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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Must See Imagery: 26 hilarious Hump Day photos

Must See Imagery: 26 hilarious Hump Day photos:

In today’s Must See Imagery for Hump Day we have some excellent photobombs, furry rascals, gorgeous women, and more! Aggregating content from the web’s hottest sources: Facebook, Tumblr, Imgur (often via Reddit), amongst others, we’re able to save you those precious man hours that can be used for things like grilling red meat, or wondering who the hell that sexy girl was in that commercial you just saw. If you come across any photos you think should be included in this daily feature then head on over HERE and post them to our Facebook wall, and I’ll be sure to include them (provided they don’t suck, and you actually understand what funny is).

We’ve all been there.

Urine, urine everywhere.

I don’t know any ‘cat people’ therefore I’ll presume this to be true.

I’d invest a small fortune to see this movie get made.

I know I’d feel totally safe with this fix.

This was a mistake he only made once.

That is something called Pikachu, now sound it out.

Shouldn’t have eaten so many farmer’s daughters.

Now I’m starving, dammit.

Do it, what do you have to lose?

FACT: All cats are inherently evil.

Pugs are clearly life’s biggest joke.

Poopy scented air < fresh poopy scented air.

Yo tambien.

That’s one way to think about it, yes.

Everyone’s ‘all business’ until that Google car comes driving around your neighborhood.

Let’s be honest, Quidditch isn’t even a nerd sport. It’s not any sort of a sport, it’s a make believe joke.

This dog cannot sneeze, he will not allow it.

Because riding a bicycle would be completely unreasonable.

Go easy on him, he’s just learning.

Best news day ever.

Feel free to do whatever you want.

Good dogs get their own beers.

Please accept this cake as my apology.

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