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Monday, October 20, 2008

My goodness.. its been almost a month since my last blog... I'd like to say that I'm gonna change that, but I don't believe in promises that I may not keep, for some strange reason. So, here I am, hopefully to destroy the cycle of not blogging...

What's keeping me busy? I have these 2 new games that are awesome and makes me want to play them everytime. I'm playing FIFA 09 and NBA 2K9. The graphics look extremely realistic and the gameplay is far better than last year's edition. I just end up playing a few games and the next thing you know, its been a few hours already.

I'm excited that I was able to get Final Draft 7 for my Mac! Now, I have to transfer my scripts to my Mac. Unfortunately, the scripts I have are in a different format. I want to print them out, but that would be a ton of pages. So my plan is to re-type all the scripts I have into FD and use the other program as copy. Make any sense? I may be describing it wrong. At any rate, I'm excited with this new program. I was planning on just using my Mac as a writing tool, but it turned out to be my Media Mac.

Last Saturday was a great day for fights. UFC 89 was shown on PPV as well as the Pavlik-Hopkins showdown. I was able to see them both. I'd have to say that Hopkins proved himself that night. He sure beat the crap out of Pavlik. Good thing for Pavlik that the belts weren't on the line. The UFC event was good, technically. Most of the matches went the distance, not much submissions nor KOs. I was surprised that Brandon Vera lost to Jardine. I thought Vera got the win, albeit, close.

I'm still trekking along here.. surviving... we'll see how that last..