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Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm suddenly getting addicted to playing Rock Band!! My brother introduced it to me 2 weeks ago. We played again last Saturday. It was fun as my sister and her boyfriend joined in playing the drums or hitting the mike. Non-stop laughter!!

Anyway, I saw a couple of movies over the weekend. I saw W which stars Josh Brolin and a lot of cameos. It was also directed by Oliver Stone, who I liked in Platoon and to some degree, JFK. I'm not sure if W was another one of those conspiracy theories of his or not. It thought the movie was straight-forward. It tried hard to be funny but it didn't deliver there. If Josh Brolin as W would've been the president during the last 8 years, we might have a better chance.

I also saw the Escapist. Its a British Indie movie about an older gentleman in prison wanting to escape after finding out that his daughter fell ill twice due to being a junkie. Good cast on it though. The ending of the movie explained what really happened during the escape.

More to follow...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The nominations for the Oscars were held earlier today. They always announce it when nobody from the West Coast is awake. Why do that?

Anyway, a lot of surprises with the nominations, mainly with the snubs. I've read most of the back talk already by a lot of bloggers and commentators, I agree and disagree with some of their responses:

1) I truly believe that The Dark Knight should've been nominated for Best Picture and Best Director. Who cares whether its about Batman or whether it was the blockbuster of the year? It was a strong movie. Christopher Nolan did a heck of a job with that movie.

2) Benjamin Button wasn't all that great of a movie. It was a good movie but not deserving to be Best Picture. Wall-E was better. I gotta agree with the other people that whoever nominates these nominees missed the boat on David Fincher with Zodiac. I guess they're making up for it now. I, too, am a David Fincher fan!

3) There were a lot of critics saying that Clint Eastwood didn't do good acting on Gran Torino. I wonder where these people are, because everybody I know who saw the movie thought it was one of his best. It was a travesty that he wasn't nominated.

4) Saved the best for last... How can the Golden Globe winner for best song NOT even be nominated?? Springsteen deserved to be nominated... the song was hauntingly beautiful and made the movie complete.

The Oscar's steady decline in viewership will be felt in this year's edition. There are already a lot of grumblings on the internet. The TDK fanboys are going nuts already. I don't consider myself a fanboy. To be honest, I've seen 3 of the 5 Best picture nominees. I've yet to see The Reader and Milk. I'll probably do that over the weekend.

Sorry guys, I won't be watching the Oscar's this year. I'll probably just tune in to see Mickey's acceptance speech...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

I went to my brother's over the weekend to watch some movies and play the new game he bought. We saw a couple of movies then played Rock Band 2 on his Xbox 360. What a game!! I was hooked. I was on the guitar and he was doing the vocals. We were ok, although we're still missing a bassist and a drummer to make a full band. My brother said he'd be practicing so we'd be getting maximum points. We'll see about that.

The game was so addicting, I bought GH: World Tour. It was harder than I thought. But it still is a great game. No wonder it evolved from this small guitar to a slightly bigger one and wireless. The songs are authentic too. Unbelievable the technology nowadays.

The latest installment of the UFC pay per views was, I thought, a disappointment. Dennis Kang, after a strong build-up by the announcers tapped out, Shogun was gassed and almost lost to a guy who could be his dad and the main event almost ended with a finger poke in the dying seconds of the last round. It was a disappointment. The only bright spot was the first match, but the expectations of that match weren't really met. Hopefully the next PPV would be better than this one.

I'm currently watching Miracle at St. Anna. I don't know, I'm not getting it. The intro caught my attention but it slowly went downhill afterwards. I might quit while I'm ahead on this movie...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just finished watching SNL with Neil Patrick Harris hosting and Taylor Swift being the musical guest. It was one of their better episodes. Then again, they almost always open the year with a better than usual show. They almost make great SNL shorts, this episode was good. Neil on they keyboards playing the opening riff to Doogie Howser, while the rest of the ensemble join him in the background playing other instruments. Classic.

Nothing happening at work. Just the usual drama, but nothing entertaining though...

That's the way I like it...

New Palin Interview: Bloggers Are Pathetic Liars!

