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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Typical Single Guy On Valentine`s Day

Again, Don`t Add Your Parents On Facebook

What Week Were You Born?

Meanwhile, On The Way Home In The School Bus

What`s Brad Healey Doing On Valentine`s Day?

Hey, I Think The Middle Urinal Is Broken

Good vs. Evil

Just saying

If someone passes out, all you need is a Capri sun straw

Super friend-zoned

I sliced and diced

Using your energy FAIL

Come on Hermione, we're doing shots

This is why you don't go to that discount tattoo parlor

The glory of the stay-at-home mom

Shave the drama for your wolf-mama

Football vs. musical theater

And that's saying something..

Probably true

Peter totally violated the bro code

Don't drink and matchmake

I don't think we're in Africa anymore, Toto