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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mens` Briefs... Just For Who?!

Rainbow The Clown.. available for parties

Taylor Swift: Before And Now

Will Ferrell Seems Cool, But Is He Really?

Ad placement FAIL

Parkour FAIL

Craigslist item FAIL

Toy name FAIL

Sixpack FAIL

Slip n slide FAIL

Towel condition FAIL

Befriending a mascot FAIL

Student-teacher activity FAIL

Gilbert Arenas fills you in on his women classification system

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free Wi-Fi At McDonalds: Mac Vs. PC

Policy Changes Under Two Presidents

Motorcycling With Complete Class

Who Said The Tour De France Is Boring?

Sincerity FAIL

Nerdy protestor

Wedding balloon FAIL

Ending hunger FAIL

Surely You`ve Seen Facebooks New Chat Bar

Roadside Sign Of The Day: That`s A Good Price

What You Missed At SDCC 2011, #5

Star Wars character FAIL

Autocorrect FAIL

Ready to rob FAIL

Knitting category FAIL

Highway stencil FAIL

Research study FAIL

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dog chase FAIL

Human value FAIL

Sweet air FAIL

Attention All Comic-Con Attendees!

What You`re Missing At SDCC 2011, #3

What You`re Missing At SDCC 2011, #2

Asusuna Gets A Break Up Letter

What You`re Missing At SDCC 2011, #1

The Harry Potter Gang In Anime

Female Cop Breaking The Law She Enforces

This Is What You`re Missing On TV, Part 194

What The Hell Kind Of Kids Party Is This?

Sugar Magnified 125 Times!

I Think This Sign`s Wrong, But What Do I Know