Last week, the former vice-presidential candidate lashed out at the media's coverage of her campaign. In a brand-new interview with Esquire, Palin goes even further... and uses the word "alikeness," which is, um, not a word.

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Little Adolf Hitler and Sisters Removed From Home

Adolf and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, 1, and 8-month-old Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, were removed from their home by New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bush Tours America to Survey Damage Caused by His Presidency

In his last week in office, President Bush offers his condolences and prayers to the hardest-hit victims as they try to make sense of the destruction he has caused. An estimated 300 million Americans were in the direct path of the Bush presidency.

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What a day!! I went to my scheduled interview today at SJECCD. I thought it would be a one on one interview. Boy, was I wrong. Its a good thing I came in early today because I had to walk around the building where the interview was supposed to be held. I didn't know which floor it was going to happen, so I walked back to the PD and asked the dude there and finally got the correct directions. When I went in the room, I was surprised to see a panel of 6 people. OMG! It was a panel interview. I sat right there in the middle of the panel. I felt like giving a deposition to the Senate committee, not that I have. It was easy enough. The questions that they were going to ask were right in front of me. All I had to do was get the nerves out of my system, which took a while because of the long walk I just took.

I thought the interview went ok. I didn't give any vague answers to my knowledge. I believe I answered all the questions they asked. Almost all of them were nodding to my answers, which I thought was a good sign. Towards the end of the interview, there was a part where I could ask questions. I asked when the start date would be. I asked because they had to background checks and all that. To my surprise, the start day would be either the end of this month or the start of next month. That was fast, considering we're already towards the middle of January.

Hopefully, I did a good job to make an impression.

Afterwards, I went to the Apple store at Valleyfair. I wanted to upgrade my Macbook memory. It was kinda lagging when I have multiple programs open, so I thought it was time to get some more RAM. I really like shopping at that Apple Store in Valleyfair. Every employee was attentive, some were borderline nosey. But I like that attentiveness.

Anyway, I still haven't used the full extent of my new RAM but I think its helping my Mac.

Hope I can get that position... Like I said before, I feel a change in the air... I know its not me...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Golden Globes are over and the Oscar countdown is on the way... Not surprising that Slumdog Millionaire is a big winner. Movie was great! Kate Winslet getting 2 awards was surprising. I was surprised that Hugh Laurie didn't win the best actor norm for best drama. Otherwise, everything went as expected.

The day didn't go off to a good start. Chelsea lost to Manchester United earlier. They lost 3-0. They didn't even score a point. This might be a turning point for the team. They are getting worse, with the knockout games of the Champions League still coming up. I am so disappointed with Chelsea right now that I am considering switching teams...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm on disc 4 of CSI season 7. I really don't remember Grissom taking a sabbatical, but what the hey... it makes sense. Really love this series.

Before that, I was watching Taken. Now that was an incredible movie! Liam Neeson played the avenging dad trying to get back his daughter who was kidnapped overseas by body smugglers selling young ladies to the black market. Liam was great, you could really feel his anger and determination in getting back his daughter. I'm surprised its not getting any buzz.

Anyway, on a different note, I honestly feel a turn in the tide in the air. I can't really say what it is, but I sure am hoping for the best...
Its been a slow day today at work. Sure it picked up for a couple of hours but after that, it was smooth sailing.

I can't wait till Tuesday comes by. I got an interview for a police assistant position for the school district here. From the start of the application process till the call I got yesterday requesting for an interview, it took almost 8 months to process. I got to be prepared for this one. I know its gonna be a tough hill to climb. I don't know the school district that much so I'll probably head on over there during the weekend and see where I could park and how far I'll be walking to the interview place. Piece of cake.

Anyway, I'm still immersing myself in CSI. I really hate this holiday break with all my favorite shows. This hiatus just makes me catch up with the old seasons of great shows. I gotta say, Roger Daltrey looked good in this episode I'm watching. Still can sing a tune too..

Friday, January 09, 2009

It's been slow this whole morning at work.. then all of a sudden the crap hits the fan and we get 3 calls going at the same time... Ah, yes, such is the life...

I'll probably watch something later, probably the 2nd disc of CSI season 7. I know, I'm lagging but what the hey? I'm re-discovering the series. It really is a great show.

