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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What to wear for any wedding you’ll ever attend

What to wear for any wedding you’ll ever attend:
Every man reaches that time in his life (usually his late 20′s) when all of his friends seem to be getting married. Depending on where the friend is now living, who they’re marrying, and their budget, a variety of wedding scenarios can get thrown your way. Here is a look at 7 possible scenarios and some quick ideas to get you through the wedding season.

1. The Beach Wedding

Beach wedding Resized1 What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
Suit Supply, Bonobos, Ray-ban, Florsheim

Suit Supply Linen suit $469, Bonobos polo $55, Ray-ban Clubmaster sunglasses $150, Florsheim Roadster Bit shoes $100

The beach wedding poses some unique problems for the guest. When we think of the beach we’re thinking flip-flops and board shorts, but that can’t be what the bride wants us to wear, right? Right. So throw on a linen suit over a polo so you don’t overheat. Also, wear slip on shoes so you can easily take them off if you need to trek through the sand. The shades are essential as well.

2. Black Tie

black tie Resized What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
The black tux

Black Tux tuxedo, shirt, shoes, and bow tie $125

The beauty of going to a black tie event is that there’s little guess work in what you should wear. The whole point is that the men all dress the same (to let their personalities shine perhaps?). But if you show up in a rental tux from the same place you got your prom tux, the only thing on display will be the fact that you haven’t evolved much since prom night. So while it’s a good idea to own a tux and have it well tailored, there is a new option in the rental market called The Black Tux. You send in your measurements and they’ll send you a fitted, expensive looking tux worthy of the rat pack.

3. The Country Wedding

Country wedding Resized1 What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
J.Crew, Nordstrom, J Press

J.Crew khaki suit $456, Nordstrom 1901 dress shirt $39.50, J.Crew brown wingtips $225, J Press navy tie $67.13

By country wedding we mean the woodsy wedding where you’ll more than likely find yourself in a garden in the middle of the woods watching the nuptials. You’ll be fighting off mosquitos and odds are staying at a bed and breakfast. Go with the provincial flow and get yourself a khaki or chino suit. Both are classic summer weight suits that will keep you cool. Pair it with some brown wingtips, a navy tie and a bottle of bug spray.

4. The City Wedding

city weding Resized What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
Indochino, Cole Haan

Indochino charcoal suit $599
, Indochino navy tie $39, Cole Haan Air Madison shoes $248

If you’re invited to a church wedding in a major city it’s more likely that you can pull out your workhorse navy or charcoal suit. That suit will naturally blend in with the surroundings. But make sure you don’t look like you’re on your way to work. Go for a shirt and tie combo that says “meet me at the bar” and not “I’d like you to give me some money.” And if you really want to party, throw a print pocket square in your breast pocket and hit the dance floor.

5. The Southern Wedding

southern wedding Resized1 What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
Brooks Brothers, Lands End, Vineyard Vines

Bonobos seersucker suit $498, Brooks Brothers shirt $79.50, Lands End bucks $119, Vineyard Vines belt $49.50

Nothing says southern like a mint julep and a seersucker suit. Beat the heat of the deep south with this quintessential southern fabric. Seersucker was originally a cheap alternative to more expensive linen suits but in a move of reverse snobbery college students began adopting the fabric as their preferred summer attire. So if your headed to a southern wedding take the opportunity to be a part of that tradition. Don’t be afraid to spruce it up with brighter colors as well, you won’t be the only one.

6. The Boat Wedding

Boat wedding Resized What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
Bonobos, Eastland, J. Press

Bonobos navy blazer $448, Eastland boat shoe $120, J.Press end-on-end shirt $73.50

Are you going to a wedding on a boat, near a boat, or boat themed? The navy blazer (preferably with brass or silver buttons) is ideal. Decide how dressy you want to make it with the pants and shoes you put around it. But if you’re going on an actual boat, boat shoes might actually prevent you from slipping. If you’re just going to a yacht club the boat shoes, while still appropriate, might make you feel underdressed for the occasion. Your call.

7. The Casual Wedding

casual Resized What to wear for any wedding youll ever attend
H&M, Banana Republic, Levis

H&M blazer $69.95, Levi’s 511 jeans $48, Banana Republic shirt &79.50
For the casual weddings where formal rules aren’t so important you’re free to wear whatever makes you comfortable. But that doesn’t mean sweat pants and a Garnett jersey (although that would be awesome). That being said dark jeans can get the job done. And a crisp white shirt and any well fitting blazer will hint that it’s a special occasion while still keeping it casual.