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Monday, September 22, 2008

Today was a first for me. I called 911. No, nothing happened to me. There was an accident on my way to work. It was a bad accident involving a truck and a motorcycle. It was still fresh because the person on the motorcycle was still on the ground while the truck remained stationary behind the motorcycle. I didn't see how badly hurt the person was because he wasn't facing my direction, but the fact that he was still on the ground prompted me to call 911. Sure enough, I was transfered to CHP which gets all the 911 calls from a cellphone. I reported it as an 11-79. Thank God, people already called them about it.

If it were a non-emergency call going to CHP, I would've been on-hold for a long time. But events like this, its a primary call.

I honestly miss being at the PD. Calls like this drive me. They make my brain move. It felt like everything else I did at work was too miniscule.

Like I said, a first for me....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello again.. old friend...

Its been a while since my last post. Felt like I've forsaken this whole writing thing altogether. That is not true. I was just pre-occupied with the social networking scene, that I've neglected to update my blog. Hopefully, like many promises I've made in the past, that would end.

Anyway, Mariano Rivera threw the last pitch and Benjie Molina hit the last homerun at Yankee Stadium. My beloved Yankees have played the final game at the House that Ruth built. It was a very touching scene before the ballgame earlier when the Yankees honored past and present players. The stadium played a video that chronicled the history of Yankee stadium when it first opened in the 1930's.

I have a few favorite Yankee moments at Yankee stadium. Scott Brosius hitting the tying homerun in the World Series. Derek Jeter becoming Mr. November, hitting a monumental homerun at a few minutes past midnight in the World Series against the Diamondbacks. Finally, who could forget Aaron Boone's walk-off homerun? Classic.

A great day for sports today. The United States brought back the Ryder Cup. Actually, they played at Valhalla, so it was home court advantage. But still, the Euro team was tough. US won on Jim Furyk's putt. Nice.

I took a test yesterday for a position at the City. Goodness, the test was harder than the test I had for PSCS. There were a lot of us who took the test. I'd be pleasantly surprised if I made the cut. Well, I'm being honest.

Like I said earlier, I'm not neglecting this blog of mine. It has been a part of my life. A chronicle of what's happened in my life, if you will...

More updates next week

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Its been a while since my last post. I know, you're used to it already, but I have a good excuse: my internet service provider, in all their glory, accidentally disconnected my service and I was offline for almost 2 weeks because of this snafu.

But now, I'm back!!

Just watched UFC 88. I couldn't believe that KO of Chuck by Rashad Evans. My boy Rashad deserves some mad props! He sure as heck clocked Liddell real bad. Chuck was out for a good 4 minutes. It wasn't like the Rampage KO where Chuck still wanted to fight after being KO'd. This time, he was out cold! If I were at Vegas at that time, I would've bet on Evans. Too bad I wasn't there.

I'll be keeping you posted in the following days... I'm just trying to tag some pictures on facebook.