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Monday, June 10, 2013

Must See Imagery: 21 hilarious photos to get you through Monday

Must See Imagery: 21 hilarious photos to get you through Monday:

In today’s Must See Imagery we have some hilarious demotivational posters, funny furry creatures, the daily sloth, and more! Aggregating content from the web’s hottest sources: Facebook, Tumblr, Imgur (often via Reddit), amongst others, we’re able to save you those precious man hours that can be used for things like grilling red meat, or wondering who the hell that sexy girl was in that commercial you just saw. If you come across any photos you think should be included in this daily feature then head on over HERE and post them to our Facebook wall, and I’ll be sure to include them (provided they don’t suck, and you actually understand what funny is).

Punch Buggy, no punch backs.

What a lovely sloth cream pie in today’s Daily Sloth.

That looks heavenly.

You probably read that in Brian Williams’ voice as well.

That being said, Sweet Tea flavored vodka is glorious.

He truly was talented.

That statue says it all.

Nobody ever.

Is it weird that I see a tooth?

It’s art, you wouldn’t understand.

She wouldn’t stop staring at me.

Silly elephant, how’d you get up there?

Definitely an ‘oh sh*t’ moment of zero gravity.

Apparently this is how they play chess in Finland.

I’d say Frederick is less than enthused about riding at dawn.

No big deal, just about $30k in damage to your boat.

As someone who’s spent considerable amounts of time in both areas, I’ve found this to be true in my own life at least.

Clearly typed out by a stoner.

Saddest pug ever?

Silly Germans.

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