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Sunday, June 16, 2013

28 Awesome Historical Photos of Dads

28 Awesome Historical Photos of Dads:
As you celebrate your Dad today, take a look back at fathers through the ages. All photos and captions via Getty Images.
1. 1865: Two children enjoying an afternoon tea at home with their father.
2. 1865: A father and mother inspecting their daughter's appearance.
3. 1870: A Native American man and his son outside a Catholic church on a reservation.
4. 1895: Wearing a check knickerbocker suit with ribbed three-quarter socks and low-laced oxfords and holding a terrier pup a father sits arm-in -arm between his two daughters clad in stripes.

5. 1900: A Chinese father posing with his children.

6. 1905: A father addresses his children in the sitting room.

7. 1913: How a father amuses his children at Christmas.
8. 1919: A soldier, home after fighting in the Great War meets his newborn daughter for the first time.