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Friday, August 22, 2008

Its been a strange week. Work-wise, its been a mixed bag. Its been busy and and its been easy. I guess you can say its been constant. No surprises.

Just the way I like it.

I have no idea why I did it or who told me to do it, but I joined the world of facebook. Why facebook and not myspace? I guess you could say that the latter is just way too congested. I'n not that into pictures although I like taking them and I rarely am in them. I am always on it though. There's nothing better than a friend contacting you and touching bases with you.

Thats cool....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well its final... Michael Phelps became the most prolific Olympian in history, winning 8 gold medals. I really hate the coverage on TV. Its delayed and making a mockery out of us by saying that its "LIVE". I had to record the last 2 hours of the coverage during the last week so I can watch it the next day.

Well, I guess NBC was betting on the West Coast still watching their delayed coverage even at the wee hours of the night just because Michael Phelps is swimming that day. I guess they were right, we would still watch it. At that final race, you knew that the Men's relay team would kick ass. I really feel for Dara Torres. Too bad she didn't win the gold. I know silver isn't that bad considering its the Olympics, but I really doubt it if she'd be able to go to London for the 2012 Games.. but you never know.

There's going to be a lot debate whether Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time... A lot of athletes come to mind... but I really can't say that they could do the same thing that Phelps did. It was a Herculean task that he was able to accomplish by himself and with his fellow Olympians. I guess it still hasn't dawned on him on what he's accomplished. I'm sure he'll get it after all the press conferences and requests for interviews he'll do in the next couple of weeks.

Now that the swimming events are over, there's nothing good anymore to follow. Possibly the Redeem team but other than that, there's nothing worth recording...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympics are on full force right now. I had really high hopes for the swimming team, with Michael Phelps leading the way. He hasn't disappointed, winning his 2nd gold in as many days of competition. There are 2 things that are disappointing so far about the Olympics, as far as I'm concerned. First, the women's swimming team did not step up to the promise during the trials. It kinda felt like they were overwhelmed by being there. Second, the Olympics coverage. Going into the Opening Ceremonies, I already knew that it was going to be a taped delay, but seriously... Telecasting Michael Phelps' first gold medal swim and stating there that its LIVE on TV, wherein fact, he swam 3 hours ago is just wrong. Does NBC really think that the viewers are that stupid? We know about the time difference! The Olympic website might have posted the results already and you're still sending your West Coast feed of the games "live". That's just stupid. I just get my results from this application on my phone. At least there, the results are live. I'm sure NBC will show replays of the different highlights of the previous day tomorrow when I wake up.

Michael Phelps is still the star of this Olympics. Winning his 2nd gold together with his relay partners. Even if the Redeem team wins gold, he would still be the biggest story of this year's games. So far, every final that he's competed in, he's broken the World Record. That's good.

Anyway, The Dark Knight still reigns supreme in the Box Office this week. I was surprised with this news because Pineapple express beat DK last Wednesday, the first day of Pineapple express. But with the Dark Knight's win this week, it moved to #3 in the All Time box office receipts. Its $20 million short of Star Wars' 2nd spot on the All Time list. I really think that its still possible for DK to kick Titanic's butt, but it feels like DK is losing steam.

I don't know.. but that's just me...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Well, today was the big day... Today was my US naturalization interview/test. The wait was longer than the interview. Apparently, they had an emergency meeting and a whole bunch of us were stuck in the lobby, waiting for them to show up. The person that interviewed me was a good guy. Not menacing or the like. Not a hardball kind of guy. He sounded nervous. Anyway, he went thru my application, asked me to sign my whole name, not the signature I always do, but a signature that would cover my whole name. Anyway, that took about a couple of minutes. Then he asked me a few questions on US history and civics. Piece of cake. After all that, he congratulated me, told me that I passed the English proficiency and US history. I should be getting a letter from them in 90 days on when I'll be taking my oath taking. It was cool. Just like that, I'm one step away from being a US citizen. I believe the oath taking is just a formality now.

My mom was stoked! My sister also passed. So you could say that its a banner day for the family right now. All thats left is my brother. He needs to get his paperwork in order, but he should be able to pass.

Anyway, life goes on... right?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yesterday was the 2nd phase of my FD experience. It was a different kind of test where it gives you a hands-on approach to testing. I approached it like I would approach it in a PD setting. I shouldn't have done that. After probably an hour after the test, I received an email from them saying that I won't be going to the next phase. Thus ending my dream of going back to PAC. I guess I'll call it a day as far as being with the PD. Shouldn't be the case but, what are you gonna do? In my world, that's a sign that I should heed. Its not for me. Its something else...

But what?