how it goes...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today was a very frustrating day for me. People don't seem to listen to me and just take me for granted. Which is why I do plan on leaving, hopefully, get back with the City. That's too bad... I kinda liked working there but, oh well... right?

I told myself that I'll be catching up with my Spanish lessons this weekend. I'll see if I'll follow up with that promise. My favorite game of all time just released the final installment last Tuesday. I'll be playing MGS4 sometime during the weekend. Plus I'll be catching up on some movies I have. I guess its gonna be a busy weekend at home for me. I'll try to catch up with some sleep too.

That's a lot on my plate right now...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have to admit that today was one of the busiest day at work... ever. Call after call for service, from PD calls to regular lockout calls, we got the ball rolling and it just rolled over my shoulders. Easy Peazy. It was the kind of day I was expecting but never really got to experience. Now that that's over, piece of cake.

The Lakers finally won a game!!! The Celtics still lead the series 2-1. It was close. Lakers need participation from Gasol and a little more from Odom. Lamar seems to be trying too hard to contribute. He should let it just flow, let his actions come into fruition.

I read somewhere that I need to drain my Mac of its battery to get a good circulation or life cycle for the battery. It sure takes a while before the battery dies. I love my Mac.

Talking about Apple products, the WWDC was finally over. The big presentation was all about the IPhone 3G. Even with the new design, slimmer phone and faster internet connection, I still wouldn't buy one. I'm very satisfied with the IPhone I have. I still haven't utilized the most out of this device. I'm used to it already though.

Over the weekend I'm planning on brushing up my Spanish. Its hard to study that though. For one thing, there's Spain Spanish and Central America Spanish. I believe the only difference is the i and e before c where you pronounce it as a th. There's also the slang that's involved, especially with Mexico's Spanish. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to do it over the weekend....

Till next time

Monday, June 09, 2008

Its another Monday. Its been a good day today at work. We've been getting calls, both PD and your regular call. At least they're calls for service. Keeps me busy, as well as the drivers.

Before I forget to mention, SJFD's looking for calltakers. I feel I'm ready to get back into the action. I feel bored in my current job. Plus, the money's better working for the city. I encouraged my friend to join me in taking the test at the end July. He better put in an application.

Anyway, I'm watching some wrestling today and Vinnie Mac is giving away money. He's just cold-calling people who registered over the website and handing out as much as $250,000. He did give away $2 to some poor lady. That was a tease. It got me thinking, if you get Raw, tape-delayed, then you wouldn't know what the password was for Vince's question. Not only that, but chances are, when he calls, it'll show up as a blocked or unknown # on someone's phone. Sure, he's calling from Oakland but still...

Euro 2008 has started and so far the teams expected to win have won. Today was the day for the Group of Death. 4 teams that are good enough to win it all but only 2 get to go to the next round. I was very surprised that World Cup winners, Italy, lost to the Dutch, 3-0. It was fine for them to lose, but not 3-0. Its strange watching Euro 2008 without the 3 lions. England should've been there. They should've been there if they tied their last match but they had to lose 3-2, I forgot who they were up against.

I'm just trying to get myself ready for the possibility of working for the Fd again....

Monday, June 02, 2008

I was supposed to post days before but for some strange reason, if I don't see my laptop, I tend to forget to do stuff....

Anyway, the NBA finals is set... Lakers at Celtics for Game 1, its gonna be a classic. That's for this coming Thursday. I can't wait.

Tomorrow is the day my sister and I will get fingerprinted for our Naturalization. I won't be able to see her because we were scheduled at different times. That's okay though. Its just fingerprinting. I asked for time-off but I said I'd be coming back to finish the rest of the day.

I'm not surprised with the move but Jose Mourinho has signed with Internazional of the Serie A League. What's surprising is that he might make a move on some players on my team, Chelsea. Apparently, the owner of Inter has given him $100 million worth of transfer funds to get the players he wanted. He is targeting 4 players from Chelsea: Drogba, Carvalho, Essien and Lampard. He might be able to get 2 of them but I doubt it if Lampard would go and would Essien. But, I've been wrong before....

I saw the first installment of Harold and Kumar during the weekend. I was laughing my butt off. Now I couldn't wait to watch the 2nd installment. Yes, that's right, it was movie days last weekend. I saw Sublime too. I was expecting a horror fest but I was wrong. I didn't know that Bird York, the singer of In the Deep, was Kathleen York, the actress who played Tom Cavanaugh's wife in Sublime and the wife of Tobey Zeigler in the West Wing.

For the second straight week, my Netflix mail is screwing up. I sent my DVD's out last Saturday, but they haven't received it yet. The week before, it happened again.

Anyway, the week shouldn't be that busy and should be uneventful...