More later

Thursday, January 08, 2009

During the holidays, we watched a number of movies which, I would say, would be vying for awards. A few of the movies that stood out were Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road and that Benjamin Button movie. I've already talked about Gran Torino here before and I really thought it was a good movie and not all hype.

Revolutionary road was a very painful movie to watch. It was drama, non-stop. I gotta say, Kate Winslet sure was good in it. Frost/Nixon was something else. I didn't realize that it was a Ron Howard movie. It was good and sure will be nominated by the Academy. Frank Langella was great in it.

I forgot to mention The Wrestler. That movie was also painful to watch. Mickey Rourke was awesome in that movie. The wrestling scenes were too real. He really took some real bumps there including that extreme match he did with that guy that stapled a $5 bill on his forehead. What the hell!!! I'd be surprised if he didn't win for that movie. But he'd be going up against a lot of competition.

Slumdog millionaire was a great movie. Lots of dazzle and non-stop pans. Typical for the director, Danny Boyle. He of 28 days later and Sunshine fame. I really liked the visuals he did on those 2 movies and he sure applied it to Slumdog. While we were watching this movie, my sister was surprised when his name popped up on the credits. I, too, was surprised. Then again, Bollywood has delivered a lot of movies and is the only competition to the US market, as far as producing movies on a weekly basis. I'm sure Slumdog will get its fair share of statues come Oscar night. I'd like to say that it is my favorite to win Best Picture and possibly Best Director.

Now, that Benjamin Button movie was good also. I had very high expectations about it. A lot of people were saying that its a poor man's Forrest Gump. It was a good story. The director, David Fincher, made a great movie. Great movie.

The movie I want to see is Milk. A lot of people were raving about Sean Penn's acting and that his portrayal of Harvey Milk would guarantee an Oscar win. Not to mention the other cast like James Franco would would conceivably win the Best supporting norm.

A lot of great movies were watched and I still need to see a few other movies like Doubt, the Reader, Che and Milk. A couple of those movies I'll get to see over the weekend. I know its the NFL playoffs but screw that! I'd rather my movies than that.

What's a darn shame is... I'll be missing a huge derby match on Saturday. My Chelsea mates will be going up against Manchester United at Old Trafford. I must say that Chelsea is reeling after consistently missing out on points at home and losing a few matches that were supposed to be sure wins. I'm really not sure why they're not winning. They have a host of great players, albeit, some were injured during the start of the season and is taking a lot of time to gel with the first team as soon as they come back from injury. They have a world-class lineup. I really think that Scolari might get fired because of this. He can't control the team. His style, although attractive, is not suited for Chelsea. I bleed Chelsea blue, but this is definitely hurting the team. We drew with Southend for crying out loud!! WTF!! I'm sorry, we don't need new players, we just need to attack more and the midfield need to defend better. When Essien comes back we'd be great again and offload Malouda.

But that's just me... More of my rants tomorrow...
Ok... my plans of putting up a new blog might be over. I spent last night trying to import my blog to a different site. Their archiving system sucks so I'm gonna be staying here for a while. Yay!

Its been a slow day here at work. I am so BORED!!!

I need to get something better.. my paycheck is looking really dismal everytime I look at it... That's why I never really do.

On a different topic, I watched The Express last night. It was a bio-pic about Ernie Davis. The great running back that played for the Syracuse Orangemen, drafted #1 by the Cleveland Browns but never got to play in the NFL because he had Leukemia. It was a good movie. I liked the actor that played the Express. Dennis Quaid did his usual performance in every sport movie he does.

I wonder what to watch tonight... I might continue my CSI marathon. I'm on season 7 right now. By next week, I'll probably be on season 8. I forgot what a great show CSI was.

I'll probably log on later to do some more writings...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A new year... and another year added to my age... well, how about that?

I'll be logging into this blog more often than usual... hopefully, I'll keep my word about it..

I may try to use a different service in the next couple of days... Its not like I don't like blogger, but I may try something else. I will definitely keep you posted. Its very possible that this might happen over the weekend. I do have a lot of free time in my hands...

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